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Letters for Sept. 15, 2022

Sept. 15, 2022 Updated Thu., Sept. 15, 2022 at 8:37 a.m.

Vote Republican for Secretary of State

As many of you are aware, our top two systems of voting, while beneficial in permitting voters of all parties the opportunity to voice their preferences in the primary regardless of party, can occasionally produce unexpected results. Such is the case in this 2022 general election. Because of the Republican Party primary candidate not finishing in the top two during the primary, there is not to be a Republican nominee for Washington Secretary of State.

As a Republican wishing to provide myself and like-minded citizens of our state an option beyond having to choose voting for the independent or Democrat for the office of Secretary of State, I have begun a lawfully qualified write-in candidacy for secretary of state as a Republican, registered with the state elections office.

This letter is to respectfully inform the readers of The Spokesman-Review that those wishing to vote for a Republican candidate this November for secretary of state have the option of doing so by writing in my name, Brian Travis. The vote will count. Please consider entrusting me with your support.

Brian Travis

Bothell, Wash.

What MAGA really means

Referring to Sandra Pettis’ letter of Aug. 28 titled “Abortion rights”: She is correct on several fronts.

First of all, she is not alone. Not by a long shot. She is being more honest than I can, but I relate completely. There are some people who should not procreate. If forced to, they will make poor parents, and the stress they pile on their offspring will have lifelong consequences. She is also correct that to choose abortion is inalienably each individual woman’s right.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court, tainted and shamed with the lies that the three newest members told the committees to get appointed, has abandoned this principle.

And finally, she is correct to point out that her rights have been eroded as MAGA white men methodically use legislation to enslave half the population. Some women are anti-choice, you say? All repressive movements have their collaborators who, “drink the Kool-Aid.”

Unfortunately today, MAGA really stands for “Making America God Awful.”

Michael Runyan


The bleak future

Let me see if I understand. We have a previous president who is attempting to destroy the public trust. We want to eliminate dams to restore salmon runs. If successful, how do we replace the power generated by those dams? Coal? Of course not. Solar? Maybe when we have enough solar panels spread across the country. Nuclear? Bad rep, and how do we deal with the waste? A homeless population that, for the most part, is drunk or drugged and doesn’t want to leave Camp Hope. (What are they hoping for … a job they don’t want or have, zero skills, free housing, free food?)

Those on minimum wage have no chance of purchasing a home since housing prices have created a minimum wage just as minimum as it was five years ago. If you do have a vehicle, good luck with gas prices. Some states will require only electric car purchases in 10 years. Average current cost $55,000. Our military can’t recruit enough to supply the need.

And we boomers can’t afford nursing homes. I’m glad I’m 73. Good luck.

Jim Bickel


Huge breach of security

It was reported that Sen. Rubio of Florida said recently that the flap about top-secret (and above) documents found at Mar-a-Lago in various unsecure rooms were “just a matter of storage issues.” Well, yes. That’s true in a sense, but the fact he chose to whitewash in his statement is that they were blatantly and illegally kept in places that are a huge breach of national security.

Any military veteran who’s ever handled “secret, top-secret” and above documents knows they are very restricted and must never be left in an unsecured place. Only those who have a need to know can see them. They must be hand carried from place to place when out of the safe. A log is kept of who and when a top-secret or above document is seen and they must be kept in an approved safe when not in someone’s hands.

Sen. Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, knows that and what he said about the Mar-a-Lago situation was flagrantly misleading. If that is truly his attitude about such documents his own security clearance should be rescinded and he should be removed from that committee. He cannot be trusted with secretive material that endangers national security.

Bob Gregson


We need fossil fuels

So in California – the state that wants to go all green and eliminate fossil fuels – the governor is asking people not to use their air conditioning or charge their electric car batteries. Wind and solar just aren’t providing enough power in California. And only 13% of the cars are electric. Good thing all of the cars aren’t, because the state would go black. I wonder if they are aware that 27% of electricity in America and 37% globally is through the use of coal. Transitioning to a more green environment is a good long-term goal, but not something to be jammed down our throats just because of a woke campaign agenda. Plus with China and India, their complete lack of environmental concerns and the size of their populations, why does the left want to punish American citizens? If you have time, look up how many coal power plants China is opening on a regular basis.

Back to energy: The failed Democratic former governor from Michigan – and now our energy secretary – recently praised California’s electric car standard as a model for America. Great, so we can all look forward to less energy. At least the governor of Minnesota said NO and would do what was best for his state.

Wake up, liberals. Even Elon Musk says fossil fuels are necessary!

Greg Schuster


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