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Letters for Sept. 23, 2022

Not informed or fair

It is difficult to take Sue Lani Madsen seriously when I read her opinion in The Spokesman-Review. I have attended a number of “God and Country Days” at the Marble Community Fellowship, just south of Northport, Washington, and have seen her cozy relationship with Pastor Barry and Ann Byrd, who are known for their vehement opposition to interracial marriage and homosexuals. To me, this speaks volumes about how Madsen could possibly have an informed fair and accurate reading on the state of politics in our area, or elsewhere.

James Perkins


Disagree with Dalton

Regarding the recent article about spending money for a program to educate and help inmates in Spokane County Jail system to register and vote (“Effort to improve voter turnout amount jail inmates moves forward,” Sept. 16). What a folly! If these fine, upstanding members of Spokane society could not be bothered to be involved and register to vote prior to being incarcerated, why do you think they will want to do it now?

I also must disagree with (Spokane County Auditor) Vicky Dalton when she states this will NOT cost the residents of Spokane County any money since it is being paid for by a grant from Washington state. Excuse me, but last time I checked, the state gets its money from the citizens of Spokane County when we pay gas tax, sales tax, etc. Yes, we would be paying for this program.

This is a sound NO for me. Quit wasting taxpayers’ money. If they want to learn to vote and register, let them do it on their own. It sounds just like another Democrat play to buy votes!

Lee Hirschel


No right to abortion

The Ninth Amendment affirms the people have many rights, an overwhelming number too many to list. The 10th Amendment says if a right is not delegated to the federal government, the federal government does not have that right.

I have read the Constitution many times and I cannot find the term “abortion” or even some nebulous reference to it anywhere. Liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg was correct in pointing out the contorted attempt to justify Roe v. Wade.

The federal government has no authority to legislate abortion, medicine, marriage or many other things it’s gotten into. If there is any legislation on this topic, it must be at the state level or below.

If a woman desires counseling concerning a pregnancy, she can consult a doctor, biologist, religious leader or many others. The person I would not recommend is any politician who spends his/her life dictating how other people must spend theirs.

David Wordinger

Medical Lake

Vote for Johnson

A few years ago, we (including a child) drove out of the parking lot after a Shakespeare in the Park event only to have our headlights unavoidably strike large posters of aborted fetuses. The distress of that imposition still lingers in me, which I understand was the intent. Such graphic exposures have been one the abortion abolition movement. Being the creator and host of the website, Scott Herndon was instrumental in writing the current anti-abortion law. He calls all abortion murder and intends to outlaw all abortion from fertilization on (including some forms of contraception), without any exception.

As a naturopathic physician and mother, I am passionate for life. Familiar with Herndon’s community, I know of the strict patriarchal hierarchy, based on fundamentalist Christian values, that rules girls’ and women’s lives. The fervor to push these extreme views on all women is clearly restricting women’s freedom for self-determination and has no place in somebody seeking election.

Having talked extensively with Steve Johnson, I was reassured that he has no intention of imposing personal views onto all constituents. I appreciate his genuine listening skills and willingness to negotiate and compromise in the Legislature to address divergent views on issues of public interest, such as property taxes, education and rural lifestyle preservation, rather than ideological viewpoints. He is adamant about making sure women’s lives are safe as well. I honor different, even extreme opinions, but cannot condone their imposition by elected officials on all constituents. I will vote for Johnson as a write-in candidate.

Gabrielle Duebendorfer, NMD


Marching band success

Thank you for your coverage of the Ridgeline marching band and its new equipment trailer. It takes a great deal of support and planning to grow quality band programs.

Another marching band in the region made a similar purchase over the summer. Following years of apple pie sales, clothing drives, Hoopfest clean up, small local grants and a COVID-delayed auction, director Josh Wisswell secured a used tractor trailer from a former drum/bugle corps for the Cheney High marching Blackhawks.

Our student musicians and color guard dedicated hundreds of hours to hone their talents, build leadership skills, create supportive friendships and fundraise for their equipment, supplies and travel expenses. Parent boosters and band staff volunteered extra hours year round for this collaborative effort. More fundraising and volunteer hours will take place to renovate and customized the trailer.

To enjoy these and other Spokane regional bands in all their glory, join us at 7 p.m. Saturday at Ridgeline High School, Liberty Lake.

Leslie King


Relax, senator

It is time for Washington to get a new senator. Let’s replace Patty Murray with Tiffany Smiley.

Murray’s been in politics for over 30 years. I think it’s time for her to retire and enjoy her family. Maybe go fishing and relax for a while.

Randy Yates


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