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Letters for March 23, 2023

Ukraine deserves our support

In the past year, the United States has spent about $50 billion on military aid to Ukraine. Some Congressional Republicans have begun to grumble about the cost. It is completely reasonable to worry about the cost, however …

We are spending about one-sixth of the amount on Ukraine that we spent to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the probability of success is far greater.

We invaded Afghanistan to find about 20 people, none of whom was Afghani and all but one of whom was Saudi. We invaded Iraq because … well, no one can explain that.

By helping Ukraine, we advance the case of democracy and diminish the brutal thug running Russia.

We should make sure that our support of Ukraine is well spent, but unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, our support of Ukraine is well spent and there are no U.S. troops on the ground this time.

John Sahr

Otis Orchards

Don’t label council members

Twice in the front page article on development fee hikes (“After OKing controversial development fee hike, City Council eyes revisions,” March 15), your reporter used the term conservative when referring to council members Bingle and Cathcart. In the second case, the reporter was sure to point out that the conservative council members are in the minority. The writer did not prejudice the other members with the modifier liberal. Is this considered good journalistic practice?

Pete Thompson


CMR wastes her time

Remember the nonstop ads Cathy McMorris Rodgers ran last year? Remember when she rammed that gas nozzle in the tank, full of fake outrage, blaming Biden for high gas prices? The price of crude today is between $66-$72/barrel, half of what it was. Gas should be around $3-$3.25/gallon. Yet it is approaching $4. Last year, oil companies reported profits of $200 billion. So the $5-plus/gallon was blatant gouging. Worldwide, natural gas is plummeting. Down 50% this year and 60% from fall. Yet Avista got a few price hikes through.

CMR is chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. On Monday, the paper said CMR/GOP focus will be on oil (“McMorris Rodgers, GOP unveil energy policy bill,” March 20).

Yes, we need oil, but it is living in the past. It’s been 50 years since the Arab oil embargo. Half a century to develop a cleaner alternate energy source. Fifty years wasted from the oil lobby paying off Congress to move away from dirty old technology. Why is CMR not investigating the high profits made at our expense? Instead, she joined the circus to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Jan. 6 commission and dozens of wasted revenge investigations, doing nothing but complain and blame.

Gas should be $3/gallon by Memorial Day. What does CMR actually do for Eastern Washington? She could bring jobs to Stevens County and elsewhere. Ten terms is enough. Recall now or vote her out next year.

Richard Trerise


GOP divides our country

Who do some of these Republican senators, congressmen and governors think they are? They are telling us that they want to bring back America or to make America great again. This is the party of greed, lies, racism and division.

America was founded on freedom. Some Republicans want to take away our freedoms. The governor of Florida is banning books. That’s not freedom. Hitler and the Nazis come to mind. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to divide the country. We are one free United States.

George Santos was elected on lies and still remains in Congress because of the greed of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy proved his greed by refusing to concede the speakership after 14 ballot votes. Obviously, he wasn’t the true choice. He would be speaker no matter what, even if it meant keeping the embarrassment of Santos. A 15th vote was the charm. How does he even hold his head high? If that wasn’t bad enough, one of the next things he does is hand over Jan. 6 footage to Tucker Carlson to twist and turn into his own view of events.

Too many names for the next category of racism. More than a dozen Republicans refused to denounce white supremacy. Are you kidding me?

Then there’s Donald Trump blaming Mike Pence for Jan. 6 because Pence refused to dishonor the election process. These people are not the saviors of America. They want to destroy our free country. America needs to go forward, not backward.

Laura Hegel


Support Climate Commitment Act

Our climate is our most precious resource. Climate change is a serious threat facing our nation and the people on our planet. Governments at every level must take mitigating action consistent with the best available science.

The public has a need and right to participate in decision-making at each step of the process. We must heal and protect life on this planet … a world with cool salmon streams, healthy communities, thriving forests, clean/breathable air and clean/drinkable water.

We have a once-in-a-generation chance to take climate action to bring us closer to that vision. The League of Women Voters supports aggressive action that needs to be taken by our Legislature.

The Climate Commitment Act passed in 2021 is a landmark bill that caps climate pollution and makes polluters pay for their emissions. The CCA went fully into effect on Jan. 1 with the sale of emission allowances. The Legislature is debating how to spend the funds generated.

Please let your legislators know that in budget negotiations, you support using CCA funds as intended for projects that support vigorous climate action and fiercely defend our communities against climate impacts. Some proposals include helping communities that unfairly bear the brunt of pollution, address resulting health problems and help families with their utility bills and to transition to more efficient heating, and provide vouchers for zero-emission medium and heavy duty trucks.

Let’s not leave this historic opportunity on the table.

Ann Murphy

League of Women Voters of Spokane Area


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