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Dear Annie: Get your quality time by pitching in

By Annie Lane Creators Syndicate

Dear Annie: We reside only six miles from one of our children and 25 miles from the other. If we don’t go to their house to help with something, we hardly see them. They have full-time jobs, which require a lot of overtime, and they volunteer, run kids all over for sporting events and do their best to keep up with daily life requirements. Yes, I’d love for them to visit, but in reality, they are running on fumes.

So we do our best to help them out by driving kids to practices, tossing a load of dishes in the dishwasher, walking the dog, sitting on the mower with the tunes on and cutting the lawn, weed whacking, bringing trash cans up, or just being there for them if they need it. – Understanding Grandparents

Dear Understanding: I am so impressed with the level of understanding and empathy you have toward the phase that your children are at in their lives. You sound like wonderful grandparents who are very understanding, and I very much appreciate your telling your story. Hopefully, it will inspire other grandparents.

Dear Annie: This letter is regarding the concerned brother whose sister in her 80s still cared for horses and livestock, which she did without her hearing aid or cellphone.

I’m in my 70s and do the exact same thing. My hearing aids irritate me, so I don’t use them at home, and I don’t carry a cellphone when caring for the animals because I’m afraid it will fall out of my pocket and fall in water or mud or get stepped on.

May I suggest he look at a med alert system? They usually have a device you wear on a chain around the neck, and if you get in trouble, you just press a button. It is non-intrusive and will get help on a timely basis if an emergency occurs. – Love My Animals

Dear Love My Animals: A med alert system is a great idea. Thank you for writing in.

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