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Letters for Nov. 19, 2023

Husky coverage, really?

Husky football coverage, or lack thereof, has been a thorn in my side since returning to Spokane from the UW in 1979. I get it. Being from Spokane we all love the Cougs, including me. But c’mon man.

In last Sunday’s Spokesman-Review, the Huskies, who are undefeated at 10-0, were buried on page 8, in black and white. Meanwhile, the Cougars after suffering their fifth straight loss, are plastered all over the front page, of course in living color. How about some decent coverage of a team from our state of Washington, heading for the Pac-12 championship and a ticket to the national playoffs? It’s much more interesting sports news.

Mark Silver


Why Arne lost

I have lived in Spokane Valley my whole life. On Nov. 7 we had elections. Arne Woodard didn’t make it. There are others that won’t make it next time either. In Arne’s case I think it was attitude toward the public. At a council meeting, on the dais, He said to the public he was “tired of us citizens asking questions about council actions. He had better things to do, like getting ready to go to bed.” That was over junk cars and kids being able to pitch a tent in their backyards and staying overnight in it. That from a council member that represents the citizens. Really. That and wanting more taxes is why Arne lost this election. As a citizen I ask, “Is it time for term limits?”

Dan Allison

Spokane Valley

Israelis are somehow in the wrong?

The usual band of pro-Arab demonstrators critical of Israel’s response to the repeated missile attacks and most recent, unprecedented butchery/hostage taking of civilians by Hamas makes you wonder about the minds, or lack thereof, of adult Westerners, including brainwashed students.

During WWII, the U.S. flattens German cities, nukes Japan; the U.S. invades Afghanistan after Sept. 11 and hunts down Bin Laden, invades Iraq and Kuwait going after Hussein and all of this is justifiable, but Israelis are somehow in the wrong for responding to existential, recurrent attacks in the past 75 years? In this current instance, the terrorists use human shields, including their own population, launch missiles from neighborhoods with churches, hospitals, schools etc., build tunnels under the civilian population, siphon off funds, medical supplies and petrol from foreign aid organizations and yet demonstrators demonize Israel?

Critics of Israel have really lost their moral compass and the ability to recognize the threat to humanity, especially to the West, posed by Islamic jihadists in Gaza, Lebanon, and ultimately their patron – the mullahs and Republican Guard in Iran. Presidents Obama and Biden are complicit in worsening the Mideast turmoil by reducing sanctions and gifting (without Congressional approval) billions of dollars to that latter country.

Joseph Harari


Save democracy by voting them out

The opinion letter from Bob Strong (“For Trump rejectionists,” Nov. 13) heaping praises on Donald Trump seems like another transparent attempt by another biased MAGA person to rewrite history and ignore Donald Trump’s clear corruption and criminality.

Yes, Democrats “viciously opposed” Trump from the beginning. And they did so because Trump was spouting fascist ideas and clearly violating his oath of office from the moment he was sworn in. His policies were not good for our republic, they were dangerous and irrational. Trump is a threat to democracy and liberty but those who support him with their complete disregard for truth and justice are the biggest threat. Donald Trump was impeached twice and indicted four times (and counting) for a very good reason. And the Mueller investigation did reveal that Trump obstructed the investigation ten times. Why? What did he have to hide? Trump violated his oath of office by trying to steal the election from Biden and he led the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. These are facts, not speculation.

Donald Trump is likely going to prison for his crimes like many of his co-conspirators already have. Why would any rational person want a scam artist, fraudster, traitor and a convicted felon to sit in the White House? There is only one party fighting to save our democracy and the rule of law from fascism. Save democracy by voting all MAGA Republicans out of office.

Michael Jaquish


CMR won’t do current town halls

On Nov. 7, I called Cathy McMorris Rodger’s Spokane office asking when she was having her next town hall in Spokane. I wanted to attend so I could ask her a question about a current issue so I could see where she stood on that issue. Wouldn’t some of you reading this want to do the same? I was absolutely shocked at the answer one of her staff told me. She told me CMR wont be hosting anymore town halls this year as she only has them during the House six-week August break.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Don’t tell me she doesn’t have the time to host a town hall once a month or once every two months. The House is only in session for 117 days this year. That’s only 32% of the year and also that’s $1,487 a day they make with their $174,000 salary.

If you receive her weekly newsletter, many times there is an article about her being at different events throughout her district. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if she has the availability to attend all these events then she has the open time to have more town hall events?

Remember, CMR works for us. Shouldn’t she hear what we have to say on current events that affect us?

Jason Ernsting

Nine Mile Falls

What’s that sound?

That loud and cacophonous noise that you’re hearing comes from the Spokesman’s editorial cult and Shawn Vestal slapping each other on their respective blue backs following Nadine Woodward’s concession to Lisa Brown. Now your group needs to hurry up and help Lisa establish her liberal street cred as Spokane’s mayor for all the West Side Democrats in preparation for her ascension to a Senate candidacy which will proceed from Patty Murray’s retirement in the not too far-off future.

Bill Eimers

St. Maries, Idaho

Thank you from a veteran

As a proud, patriotic veteran, I would like to thank the organizations and businesses in the Spokane area for their great support of veterans and active duty military during the year and especially on Veterans Day. My wife and I attended a wonderful program at the arena facilitated by Keirsten Lyons of the Washington State Fallen Heroes Project. We listened to an excellent array of speakers and as we departed each veteran was give a box or two of Girl Scout cookies as well as a patriotic flower bouquet. On the way home, we had an excellent complimentary lunch at the Olive Garden for the veterans.

All of these gestures are very much appreciated especially for me having returned from Southeast Asia 50-plus years ago during the Vietnam War to a rather “hostile” welcome home. A lot has changed since then, for the good, in the way that communities honor and respect active duty military and veterans, especially in Spokane and for that I am grateful and proud to have served this great country!

Ed Griffin


Thoughts for respectful holiday discourse

Politicians and media have supercharged our tribal divisions and my gut tells me most of us are sick and tired of it. The civil discourse we long for is possible by following the common sense virtues taught by your mother.

Be humble. Not only do you not know everything, you may actually be wrong. In the continuum of space and time, your opinions are just that.

Be intellectually curious. Silos are one-sided and boring.

Discover information outside your echo chamber. Read real news written by real journalists and vetted by real editors. Recognize conspiracy theorists and propaganda mongers for what they are.

Be reflective and vent your anger in private. Different life experiences lead to different conclusions. Truth is nuanced and requires an understanding of all sides.

Be brave and don’t succumb to tribal groupthink. Never rationalize dishonesty. Listen to that voice deep inside that steers towards morality.

Finally, don’t be a jerk. Obnoxious behavior, threats and name-calling only deepen divides and are antithetical to our democracy. For more ideas about restoring civility, check out the Braver Angels website.

Jim Baumker

Liberty Lake

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