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A Grip on Sports: The Seahawks give us a peek at the future while playing like a great team from their past

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Ten years ago, we sat, mesmerized, as the Seattle Seahawks bludgeoned their way to a Super Bowl title. Their formula was simple. A turnover-forcing defense featuring lots of pressure, along with an offense that controlled the clock and the ball. Oh, and penalties. Lots and lots of penalties.


• Seem familiar? If you watched last night’s 24-3 win from the Meadowlands, it should. Pete Carroll seems to have borrowed Doc Brown’s DeLorean and taken his entire team back to that golden year. For at least one night. Because, as we all know thanks to one play at the end of the next Super Bowl, no one can predict what the future will hold.

For one night, though, we can marvel at the super-hero play of the defense, from Devon Witherspoon’s precociousness at the nickel, to Bobby Wagner’s steadiness at linebacker to Jarran Reed’s stoutness up front.

The Hawks looked like something Monday night. Something we’ve seen before. And, in some areas, something we’ve never experienced. Or not in a long, long time.

How often has the franchise featured a quarterback who seemed ready to fight everyone in the building, from the Giants’ embarrassed defensive backs to their coaching staff to, heck, that guy from Hoboken in the stands who just hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift.

Like the Giants, who thought they could intimidate the Hawks by getting physical with their quarterback, he was off by just a day or two. That quarterback is no longer in town. The one holding the Hawks’ reins now is a feisty son of a gun. A guy who spent years wandering the NFL wilderness and is not about to let some cheap tackle go unnoticed. Not when it could easily cost him – and his team – a bright future.

Geno Smith got angry. And found out if you point twice at the opponents bench, you suffer the same penalty as thrusting your hips in celebration. Who knew referees count such things? But the 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty showed Smith’s character. A character shared with Carroll. And most of this year’s team.

They may get beat – L.A. has already shown that – but they are going to stand up and fight. Fly around. Talk trash. Smash you.

Sound familiar?

• Want to know where Monday’s game was won? On the offensive line. Weird, huh?

Both teams came in with starters out. By the end, not one of the Hawks’ first week starters were in the same position they played against the Rams. (Center Evan Brown was the only starter on the field and he was playing guard.) The Giants were in a similar boat.

But one team gave up 11 sacks. The other? Two – one on the first series. Why? Seattle offensive coordinator Shane Waldron came up with interesting schemes, using tight ends and running backs – from, at times, unusual spots – to supplement the offensive line’s effort. He tried to limit the number of times the tackles needed to win one-on-one battles. He focused on the run, called more screens and delays and did whatever he could to keep Smith safe. And that included using Smith’s legs, until they were cut down from behind out of bounds.

The Giants? It was almost as of Daniel Jones isn’t well liked. The quarterback seemed to be alone out there at times. If a Hawk won their battle up front, they knew where Jones was and where he was going to be. Ten times – the 11th sack (tying a franchise record) was on a trick play – someone from the defense introduced themselves to Jones in the rudest manner possible. And then Giants’ coach Brian Daboll would yell at him as Jones left the field.

How fun. Say what you will about Carroll, and we’ve been as vocal as anyone over the years, there is no way you’ll see him yell at his quarterback as he leaves the field. Hug? Yes. Encourage? Sure. Yell at him behind closed doors? More than likely. But in front of millions? No way.

That part of him hasn’t changed since long before 2013. And isn’t changing now.


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• We have an early flight tomorrow. Headed out to visit family. We will write if we can. As of now, we expect to have a column available but it hinges on aircraft wi-fi. We’ll see. Until later …