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Letters for Oct. 18, 2023

Vote no on Measure 1

(Editor’s note: This letter was updated to correct the type of tax.)

Vote no on Measure 1. It asks voters to support a 0.2% sales tax increase to build a new jail. Al French and his gang are unwilling to improve the lives of regular citizens of Spokane County. But they think nothing of asking for money for incarceration rather than housing those in need. We have more people incarcerated than any nation on earth. It is an inhumane way to deal with crime and Spokane County has an ungodly record of people dying in our jails. Not to mention 70% of them are “awaiting” trial. We have capabilities to provide electronic monitoring at $25 a day, which allows 24-hour observation of individuals without locking them up. Let’s spend money on housing, not jails. If you want true criminal justice, vote for Lisa Brown, Betsy Wilkerson and no on Measure 1.

Louise Chadez


Show support for Odyssey

Today while driving up Perry Street I saw the rainbow painted sidewalk in front of Odyssey vandalized once again. My 4-year-old grandson delights in that sidewalk every time we cross it. He doesn’t know how to hate anyone, and my hope is he never learns. In response to this most recent vandalism, my spouse and I decided to contribute a monthly donation to the Odyssey Youth Movement. When our young people are targeted with hate, it’s time to stand up for them and show them what love can do. We encourage others who feel as we do to join us in supporting Odyssey with a donation. Let’s show some love.

Michaele Dietzel and Mark Iverson


Officers go missing

I am wondering if Mayor Nadine Woodward can explain to the people of Spokane where all the Spokane Police Department officers have been hiding? I personally drive approximately 20 to 30 miles across Spokane daily and as of this writing it has been 10 days since I have seen any law enforcement officers. This includes the Sheriff’s office and WSP. How is this possible?

Harry Crase


Journalists should understand language

Hamas is a terrorist organization that committed a terrorist act on civilians in Israel. As of this writing, no journalist in any Spokesman-Review article used the word “terrorist” to describe those who committed rape, kidnapping, mutilation and murder of noncombatants. Every story’s author used adjectives such as “fighters,” “gunmen” or “militant.” Not one journalist, in any story published in The Spokesman-Review, described the perpetrators as “terrorists.” Shame on you.

One story labeled the action as a “Palestinian incursion.” Another depicted victims as being “killed in the fighting” – as if this was a conflict between soldiers. Thank goodness some politicians’ quotes used more accurate language. But who believes politicians these days?

Journalists and editors (who pick and review the stories) should read the dictionary definition of militant and terrorist. The Hamas attack was not an incursion committed by militants or fighters. It was a terrorist attack committed by terrorists. I encourage readers to take another look at the recent articles. Check my facts.

The Israeli/Palestinian issue is complicated. There is much to be judged as to how Israel is justified in its response. Hamas and Hezbollah are officially listed by the United States as terrorist organizations. Many Palestinians are caught in the middle.

Journalists must be trusted to educate and inform. Their profession demands they are masters of language. The Spokesman – and the newspaper sources it uses – have let us down. How do we evaluate what comes next?

Perhaps we change what The Spokesman-Review calls us – “subscribers.”

Steven Blaska

Sagle, Idaho

CVSD needs fresh leadership

In the upcoming school board elections for the Central Valley School District, it is imperative that we acknowledge the changing times and the need for fresh leadership.

First elected to the CVSD School Board in 1987, Cindy McMullen served for 24 years. She was elected again in 2015 and has been on the board since then. In 2003, Debra Long was elected, followed by Keith Clark in 2007. Times have changed dramatically, and our educational landscape continuously evolves, demanding innovative approaches and forward-thinking solutions.

Over the past decades, our district has seen significant transformation, and it’s time for new voices and ideas to guide our schools into the future.

We have the chance to elect a new generation of leaders prepared to address our schools’ unique challenges. Stephanie Jerdon for Position 3, Anniece Barker for Position 4, and Jeff Brooks for Position 1 are dedicated individuals who understand our district’s complex issues today. Their commitment to improving education, embracing local control, and promoting district transparency will help our children thrive. We need leaders who will prioritize the best interests of our students, teachers, and parents, and these candidates are up to the task.

As we approach this critical election, let’s embrace change and elect leaders who will steer our schools toward a brighter future.

Join me in supporting Stephanie Jerdon, Anniece Barker, and Jeff Brooks for the CVSD School Board. Together, we can ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve.

Gavin McAllister

Spokane Valley

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