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Letters for Oct. 28, 2023

We Believe, We Vote

The people in the We Believe, We Vote group should remember that the primary criterion for choosing politicians is their ability to govern. The current disaster with the House Republicans shows what happens when elected officials are chosen for their views on abortion. The abortion busybodies need to stay out of politics.

Lisa Weber


Protecting children and bringing fiscal accountability

Troy Reinbold has faithfully served as a West Bonner County School District board trustee for the past four years. He was the only board trustee during the COVID pandemic who voted against forcing students to wear masks to school. He is for protecting students, and believes parents alone should make medical decisions for their children. Troy wrote the district’s current gender policy, which keeps males out of female bathrooms and locker rooms. He has heard this is the strongest gender policy in the state.

Troy is passionate about ensuring children are safe during school hours. He strongly supported a suicide prevention program that was in place during Jackie Branum’s time as superintendent. He will work to see that the program, which is free to the school, is brought back. Troy wants board involvement in helping to solve the bullying problems which exist in the district.

Taxpayers in the district deserve to know how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Troy was in favor of the WBCSD forensic audit, based on public comments suggesting problems with the district’s money management. He will work to ensure the audit is completed and that any necessary changes are made for the district to be fiscally responsible and transparent. Troy missed one recent regularly scheduled board meeting on purpose, to ensure that a hastily planned levy would not be put on the ballot until the audit is completed.

On Nov. 7, re-elect Troy Reinbold for WBCSD Trustee Zone 3.

Faith Brenneman

Spirit Lake, Idaho

Downtown Library restrooms

Last Saturday I attended a baby shower at the downtown library in the main floor hospitality room. The room was delightful and the patio was a nice asset.

One of the young girls needed to use the restroom, so I went with her. What a shock! The room was filthy, unflushed toilets, paper on the floor and also urine. I cannot believe the mess. The time was around 1 p.m., so the facility could not have been cleaned from the day before. Later in the day we used the restroom on the second floor and it was presentable.

I know the library is open for the homeless downtown, but why isn’t someone monitoring this? The library is a wonderful asset to downtown, but I was glad I went with my niece as I would not have wanted her to touch anything there.

Albertha Kellogg


Uncle Sam limps

After the Republican speaker election debacle I think they’ll need to re-brand from MAGA (Make America Great Again) to TETO (They Eat Their Own).

Jim Kane


Why I am voting for

Kitty Klitzke

I am a resident of the Garland neighborhood and look forward to Kitty Klitzke representing my community. Kitty advocates for environmentally conscience city planning focused on public transit and bike/pedestrian infrastructure, has extensive experience protecting Spokane’s natural resources, and has been endorsed by numerous respected community leaders and groups.

Kitty’s involvement in the city ordinance that ensures sidewalks and bike lanes are considered when city streets are upgraded, her engagement on the team that helped pass the ballot measure that funded the new central city bus line and expanded bus service across the city, and her previous work at the Lands Council and Spokane Riverkeeper make me confident that the city’s urban development and water resources will be protected under her leadership.

Additionally, Kitty has broad support in the community with endorsements by tribes, women’s rights organizations, environmental groups, unions, Republican- and Democrat-elected officials, business owners, neighborhood leaders and educators. This is a marked difference from her opponent who appeared on stage at an event with Matt Shea – the politician who was accused of participating in acts of domestic terrorism. That is not who we want to represent our community.

As a citizen of the thriving and growing city of Spokane, I need my city councilperson to do what’s best for the people of Spokane, the environment, and the local economy. That is why my vote is for Kitty Klitzke.

Laura Robinson


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