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Letters for Feb. 8, 2024

Keep track of real domestic terrorists

Two bills in the Idaho Legislature are especially concerning. Both have passed in one chamber and are headed to the other, when both should have been stopped by the first committee that heard them.

H 415 allows any school employee or volunteer with an enhanced concealed weapon permit to carry a weapon in our schools without knowledge of the school board. They would be free from civil or criminal liability if they determine there is a life-threatening situation. Schools face a $300 fine if they display a “gun-free zone” sign, disregarding any regulations already established by the local school board. This bill is a great example of government overreach as it takes away local control from local school boards. This bill was passed by the House and is in the Senate.

Bill S 1220 defines “domestic terrorism” as requiring cooperation with a “foreign terrorist organization.” This makes no sense. Dictionaries define “domestic” as “of, relating to, or originating within a country and especially one’s own country.” This would decriminalize any terrorist acts that are not associated with foreigners. We have lived in Idaho for over 50 years and experienced the true domestic terrorist acts of the Aryan Nations. If this bill becomes law, groups like that would be allowed to terrorize innocent Idahoans with impunity, simply because they have no association with foreigners. This bill was passed by the Senate and is in the House.

Please contact your Idaho senator and two representatives if these bills concern you.

Kathy and Dana Dawes

Moscow, Idaho

Gonzaga isn’t Spokane’s only sports team

Yes, we know Gonzaga University is located in Spokane.

Yes, we know Gonzaga has a basketball team.

Lest we forget, The Spokesman-Review will be quick to deluge us with its coverage. Sunday was no exception, what with the vast majority of the cover of the sports section dedicated to a regular-season loss for the private university.

This is in contrast to a big win for an area public university, with numerous Spokane-based alumni in need of a morale boost after recent conference woes.

Our WSU men’s basketball team won the day for Crimson and Gray and proved it’s the Best in the West. Many of us Coug fans are left wondering … why didn’t The Spokesman care? The Seattle Times figured it out, why couldn’t our local newspaper team?

Kim Papich


More coverage on the Cougars would be nice

Three Cougs played in the Senior Bowl. Cornerback Chau Smith-Wade was named player of the game. A little more coverage of the event and the local players would have been nice. Probably not enough room in your editions due to all the coverage of your “no such thing as overkill” philosophy of Gonzaga.

Kevin Olson


Good drivers are best answer

Washingtonians should be alarmed, and wary, of the statistics being thrown around that strongly suggest autonomous vehicles are a great idea to reduce a large number of serious vehicle wrecks and fatalities on our Washington roads (“On autonomous vehicles, Washington lawmakers face a fork in the road,” Feb. 3).

Alarmed that anyone would think a large number of bad drivers are going to stop using their vehicles and use these autonomous vehicles enough to even make a meaningful reduction in serious vehicle crashes and fatalities records here in Washington state because they are not.

And wary that autonomous vehicle industry folks are pushing the safety of these vehicles over having only great drivers allowed on our Washington roads.

Washingtonians deserve to have only great drivers on our roads, period.

Great drivers follow the laws, do what they were taught in drivers’ education and by other great drivers in their lives, continue their driving education with reading and watching, and maintain our vehicles properly.

Bad drivers become great drivers by following the law, adhering to best-practice methods for driving, by listening to positive peer pressures within family and friend circles, and by hired and elected officials diligently doing their jobs enforcing our driving laws every day and not when they feel like it.

Too add, autonomous vehicles might be fine where it never snows or gets icy, but I only want great drivers behind the wheel when those instances occur here in the Northwest.

Jim Darby

Spokane Valley

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