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Hubbell, Huang May Face Charges Ex-Administration Officials Won’t Obey House Subpoenas

The chairman of a House panel investigating Democratic Party fund raising said Friday that he would seek contempt citations against two former Clinton administration officials for refusing to hand over subpoenaed documents. The chairman, Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., said he would ask the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee to consider contempt of Congress charges against Webster L. Hubbell, the former associate attorney general convicted of fraud, and John Huang, the former Commerce Department official who became a Democratic National Committee vice chairman.

Dnc To Refund More Contributions

An internal audit commissioned by the Democratic National Committee in the wake of questions about the party's presidential-year fund raising has identified additional contributions that will be returned, the party announced Friday. The new Democratic general chairman, Gov. Roy Romer of Colorado, said through his spokeswoman that the Democrats would give back more funds because the sources of the money were either "unverifiable or improper."

‘Soft Money’ Broke Record In 1994-96 Parties Received Record $263 Million In Largely Unregulated Donations Leading Up To Election

The Democratic and Republican parties raised an unprecedented $263.5 million campaign in largely unregulated "soft money" donations during the two-year cycle leading up to last year's election, a research organization reported Sunday. The total was almost three times the $89 million the parties collected for the 1991-92 campaign, and roughly 2 times the $106.4 million donated in 1993-94, the organization said in a report being made public today.

Gop Takes Harsher Look At Fund-Raising Flap Congressmen Charge Chinese Government, Among Others, May Have Tried To Influence Foreign Policy

Congressional Republicans, citing reports that the Democratic campaign fund-raising controversy may be spreading to include foreign espionage, are vastly increasing the scope of their budding investigations. Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, said Sunday that his inquiry was "going to look into every area where there is a possibility of illegal activity as far as influence-peddling, illegal contributions, possible involvement of White House personnel, and things like that."

Bill Would Establish Campaign Guidelines

Rep. Jeff Alltus proposed legislation Wednesday that would tighten restrictions in the law regarding how public funds are spent during elections. If the bill passes, it would set legal and ethical guidelines for the use of public funds in promoting candidates or ballot measures. It also would set up penalties for those who break those guidelines.

White House Broke Law Wooing Blacks

The Clinton White House, in its electionyear preoccupation with winning ethnic-group support, drew up a plan that said Republicans should be portrayed as "enemies of civil rights" because many blacks were unenthusiastic about Democrats, according to documents released Friday. The plan to firm up the black vote, as well as another for wooing voters with disabilities, was prepared partly at taxpayer expense, which is illegal.

Arms Dealer’s Visit Called Inappropriate

President Clinton said Friday it was "clearly inappropriate" that a Chinese weapons dealer was allowed to attend a White House reception with him. But he said he had no recollection of meeting the man, whose company is implicated in arms smuggling. Amid a widening Justice Department inquiry into Democratic campaign fund raising, the White House said the president had been host for a Feb. 6 reception attended by arms dealer Wang Jun. Wang's invitation was arranged by Democratic Party fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie.

Reno Won’t Name Independent Counsel Decision Means Congressional Hearings Into Democratic Party Fund Raising Are Likely

For the third time Friday, Attorney General Janet Reno rejected requests that she seek an independent counsel to investigate possible criminal wrongdoing in the way national Democratic Party officials allegedly sought and received campaign money from foreign contributors. The decision sets the stage for congressional hearings likely to begin soon after the new, Republican-controlled Congress convenes in January.

Defensive Democrats Seek Urgent Campaign Reforms

Congressional Democrats, on the defensive over accusations of party fund-raising misdeeds, recommended Wednesday an urgent move to reform the campaign money system early next year. Ninety House Democrats and two Republicans signed a letter to Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., and Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., requesting passage of "comprehensive and meaningful campaign finance reform" within the first 100 days of the congressional session that begins Jan. 7.

Would He Feel This Way If The Tables Were Turned?

Surprise, surprise! Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas, a DEMOCRAT, believes Idaho law clearly sides with his fellow DEMOCRATS in nominating possible successors to the late assessor, Tom Moore. Never mind that Moore embraced Republicanism on his death bed so his job would go to the most qualified candidate, Deputy Assessor Mike McDowell, a REPUBLICAN. Ruled Bill: "It is my opinion that the duly recorded document entitled, 'Declaration of Candidacy,' is the only official designation of Mr. Moore's political party recognized by Idaho law." Blah, blah, blah. The key words here? "My opinion." A prosecutor's opinion carries less weight than an attorney general's opinion. And an attorney general's opinion isn't law. It'd be interesting to see if REPUBLICAN Attorney General Al Lance agreed with Douglas. For some reason, I think Al would respect Moore's dying wish. Call it a hunch.

Democrats Dismiss Fund-Raiser, Return Another Donation

The Democratic National Committee quietly has dismissed John Huang, the fund-raiser at the heart of the controversy over the Democratic Party's solicitation of foreign donations, a party official said Sunday. Committee spokeswoman Amy Weiss Tobe said the move was not precipitated by the furor over Huang's fund raising but was part of a planned postelection staff reduction.

Faction Hopes To Wrest More Power From Perot

A group of Reform Party members is trying to wrest control of the infant party - and any federal campaign dollars it may qualify for - from founder Ross Perot. The group, made up primarily of supporters of onetime Perot rival Richard Lamm, filed a request with the Federal Election Commission this week seeking recognition as the party's national governing body.

Clinton Calls For Reform Of Campaign Financing But Fails To Respond To Specific Charges Against Democrats

Big money flowing into races for the White House and Congress has sunk the process so deeply into sleaze and suspicion that even the biggest beneficiaries are calling for repairs. Saying that the two major parties "are engaged in an escalating arms race," the president called on Congress to curtail the influence of special interests and outlaw the kind of big-money giving that has put the spotlight on Democratic contributions.

Cash Scandal May Haunt President

A money scandal suddenly threatens to engulf Bill Clinton. It is unlikely to derail Clinton's reelection next Tuesday, for its details are complex and much remains unknown - starting with whether anything illegal was done.

Fund Raising Explodes For Both Parties

The Federal Election Commission released a report Tuesday that showed both major parties' fund-raising has exploded this election cycle, especially for the Republicans, which took in nearly twice what Democrats have raised. GOP national committees raised $278.4 million from January 1995 through Oct. 16, a 69 percent increase over the previous presidential election cycle, according to the latest FEC figures.

3 Senate Races Top $50,000 Mark Reed Vs. Riggs Most Expensive Race In North Idaho, Reports Show

Three North Idaho state Senate races have topped the $50,000 mark in campaign fund raising, according to reports filed Tuesday. The race between longtime Sen. Mary Lou Reed, D-Coeur d'Alene, and Republican challenger Jack Riggs is the Panhandle's most expensive, at $78,904 between the two candidates. Reed has raised $43,160, while Riggs has piled up $35,744.

Locke’s Whirlwind Coast-To-Coast Tour Nets Him $137,000

Gary Locke has been racking up the frequent flier miles and big bucks lately to bankroll his race for governor with out-of-state cash. Locke, the Democratic nominee, is heavily favored to win the race. Several polls have shown him with leads over GOP candidate Ellen Craswell ranging to more than 20 points.

Gingrich Attacks Clinton Over Donations

House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Saturday the Clinton administration's association with an Indonesian banking family is a scandal that makes Watergate pale by comparison. The administration's dealings with the Riady family and its financial and real estate conglomerate, the Lippo Group, is "a scandal that has historic implications," the Republican lawmaker said at a rally in his north Atlanta congressional district.

Craswell Gathers Endorsements, Campaign Cash

Ellen Craswell was dismissed as too radical to win the governor's race but now she's starting to rake in endorsements and dough. Her campaign claims to have raised about $300,000 since the primary, including $16,000 at a fund-raiser at the Spokane Club on Sept. 30.