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The Slice St. Mom’s Day Sounds Great To This Mother

Hey, if the halo fits.... Megan Majnarich, 3, calls the upcoming observance "St. Mother's Day." Her mom, Melisa, corrected her at first. But upon reflection, she decided she sort of likes the way "St. Mother's Day" sounds.

The Slice We Know You’re One Of The Elite

Unless your day-after soreness is somehow special, keep it to yourself. Gull 1, Gloria 0: Gloria Cash was standing outside the Opera House when one of the white birds bombed her bigtime. "My daughter said it was the most memorable part of her graduation," wrote Cash. Maybe you CAN please everybody: Spokane's Howard Stien created a bumper sticker that says "BE A CONSERVATIVE. LET RUSH DO YOUR THINKING." And, well, he can tell the story. "The intent of it was to pester the fans of Rush Limbaugh," he wrote. "My liberal friends totally enjoy the satire of it, but much to my surprise my conservative friends tend to take it literally and they applaud it as well. This may be the first political bumper sticker that offends no one. Where did I go wrong?" Gee, this looks familiar: Kimberly Taverniti-Martyn's mother and stepfather stopped by a friend's garage sale and discovered (priced and displayed) a gelatin mold and golf club they had loaned to the person holding the sale.

The Slice This Area Is Just Full Of Real Experts

According to Darryl and Kathy Hammonds and other Slice readers, everybody around here claims to be an expert on dodging potholes, running the federal government, coaching the WSU football team, Californians, high-speed driving, avoiding Division, pickup trucks, Expo '74 trivia, the Mt. St. Helens eruption, the best way to put up a tent in the dark and Bigfoot, D.B. Cooper and Bing Crosby. A reminder: "Success and self-esteem are about knowing that you have choices." - from "Your Boss Is Not Your Mother," by Seattle's Brian DesRoches

The Slice Single People Think They’re The Only Ones

A fiftysomething guy having lunch at Peking North was frowning. He was hearing about a younger fellow who apparently had complained about being single in Spokane. And the fiftysomething guy had one question: "There aren't any women in Spokane?" Aim high: Today is the National Day of Prayer.

The Slice Then You Get To Be A Janitor

Rockford's Diane DeLong has a son in first-grade who already has high school figured out, sort of. He recently explained that before becoming a sophomore you have to spend a year as a fisherman.

The Slice Watch Out For Daredevil Pets

For some reason, dogs and cats around here seem to love to dart out into traffic on Saturdays. So keep your eyes open today. Slice answers: Donae Thornburg thinks anything from the Spokane Coliseum will become a valuable Inland Northwest collectible. B. A. Quirk suggested trees eventually will fit that description. And Lois Watts mentioned Spokane Valley incorporation campaign signs.

The Slice Don’t Put Away Your Sorels Yet

Regarding the approach of spring and summer. Um, not so fast there. Gerry Weiler sent us a May 5, 1981 clipping from the Swell Paper. It shows a group of Spokane boys playing in some fresh snow.

The Slice But What If The Gossip Is Work-Related?

Remember teachers saying "Now if the two of you don't quit talking, I'm going to have to separate you"? Well, who should be similarly threatened at your workplace? More on Spokane's skyline: A reader named Bill, who enclosed a couple of snapshots taken from his high-rise apartment, described it with one adjective - beautiful. "I receive much company from out of town, and this is the most used word when they look out over the city."

The Slice What Exactly Is That Doc Up To?

Lisa Jo Marcoux overheard a man talking about his pregnant due-todeliver wife. He said: "If something doesn't change soon, the doctor says he is going to have to seduce her." Wrong turn: "I guess 32 cents really does go a lot further than 29 cents did," wrote Spokane's Jill Reynolds. She got a letter from friends in western Washington that traveled here via Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Slice The Joys Of Parenting Are So Rewarding Sometimes

Some people have it worse. At this very moment, somewhere in the Inland Northwest, a parent is watching a little kid pitch a fit because he or she has been told not to bring a certain toy to the table. It's not just allergy season: In the week to come, you're going to see some people with misty eyes. They are longtime readers of the comic strip, For Better or For Worse. A reader called to remind us: Not all gun racks are used to carry guns.

The Slice Try These Moves At Your Office

If you suddenly started doing the Freddie, how many of your coworkers would recognize the dance? So that's what they're called: When Cheney's Elizabeth Olson, 3, initially checked out the frontal view of her first Barbie doll, she exclaimed "Wow, she's got big elbows."

The Slice Never Mind Marriage, This Honeymoon Would Be Boring

A friend looked at her marriage license after getting home the other night and only then discovered that, as a result of an error, it appeared she would be getting hitched to herself. And that's not legal, even in the Northwest. Just wondering: Have you ever been driving on one of those parts of Interstate 90 with the bad ruts and, upon surveying a scene of everyone avoiding the center of their lanes, found yourself thinking that it looked like the worst outbreak of drunken driving in history?

The Slice That Awful Day At Work Could Be Worth A New TV

Spilling hot coffee on your boss during a performance evaluation isn't necessarily a bad thing. That's because you could win a big-screen TV or a stereo by describing your most humiliating day at work.