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The Slice She’s A Budding Diplomat

Make up your mind, girl. Spokane's Emily Parsons, 4, is learning to write. And one of her first messages was directed to her big sister's first-grade teacher: "I want Alyssa to stay home with me, but that's OK if she goes to school." Coming attractions: Apparently the animators working on "Pocahontas" were instructed to give her a figure something like Barbie's. How nice, a politically correct movie that still manages to send little girls a swell message about body image.

The Slice When Will The ‘Empire’ Finally Die?

A debate rages at Slice Headquarters. And only the readers can put the matter to rest. When will "Inland Northwest" totally vanquish "Inland Empire" in the battle of monikers? Lambykins calling: "(Identity deleted) calls and gets calls at least 50 times a day from her new husband. They have 30-second fights and then make up in the next two-minute call, ALL DAY LONG! It's VERY annoying, to say the least. When they're not fighting, they're cooing and ga-gaing, which is worse than the fighting." - Couldn't Be Sicker

The Slice The Holiday Cookies Were Extra Crunchy This Year

"During my Christmas baking, I was cracking eggs, dropping the egg in the garbage and putting the shells in my bowl," wrote a reader who asked not to be identified by name. Slice answers: We heard from a bunch of folks who have cats that are older than 20. A Siamese named Katie, 23, was the champ. Among the runners-up were Mouse, Elsie, Helen and Tai-Ki. But our favorite letter came from Odessa's Shannon Finck: "I just wanted you to know that my cat is older than me. I am 10, and my cat Che-Che is 21." And the winner of our "Best Hot Chocolate" poll was The Riverside Galleria Espresso, at Riverside and Browne in downtown Spokane.

The Slice We End Our Sentences In Questions? Could This Be True?

Yes, there is an Inland Northwest accent. At least, according to Dennis DeMattia. He said locals tend to come down hard on each consonant. Matthew Goos argued that people in the Spokane area end sentences with a slight upward inflection.

The Slice That Explains Bouffant Hair

The evidence suggests that, yes, it's possible to have a bad hair year. Quote of the day: "Straight men don't talk about sex." - Sallie Tisdale, author of "Talk Dirty to Me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex," in The New York Times This just in from Bayview, Idaho: Here are Jim Campbell's nominations for the least important news items reported every year: 1.) Crayola introduces a new color. 2.) Whatever song the Space Shuttle astronauts wake up hearing. Slice answer: On two occasions, Dale Stegman has startled deer when he tried to clear his sinuses. Let's hear more from: Idahoans who like mainstream life just fine.

The Slice These Faces Need A Little Skin Lotion

It's not that people around here aren't friendly. It's just that the cumulative effect of tens of thousands of Inland Northwesterners simultaneously suffering from the heartbreak of winter-related dry skin isn't pretty. Slice answers: Mike Cannon said Spokane's most overlooked asset might be the community colleges. Jamie Fiorino nominated Whitworth College and "Anything open 24 hours."

The Slice A Crust Would Cost 10 Cents Now

Read 'em and weep. Spokane's Dede McKay showed us a yellowed notebook in which she had carefully listed how much she paid for groceries back in 1941. Brace yourself. Loaf of bread, 10 cents. Bananas, 10 cents. Salad dressing, 19 cents. Milk, 11 cents. Lettuce, 10 cents. Beans, 11 cents. Tomato juice, nine cents. Bacon, 25 cents. Had enough? McKay recalls that her monthly grocery bill was around $20. "And my mother-in-law always insisted that I spent way too much," she said.

The Slice Nice Touch Of Chocolate Starts The Morning Just Right

We think it might be Jacob's Java. But we haven't really tried enough places to be sure. So you tell us. Who makes the best hot chocolate in the Inland Northwest? Random act of kindness: Elle and Larry Weiser drove up to Mount Spokane last weekend to do some cross-country skiing. After parking, they saw that they had a flat tire, caused by a slow leak. The couple decided to worry about it after they finished skiing. But when they returned to their car, they discovered that someone had inflated the tire.

The Slice Some Of Those Customers Deserve A Little Bad Service

The thing about customer service that gets overlooked is the fact that a lot of customers enjoy being bullies. Annual reminder: There's no such thing as a "Spokane celebrity." Slice answers: Regarding our question about how chilly it has to get outside before certain people close all the windows, Kasey Kilgore wrote: "As a fresh-air fiend, I have to reply, it does not get that cold in this part of the Northern Hemisphere."

The Slice A New Attitude For 1995

The inferiority complex got old, and the newer "We're happening" smugness isn't really becoming. So how about this for Spokane's 1995 attitude - "We like it here, who cares what anybody else thinks?" OK, it's a day late: But here's our resolution. "Every day, try to visualize readers looking at the newspaper while in their underwear." They're just calling it like they see it: Workplace cynics usually aren't bad apples with chronically sour attitudes, according to an Ohio State University study reported by the Knight-Ridder news service.