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Tyson Movie Looks As Lewd As Tyson Himself

Mike Tyson doesn't lisp in "Tyson," the tawdry HBO movie that premieres Saturday night at 8. And we all know that Tyson has this shrill puthycat lisp that contrasts with his tigerish growl in the ring.

Cosell Gave Us Much, Including The Mute Button

Being a lawyer wasn't bad enough. Howard Cosell would find a profession and a platform from which he could really infuriate the public. In 1954 he abandoned his $30,000-a-year practice to take a $250-a-week job with ABC Radio doing a series of 5-minute sports broadcasts. From such humble beginnings was born the inspiration for the mute button.

Cell Phones Become Hottest Ticket In Sports

I am continually fascinated by the intensity of the fans at sporting events<. "So what?" you say. Fans are always intense when they are watching their teams perform. I'm not talking about people watching the event.

Minus Milutinovic, U.S. Soccer Targets Future

Janusz Michallik, who might have as much reason as anyone to toss a barb in Bora Milutinovic's direction, won't say a bad word about the national team coach who was dumped by U.S. Soccer last week. Michallik, who made it to the final cut before being left off the World Cup roster last year, said Milutinovic was the victim of a change of thinking at the top levels of an administration that may not be fully aware of what it has lost. "(U.S. Soccer) wants to change the whole system," Michallik, a 28-year old midfielder, said after learning of Milutinovic's "resignation." "It wasn't that Bora did not do the job with the national team. I might have as much reason as anyone to dislike him, but I became friends with him and thank him for the opportunity that he gave me. I respect him for what he did with the national team."

Violent Acts Do Not Exclude Sports World

So, where next? That's the question we ask. It's the question those responsible for the horror in Oklahoma City want us to ask ourselves, and each other, today, tomorrow and the day after.

Dream Over, Joe Faces Bright Future

Montana's two-year stay in Kansas City didn't produce a championship, adding insult to the quarterback's many injuries. Photo by Associated Press

Dancing His Way To Olympics

If you need me, call Arthur Murray. I'm in training. One, two, three, step. One, two, three, step. One, two, three, uh, sorry. I'm sure that will heal. Obviously, I still need some work. But I couldn't be more excited. I'm learning to ballroom dance. I'm going to fox trot my way to the gold medal, waltz off with a silver, tango to a bronze. This is my dream. This is my destiny.

It Looks Like What Tyson’s After Is A Good Beating

"Stick with this kid, Fats. He's a loser." - Bert Gordon to Minnesota Fats in Walter Tevis' "The Hustler" after Fast Eddie says it doesn't matter if Fats won that night, that he was the better pool shooter. On the surface, it would seem Mike Tyson is behind the eight ball. "The Hustler" talks not of "heart," or "guts" or something more Anglo-Saxon. The word Tevis adds to the sports lexicon is "character."

Fehr’s Blacklist Illustrates How He Loves To Hate

Everybody plays the fool sometimes, but it takes a truly gullible chump to be duped 250 days AFTER the rest of the world gets its wake-up call. Hello, my name is John, and I am a sap.

Losers Are Winners In 90’S Movies

The Age of Diminished Expectations has invaded American cinema. Junk-food grillers and servers, factory security guards, coffee shop waitresses, laundry hands and video store clerks - all those kids with dead-end jobs, in fact - can now savor their lives and dreams as fictionalized and sometimes glamorized in youth-market films. The discovery that life after high school is pretty much the same as life during high school - you just get to spend more hours bagging or stocking groceries - does not necessarily condemn the minimum-wage earner to the slow track. Or so the movies suggest. Many, but not all, tales of losers have happy endings.

Baseball’s Ashamed, And That’s A Good Thing

Baseball's biggest problem - its bad attitude - is solved. The strike did it. The game has sobered up. What an awful price to pay to regain your sanity. The mood of spring training is utterly different than at any time in the free-agent era. It's as if the calendar reads 1975. The scene is like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Let’s Take Another Look At Divorce

Imagine a world without divorce. Or at least one in which it would be more difficult to obtain and would be held in more disdain than it is today.

‘Fire Sales’ Sign Of Times In Baseball

Here is the state of Major League Baseball today: The New York Yankees acquire superb reliever John Wetteland from the impoverished Montreal Expos for practically nothing. On the same day, the San Diego Padres sign washed-up Fernando Valenzuela, seeking a miracle. New York doesn't have to hope for miracles. George Steinbrenner can buy as many as he needs. San Diego, on the other hand, is your classic small market have-not, will-not and cannot.

Norman Plays Good Enough To Not Choke

Out on Augusta National's front nine, Greg Norman had birdied the 180-yard sixth hole to go nine under par for the Masters, but his name was not yet on the leader board. "They must know," a voice in the gallery said with a smirk, "that he's going to choke."

Holmes Hoping He’ll Have Ability To Answer Mccall

He was in the room where he won the heavyweight championship almost 17 years ago, talking about fighting Bobby Czyz in the first defense of his second title. Yeah, he still complains and "everyone is suing me, even my 26-year-old daughter," but Larry Holmes has developed the outsider's sense of humor. "What can Oliver McCall do to me that hasn't been done to me before?" he said. "He knocks me out? Hell, Mike Tyson's done that already."