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Mad Max Aside, Nba Looks Cleaner

Only eight days ago, Rod Thorn was saying that peace was at hand in the NBA. "Not one player has thrown a punch so far," said Thorn. "That is unprecedented at this stage of the season."

Sometimes, Even Real Players Look This Bad

The best thing that can be said about this one is that it didn't require replacement players. Those were real NBA players playing that bad. "You can't please everybody," Charles Barkley said after the West All-Stars steamrolled their Eastern counterparts 139-112 Sunday.

Local Talent The Visual Arts Tour Was Very Successful, With Increased Attendance And A Happy Crowd

`W ell, not to be rude or anything, but I thought the tour was going to be, you know, kind of stuffy," said the woman, and her three friends nodded in agreement. "But it turned out to be lots of fun, and it was actually surprising to see all the different sorts of artwork made by local people." A happy crowd, estimated between 100 and 500 people, made the round of 19 stops on the Spokane Visual Arts Tour last Friday evening. The Spokane Transit Authority loaded up two buses full of tourists, some groups toured on foot, and others carpooled - including an enthusiastic band of nine women from the Newport area who'd all managed to fit into one station wagon. And they're keen on coming again. Spokane City Art Department head Sue Ellen Heflin said she is gathering numbers now to see if they prove the apparent popularity of the tour.

Looking Ahead, It’ll Be 25 Years Before Another Strike

Gazing into my crystal ball, I see some lights at the end of the tunnel. They are blinking a message to the nation's baseball fans: Do not despair . . . there will not be another baseball strike until the year 2020.

Black History Month Brings Focus On African Americans In Era Of Enlightenment, Minorities Still Must Battle Opposition

Black History Month Commentary Welcome to Black History Month. The January/February issue of the media review Extra! features a compelling package on racism. Particularly recommended are two pieces by Jim Naureckas. The first, "Racism Resurgent: How Media Let `The Bell Curve's' Pseudo-Science Define the Agenda on Race," discloses that nearly all the research that `Curve' authors Charles Murray and the late Richard Herrnstein relied on for their central claims about race and IQ were funded by something called the Pioneer Fund, described by the London Sunday Telegraph as a "neoNazi organization closely integrated with the far right in American politics."

Sponsor Deals Would Impact Nfl Salaries

Free-agency, the salary cap and money-savvy players could be on the verge of turning this NFL off-season into a recruiting circus. Soon, a top-echelon NFL free agent's decision might depend on the friendliness of a team's boosters.

The Babe Calling Foul On This Strike

Baseball Heaven. The postmark was too good to be true. But there it was, nestled in among the credit card bills and junk mail. Inside was a letter, handwritten on tattered paper. The penmanship was sloppy, the message heartfelt. Dear baseball fans: Today is my 100th birthday, and before Gehrig and I go out for a few cold ones, I want to tell you how disillusioned we are up here.

Orientation Tour Is The Most Interesting Part Of Health Club

My tour began in the locker room, where Sven easily pointed out the lockers and then, his confidence growing by the moment, correctly identified the showers. I joined a health club about a month ago. This came about because I glanced in a downtown storefront window and spotted Rush Limbaugh walking by. The sight of the whalelike creature disgusted me.

If He Needed To, Seifert Shows He’s His Own Man

After the Philadelphia Eagles had taken apart the 49ers 40-8 on Oct. 2, one of those attack-dog radio call-in shows polled its San Francisco listeners. In that irrational mind-set so typical of the modern jackal pack, 85 percent snarled the head coach should go. And this was George Seifert's response: "I'd like to thank the 15 percent who voted for me."

We’d All Miss Don Nelson If He’s A Victim

Root for Don Nelson. Root for him as you did for Raymond Burr and those peasants in the first "Godzilla" movie. Root for him not to fall to the monsters of greed, immaturity and selfishness supposedly threatening the tranquilty we've known as the Fan-tastic game, the NBA.

Finally, Young Takes His Place Next To Montana

The game itself was another competitive bust, as it invariably is, so once again the Super Bowl found itself desperate for someone to redeem it, someone to make it worth remembering. Well, he wears No. 8 and he throws left-handed to perfection, and he showed up right on cue.

League Becomes Benefactor, Now It’s Players’ Turn

The most amazing aspect of extravaganzas like the Super Bowl is the extent to which the pageantry numbs, often obliterates, reality. So many private parties. Dances. Mountains of food. After a week of watching the wealthy and the near-wealthy, the notion of poverty becomes an abstract concept. Many of the rich never felt the sting of poverty, the former poor don't want to feel it again, so the subject rarely comes up. Today's game marks the seventh Super Bowl in Miami, the first since 1989 when a Miami police officer fatally shot a black motorcyclist, whose passenger died in the resulting crash. Three days of rioting followed during the week leading up to the game.

Arts Tour Includes Paintings, Much More

Visual Arts Tour Feb. 3, 5-9 p.m. If Hallmark can start Halloween in August and introduce Easter bunnies in January, I can tell you today about a few stops on next week's Visual Arts Tour, right?

Eating In Restaurant Is Still Like Being At Home

When a woman sets out to spend on herself the two things of which we all have the least - spare time and extra money - she expects certain rewards. If shopping, she wants nice salespeople. At the gym, she wants the trainers to look like the guy in the Diet Coke commercials.

Lawyer Analysts Miss Real Drama Of O.J.’S Trial

Will Judge Lance Ito go through with his threat to keep television cameras out of the courtroom because a Court TV cameraman inadvertently shot an alternate O.J. Simpson juror? Perhaps he will be doing the country a favor if he does. How much more of superstar lawyers trying to be the John Maddens of the legal profession can we take? If you've been watching trial coverage the past couple of days, you might be feeling a little like Shakespeare's Dick the butcher. "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," he proclaimed in "Henry VI, Part II."

Plan To Visit Miami? Can’t Be Too Careful

"Cover me, honey," I said to the wife, "I'm going to make a dash for the lobby." You can't be too careful in Miami. Even though police here claim there was a 61 percent drop in tourist robberies last year, you wonder if that's not because there was a 61 percent drop in tourists.