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Dear Annie 1/4

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our early 60s and have been married for eight years. I have four adult children and 11 grandchildren, while he has one son and two grandsons. My children are scattered across the country, while his son lives in the same small town as us.

Miss Manners 1/4

Dear Miss Manners: I am a mature married woman. We live within our means. We want things but don’t need things. For gifts, well, we go get what we want. Generally, if we can’t afford it, we don’t want it. We are happily satisfied with life as it is. So, we don’t want money for a gift.

Ask the Doctors 1/2

Dear Doctor: I saw on the news that if you work out for 11 minutes a day, you are protected from the bad stuff that happens from sitting too much. Is that really true? I’m stuck at my desk all day, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Dear Reader: We think you're referring to a recent study.

Dear Annie 12/31

Dear Annie: My husband has a huge family. They gather every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a hotel for at least three days. They are planning to do so this year during the pandemic. So far, most of them plan on going, which would be almost 80 people.

Ask the Doctors 12/31

Dear Doctor: My boyfriend and I live in northern Ohio, and I think we have that thing where you get depressed from not enough light. He’s kind of skeptical, but I really do think it’s happening. Can you describe the symptoms? Is there treatment? Dear Reader: You’re referring to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

Miss Manners 12/30

Dear Miss Manners: You have endorsed discreetly regifting, donating or returning unwanted gifts. Amen to that. However, one of the examples you provided of an unwanted gift was a donation, “in the recipient’s name,” to a charity that the recipient opposed. Obviously, such a gift cannot be regifted, donated or returned.

Dear Annie 1/2

Dear Annie: I’m 76 years old and need to know if I’m behind the times where etiquette is concerned. I have never been married and have not been around “young folks” a lot, so maybe I’m just behind the times. My only niece, “Marji,” a 40-year-old, invited me to Thanksgiving dinner at her home.

Water Cooler: Give new year big family welcome

Being the last holiday of this year in quarantine and more adult-oriented anyway, it can be tough to think of ways to celebrate this New Year’s Eve at home with the family. However, if you harness a bit of creativity and teamwork, New Year’s Eve can be transformed into a fun family send-off for 2020.

Miss Manners 1/1

Dear Miss Manners: Should I let a family member know that her social media posts about her son are reading as negative? I know the written word isn’t always “heard” in the voice the author intends. My niece-in-law is biracial. She and our nephew just had their first baby, and in her words, he “really passes as white.”

Dear Annie 12/29

Dear Annie: My son has been dating a girl for a little over three years. My husband and I really like her. Our son loves her. Here’s the problem: I have asked her before to help in the kitchen with meal preparation and cleanup, and she refuses. They come once a week for meals.

Ask the Doctors 12/29

Dear Doctor: Our family – ages 66, 59, 27 and 22 – lives in one household. We’ve been working from home and keeping socially distant since the start of the pandemic. Now the younger members wish to resume outside employment. How do we safely manage their return to work?

Each year, 1,000 Pakistani girls forcibly converted to Islam

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Neha loved the hymns that filled her church with music. But she lost the chance to sing them last year when, at the age of 14, she was forcibly converted from Christianity to Islam and married to a 45-year-old man with children twice her age.

Dear Annie 12/28

Dear Annie: I am a highly successful professional single mother in my mid-40s. My ex-husband and I divorced 10 years ago, and we have two wonderful children. I am happily dating a colleague, and all of my friends and some of my family are happy for me and like my boyfriend.

Miss Manners 12/28

Dear Miss Manners: How can I make people aware of the need for safety precautions? I see people on the street who are not social distancing and not wearing masks. I just want to yell at them that they’re being stupid and endangering themselves and others. But I suppose you would say that’s impolite.

Conceived in a pandemic, born in a pandemic: The first quarantine babies are arriving

Katy Dobson and her family have taken to calling her 2-week-old boy, Atlas, a "coronial." Atlas's time in his mother's womb coincided almost perfectly with the nine months that the U.S. has spent battling the coronavirus pandemic. He was born Dec. 8 in Pensacola, Fla., 38 weeks into his mother's pregnancy and almost 39 weeks after the surreal Wednesday in March.

Dear Annie 12/26

Dear Annie: I am a 64-year-old truck driver from East Texas. I went to a gentlemen’s club and befriended a dancer there, “Renee,” and I have grown to love her dearly in my heart. I feel she is a good-hearted, loving, beautiful and special woman. She is a queen in my heart. She has a 3-year-old daughter, and I want to accept her in my heart as well. She needs to have a father figure in her life.

Ask the Doctors 12/26

Dear Doctor: My dad is 65 years old and has Type 2 diabetes. He recently developed pain in his feet, which his doctor says is peripheral neuropathy. What is that, and what treatments are available? Dear Reader: Neuropathy is a condition in which the nervous system malfunctions.

Miss Manners 12/25

Dear Miss Manners: Could you please say something about the rudeness of asking people how much money they make? I have a relative who sees nothing wrong with doing this. Sometimes it’s done during a party he is hosting, and other times he just asks. When I’ve pointed out that this is rude, he says, “But I want to know.”