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Miss Manners 1/22

Dear Miss Manners: I work at a small company in a relatively small and tight-knit industry and was previously an officer in our industry’s national association. Last summer, my wife died unexpectedly after several months of illness. The outpouring I received was very comforting.

Dear Annie 1/21

Dear Annie: Throughout the pandemic, I’ve noted some things that make for a successful video call. Perhaps these suggestions will be of use. 1. Look at yourself on your screen. What you see is what others will see. 2. Do not sit with a window or other bright light behind you.

Ask the Doctors 1/21

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to an extension of our monthly letters column. Our main letters column this month was devoted to your questions about the new coronavirus vaccine – an important topic that needed immediate attention. So we’re back with parts one and two.

Ask the Doctors 1/23

Hello, again, dear readers. We’re back with the second of our two bonus letters columns. Let’s dive right in. After a column that referenced magnesium, we heard from a reader from Virginia whose wife had been diagnosed with very low levels of the mineral.

Miss Manners 1/20

Dear Miss Manners: My great-nephew and his wife are having a baby. The following statement was put on their shower invitation: “Masks are not required or needed, but if you think it is necessary, wear one. We want to discourage anyone from talking about politics.”

Dear Annie 1/19

Dear Annie: My fiance and I want to go back to the way we were, but it is more of a struggle for me than for him. We are planning to get an apartment together, but it is hard for me to be around him without getting upset. I have been going through a lot lately.

Ask the Doctors 1/19

Dear Doctor: I’m a 60-year-old woman with naturally fair skin. I’ve worked outdoors all of my life – and now I have the age spots on my face to prove it. Why do they happen? Are there any creams from the drugstore that might help to fade them?

Dear Annie 1/18

Dear Annie: My fiancee and I have been together for six years, and I am having a hard time understanding where I fit in her life. She claims to love me, but lately, her actions just don’t say that. She puts everyone ahead of me. Last Christmas, we went to her mom’s on the other side of the country and her mom told her she had to introduce me as her friend.

Miss Manners 1/18

Dear Miss Manners: I frequently see people going about their business whose masks have slipped below the nose. It’s maybe because it’s too loose, or it sometimes happens when people have been talking. Should I say something? I know you are against people running around correcting others.

Dad Daze: New sets of eyes on the color of Spokane

I'm not the leader of a bar band, but I take requests. A loyal reader, Beverly Gibb, emailed a suggestion: "Could you write about you and your family dealing with the Black Lives Matter movement? I know it is an extremely sensitive and difficult topic. I just would like to see how families are having this discussion."

Back in the fold: Family finds misplaced and beloved WSU quilt

A beloved Washington State University-themed quilt has returned back into a family's fold. Made for her parents by Carol McCabe Adams from T-shirts of WSU family-attended events for decades, the quilt was a 2012 Christmas present she gave to Wes and Dolly McCabe of Spokane, longtime Cougar fans and donors.

Family Fun: Honor MLK at home and all year long

While Spokane’s annual rally and march honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. won’t be happening, thanks to the pandemic, there’s still plenty to do to honor his life and legacy. The Rev. Happy Watkins, paraphrasing one of King’s sermons, called on each person to be “a drum major for peace, a drum major for justice, a drum major for righteousness.”

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do some cheeses stink?

When you take a whiff of stinky cheese, that smell is coming from one of its very important ingredients: microorganisms. Microorganisms are so small, you’d need a microscope to see them, but sometimes they give off a big stink. To find out more about stinky cheese, I talked to my friend Minto Michael. Michael is a professor of dairy science at WSU.

The Full Suburban: Boys will be boys even in a windstorm

The Ditto home, which I lovingly refer to as our “fake farmhouse,” sits atop a small hill out in the Saltese Flats, aka Tornado Alley, of the Spokane Valley. When forecasts call for “strong winds,” those of us out here translate it to mean, “Hang on to your hats, folks, this is going to get interesting.”

Valentine’s coloring contest: Get creative to spread the love

These days, it feels like we could all use a little extra love. Young artists, help spread the love by sharing your artwork with us. The Spokesman-Review’s coloring contest is open to children ages 12 and younger. Entries will be judged by a panel of newspaper staffers who will choose winners in three divisions: ages 4 and younger, ages 5 to 8 and ages 9 to 12.

Dear Annie 1/16

Dear Annie: I have a beautiful daughter in her mid-20s. She is attractive, bright, friendly and hardworking. She has so much going for her. She does have a peculiar bad habit: She picks her nose in public. It’s not just a quick pick when no one is looking. This is a thorough deep cleaning.

Ask the Doctors 1/16

Dear Doctor: I don’t think I’m the only one wondering how the new coronavirus vaccines got developed so fast when other vaccines in the past took so much longer. Can you please explain? Dear Reader: The quest for a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine began early in 2020.

Miss Manners 1/15

Dear Miss Manners: My wife and I have a large deck in our backyard and have been able to host couples for dinners with proper social distancing in nice weather. Before anyone visits us, we make it very clear that we have been following pretty strict social distancing.

Dear Annie 1/14

Dear Annie: There are three sisters in my family. Two of us are childless. Our other sister now has seven grandchildren. Every Christmas and birthday, my other sister and I send a check to each grandniece and grandnephew. We never expect any gifts in return.