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Council candidate backs Liberty Lake overpass expansion; his opponent no longer wants seat

Though Mike Kennedy has no personal experience as an elected official, he’s been behind the political scenes of Spokane and Liberty Lake for years, he said. Now he’s a candidate for position 6 on the Liberty Lake City Council. His opponent, Dylan McGuire, says he no longer wants to win the seat, citing an unexpected workload increase at his job. However, he decided to withdraw after the deadline, so his name remains on the ballot, and he is eligible to win the seat.

Huckleberries: What if they threw an election and hardly anyone showed up?

What if they threw an election and hardly anyone showed up? Does it still count? In Kootenai County, only 5.68 percent of the registered voters bothered to go to the polls or cast write-in ballots in the nonpartisan local elections for hospital, school, water, library, and highway district boards Tuesday. In D.F. Oliveria’s Precinct 52, only 26 of 701 (3.71 percent) of the registered voters cast ballots. Oliveria says it’s time to vote by mail in Idaho, too.

Huckleberries: Sufferin’ lake envy

Huckleberries Wednesday launches with a look at that jab columnist Rocky Barker/Statesman took at Lake Coeur d'Alene. Reacting to a New York website that declared Lake Coeur d'Alene to be the "best damn thing" about Idaho, Barker says: “For my money, it’s not even the most breathtaking mountain lake in North Idaho.”

Huckleberries: Hayden Christmas cease-fire holds this yuletide

Someone must have declared a cease-fire in the battle for Christmas in that Hayden neighborhood that has pitted an attorney and his homeowners association against each other in the past. Outspoken attorney Jeremy Morris conducted his four-day mega-Christmas light show without much media fanfare or citizen fireworks Dec. 14-18. The crowds came, along with a camel, goats and 27 costumed Bible characters.

Kennedy’s lament

"I should never have agreed to a Secret Santa program in our office," laments Mike Kennedy, a Democrat and former Coeur d'Alene councilman. "At least the anonymous giver included some Jack Daniels with shot glasses." Q: Do you swap gifts with co-workers at Christmas parties? Or have a Secret Santa?

Sunday Huckleberries: Bugged

My Sunday Huckleberries column began with that incident you read about here last week -- the Coeur d'Alene businesswoman, with a fear of bugs, who found herself in a car wash with a stink bug looking at her from the windshield.

Huckleberries: Bugs really, really bug this Coeur d’Alene businesswoman

It would be an understatement to say that Kari Glessner, of Coeur d’Alene, fears bugs. They terrify her. Ditto for spiders and snakes. So you can imagine the terror Kari felt when she found herself eyeball-to-eyeball with a stink bug as her vehicle rolled through a Coeur d’Alene car wash. Only her husband’s “whoa” stopped her from getting a good soaping outside the car.

Huckleberries: She was nice back then, but can he vote for her now?

Carl Tinghino, a retired millworker from Kootenai County, remembers that school mate from his Illinois high school who was "very, very bright" and "very, very nice." But, as one of North Idaho's conservatives, he doesn't know whether he can vote for the former Hillary Rodham for president.

Huckleberries: Hucks has been a FOP (Friend of Patty) through the years

During her life in Coeur d'Alene, actress Patty Duke received many mentions in Huckleberries Online, including one on April 3, 1995, reporting that her horses escaped from a Carlin Bay ranch. In memory of this fine actress and human being, who died last week in Coeur d'Alene, Huckleberries offers a handful of the column items that featured her.

Huckleberries: Old ad captures radio legend’s former celebrity

In Coeur d’Alene, radio legend John Rook was known for his short-lived KCDA radio station that shook up the local political establishment -- not for the clout he once had as one of the premier radio programmers in the country. John once hobnobbed with the likes of Kenny Rodgers and Glen Campbell. In looking through the postings on his Facebook page after his death Tuesday, I saw an old trade ad that reminded me of how influential Rook once was.

Huckleberries: Coeur d’Alene woman searches for perfect ‘mocktail’

Eden Irgens, a Coeur d’Alene fan and communications specialist, has searched for the perfect mocktail in Lake City after eliminating alcohol from her diet and lifestyle. As part of that process, she has started a blog to tell readers which bars and restaurants in town offer good mocktail alternatives. And which don’t.

Huckleberries: Hope they won’t also be wedding crashers

At traditional weddings, couples promise to stand by each other for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Et cetera. An engaged couple received a taste of the “or for worse” part last week. Seems the groom-to-be was following his future bride’s BMW through Post Falls because he didn’t know his way around town. As they approached an intersection, bride-to-be slammed on her brakes as the light turned yellow. She didn’t want to leave her true love behind. Only that action caused her beloved to also slam on the brakes, locking them. He crashed into the back of the BMW. Adding insult to injury, a Post Falls officer later cited the blushing bride for failing to wear a seat belt and to provide proof of insurance. You probably won’t find two traffic tickets from the Post Falls Police Department listed on her bridal registry. Poop patrol

Huckleberries: Councilman Kennedy remembers Mr. Spock

As a kid, former Coeur d’Alene Councilman Mike Kennedy remembers visiting the Beverly Hills home of his aunt and uncle. His relatives weren’t typical. His aunt, Anna (aka Patty Duke), and his uncle, John Astin, had solid movie and television credentials. His cousin Sean, of course, made a name for himself, too. Many watched Sean, as Samwise Gamgee, carry Frodo and the “one ring to rule them all” up the side of Mount Doom. On his Facebook wall, Mike posted this after the death of Leonard Nimoy: “On their street they had two close neighbors whose names I recognized: Carroll O’Connor and Leonard Nimoy. They are now both gone, but I remember how much my family respected and loved them and their artistry. RIP, Mr. Spock. I’m sure you are having a whale of a time with Archie Bunker now.” Spock? Archie? Now that’s an odd couple.

Huckleberries: The Bard of Sherman Avenue fights cancer battle with his words

For years, The Bard of Sherman Avenue has provided short rhyme to please and uplift my print and online readers. Now, he’s in a battle with cancer that he appears to be winning. When news of his health issue reached my Huckleberries Online ( readers Thursday, they reacted by penning their own rhymes and messages, in wishing him a return to health. Former Coeur d’Alene Councilman Mike Kennedy wrote: “As a partner with words,/Bard’s a very fleet dancer/We all hope and pray,/He beats that damn cancer.” And former Kootenai County Clerk Dan English offered: “I can’t count the times I have been uplifted, challenged, or had a smile break out because of his incredible ability to put so much into four lines of text.” At this point, the identity of The Bard remains a mystery. He was prepared to reveal his identity and take his first, long-overdue, public bow at Blogfest 2015, the annual celebration of the blogiversary of Huckleberries Online (set Saturday, Feb. 21, at Fort Ground Grill in Coeur d’Alene). That’s now in jeopardy. But I’ll leave you with a message from The Bard himself: “I would love to be there. And I HOPE to be there. And there is still a chance I’ll be there. But things may certainly not work out that way.” Gum control

Huckleberries: Idaho’s nerd ratio noteworthy

Idaho is doing well in another Estately Blog poll. Remember? Estately named Idaho as one of the states that would survive a zombie apocalypse. After all, most Spud Staters are armed to the teeth and know survivability skills. Now, Estately ranks Idaho No. 4 – behind No. 1 Utah, Alaska and Wyoming and two spots ahead of No. 6 Washington in – (drum roll, puh-leez) nerdiness. Seems Idahoans are fanatics of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Harry Potter,” “Dungeons & Dragons” and other nerd indicators. Says Estately: “Idaho is home to large numbers of live action role-players and Harry Potter enthusiasts, but it’s also one of the premier states for those into fantasy literature. The state is home to its own chapter of the Tolkien Society, and local universities actually hold classes focusing on fantasy and science fiction.” And you wonder why we Spud Staters seem somewhat “out there” at times? Rising stars

Dave Oliveria: A campaign platform with fewer loose screws

Tired of all the empty rhetoric of the spring campaign, Patrick Jacobs of the Get Out! North Idaho blog offers his own legislative manifesto, including: creation of an official fashion committee for (Idaho’s) first lady to make sure (she’s) “looking fierce.” Mandatory Grace Jones Mondays. Raise the minimum wage to $45.25/hour. Apple fritter as the official state doughnut. No white shoes after Labor Day. An In-N-Out Burger joint in every town. Make Lana Turner’s birthday (Feb. 8) a state holiday – she’s from Wallace – and everyone gets the day off. Jell-O shots $1 every hour on the hour. Removal of the embarrassing, outdated phrase “Famous Potatoes” from the license plates. Replace it with “Mullet Paradise.” And Add the Words. Crazy? No crazier than legislators from Kootenai County trying to nullify federal law, putting sheriffs in charge of defining the Second Amendment and allowing guns on college campuses. Faux ‘KCRCC’

Huckleberries: Idaho gets black eye from NRA’s experiment

Another day. Another bad headline for Idaho, as a result of actions by Gov. Butch Otter and/or his Republican enablers in the Idaho Legislature. No, Butch Otter isn’t appearing as a celluloid sheriff in another soft-porn movie. Rather he signed a bill passed easily by the GOP-dominated Legislature that allows guns on university campuses. The action earned this headline from e-zine Fiscal Times: “Why you shouldn’t send your child to an Idaho college.” Ouch!