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U.S. judge voids permits for Columbia River methanol plant

A judge on Monday voided permits needed for a massive methanol plant on the Columbia River in southwestern Washington, agreeing with conservation groups that the project needs a more thorough environmental review.

Trump pushes new environmental rollbacks on way out the door

Down to its final weeks, the Trump administration is working to push through dozens of environmental rollbacks that could weaken century-old protections for migratory birds, expand Arctic drilling and hamstring future regulation of public health threats.

Report sounds an alarm on ongoing decline of U.S. coral reefs

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A first of its kind assessment of coral reefs in U.S. waters is again sounding the alarm over the continued decline of these sensitive underwater ecosystems, which scientists deem essential to the health of the world’s oceans amid the environmental effects posed by human activity and climate change.

Water Cooler: Celebrate Noirvember with Film Noirs on Kanopy

For cinema lovers and movie buffs, the horror-thon of October will be followed by another month-long celebration of genre, Noirvember. November, kicked off with the end of daylight saving time, sets the perfect moody atmosphere for indulging in the world of film noir with its short days, chilled air, cloudy skies and dropping of the remaining turned leaves.

Pipeline installed at water plant in Washington state

A pipeline was installed at the Water Treatment Plant in the Washington state city of Anacortes, which is investing $13 million into upgrades at the facility to provide better backup and storage capacity, officials said.

Moon holds more water in more places than ever thought

The moon’s shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected. And for the first time, the presence of water on the moon’s sunlit surface has been confirmed, scientists reported Monday.

Water Cooler: Strategies to foster inspiration

Inspiration is often thought of as a serendipitous, fleeting and perhaps even spiritual experience requiring a muse or a “lightbulb” moment. While it’s impossible to pin down such a nebulous concept into something definite, researchers have been able to point out three concrete features that commonly coincide with inspiration, making it something that can be better understood from a psychological perspective and possibly fostered through specific behaviors and ways of thinking.

Water Cooler: Key cooking skills to make you a master chef

Your personal cooking method can be an infinite combination of preference, technique and experience, but there are a few key skills that every home cook should know. Utilize a dry brine. Many opt for a marinade instead of a dry brine when it comes to preparing and seasoning.

Water Cooler: Family-friendly Halloween reads

If you have children who love to celebrate Halloween but aren’t such big fans of being scared, here are some books they can read with silly and kid-friendly stories about Halloween festivities, flying brooms, magic scarecrows, spooky buses and scaredy cats.

Water Cooler: Contemporary horror films on Kanopy

Horror and thriller films have had a strong resurgence in the last few years, especially within the independent film scene. Check out some of the newest additions to these genres on Kanopy, free to stream with a local library card.

Water Cooler: Positive Psychology Backfire

It’s been a rough week. You got yelled at by your boss, your cat ran away and your car required an expensive repair. After venting to a friend about how this week really put you through the wringer and that you’re not in a great mood because of it, they tell you to “Look on the bright side,” or that “Happiness is a choice.” Does their obstinate positivity make you feel encouraged or enraged?

Water Cooler: How to choose a cutting board

It’s fun to invest in a good knife for your home cooking arsenal as it is the primary workhorse of the kitchen. However, a good knife is nothing without its partner in crime – the cutting board. Everyone has their preference of cutting boards, but there are pros and cons to different types as well as tiers of quality.

Water Cooler: Fermenting foods at home

The last few years have seen a shift in the food culture in the U.S. Fermented foods are in. What seems to be a new food trend is actually a shift back to traditional food preservation techniques.

Water Cooler: An overview of Halloween history

Halloween has a long history and is celebrated in many parts of the world. Its eerie nature and relationship to the end of the fall harvest makes it seem like a celebration as old as time, but where does it really come from?

Water Cooler: Aging brains and how to keep them sharp

People often describe aging with the term “slowing down” not only to describe their day-to-day activities as kids grow up and careers turn into retirement, but also when it comes to their cognitive function.

Water Cooler: Beginners guide to steak

Cooking a steak dinner at home can seem intimidating, but learn the basics and you’ll fear no more. A steak entrée at a restaurant will almost always leave you out $20, so learning to cook steak has a huge financial perk. Not only that, you also get more control over the cut of steaks and its source.