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Ads Have Sexist Idea Of What Girls Made Of

Reebok understands girls. Nike seems confused. Nike was the first sports company to “get” women. A few years ago they published a series of popular print advertisements with sayings like, …

Moronic Moves, By George Steinbrenner Neglects Team To Pursue Troublemakers

Wade Boggs (12) bats .300 and plays hard for the Yankees, but still hasn’t received a contract offer from George Steinbrenner. Photo by Associated Press

Starting Bosio Today A Mistake

Albert Belle was sore. That’s not necessarily news, for Belle could get sore at chirping hummingbirds, rainbows and the dew of a cloudless fall morning. But Saturday, his soreness was …

Pope John Paul Ii Builds A Following On Simple Word

Pope John Paul II prays at the Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore on Sunday. Photo by Associated Press

Vancouver Festival A Dream-Fest For Film Fans

The year’s not even over, and I’ve already attended my third film festival. This is not meant as a boast. No, if I were bragging, I’d want to talk about …

Indians Could Rock Or Get Rolled By M’S

To sense how long ago 1954 really was, go to the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame here. Decades of stars are honored, many of them dead or, at any …

Mariners ‘Fans’ Come Out In Fair Weather

A month ago, they were voting down a new ballpark and all but voting the target of their newfound affection out of town. A month ago, they were showing up, …

Despite Gingrich, Pbs Is On The Rebound

Newt Gingrich has been called many things, but one of them is not “friend of public television.” Last December, the House Speaker called for Congress to “zero out” funding for …

When They Say ‘Don’t Walk,’ They Mean It

Seattle is not New York. I can feel it in my calves. I have this aching need to bolt across the street in the face of oncoming traffic, but all …

Dan Vs. Fran Fran’s The Man, But It’s Soon To Be Dan Who Will Be No. 1

1. Fran Tarkenton was not always Mr. Nice Guy and often cared only about himself, according to former teammates. Photo by Associated Press 2. Dan Marino in perfect position. Photo …

‘Packwood Report’ Offers Own Brand Of Obscenity

Blow out some candles. It’s time to celebrate Banned Books Week, and plunging a room into darkness is an appropriate metaphor for extinguishing the right to read. Every year, the …

She Weeps For Brother, But We All Should Mourn

A woman wept. Her sobs echoed through the courtroom, distracting you like someone coughing during a movie. Her voice, raw and broken, cried as the first “Not guilty” was read …

Society Shouldn’t Let Simpson Off Hook

Whatnow? What does O.J. Simpson do now? More specifically, how will he fit back into the athletic community? How will people accept him if he shows up at a Hall …

No Easy Solutions ‘Party Of Five’ Stands As One Of The Few Television Shows Intelligently Portraying Family Life

In the face of a possible cancellation, the cast of FOX’s “Party of Five” never lost hope. What helped them keep the faith was the immense loyalty of the show’s …

Mantel Heavy For Struggling Strange

The man who lost the Ryder Cup. Bernhard Langer was branded such in 1991, Constantino Rocca in 1993, each after missing excruciatingly short putts. Now it is Curtis Strange’s turn …

Lost In The Hype Cbs’s ‘Central Park West’ Not Holding Its Own Against Fox Ratings Finesse

CBS’s “Central Park West” can’t match Fox’s “Melrose Place” or “90210” in cut-throat ratings wars.

Seattle Certainly Isn’t Scraping The Bottom Of A Barrel These Days

Through the first few innings Sunday, Oakland A’s starting pitcher Steve Ontiveros, on his way to a career-high nine strikeouts, was cutting up Mariner batters like a caffeineated sushi chef. …

Looking For Angels Accumulated Writings Give Wing To New, More Open Thinking About Heavenly Creatures

Singer Dolly Parton says angels “don’t ever think of themselves as angels. They just are.” Photo by Associated Press

Numbers Game Michael Jackson’s Album ‘History’ Is Not As Popular As The Music Industry Suggests

Michael Jackson’s career appears to be on a downswing. Photo by Associated Press

Scrutiny Will Be Trial By Fire For Powell

Colin Powell is finding out that it’s more difficult to get the media to fall in line than the Iraqis. For one thing, Powell can’t aim a bunch of missiles …

Check Out ‘Bonnie Hunt’ For Truly Decent Comedy

Bonnie Hunt was brought up with a strong sense of community. “Some of my fondest memories growing up in Chicago were when the weather was really, really bad,” she recalls. …

Mid-September Night’s Dream Attracts 15,224

In mid-September, Yankee Stadium resembles a summer resort, deserted after Labor Day. The weather is hauntingly soft, the shadows are romantic but nostalgic, the people have gone back to their …

Some Try To Say A Kiss Is Just A Kiss


Beatles Nostalgia Promoters Want To Hold Your Attention

Meet the Beatles. There’s a whole generation out there that wasn’t alive during the Beatles’ reign. There’s another generation that was but never heard music like this. The Beatlemania you’re …

You Won’t Find Any Hard Knox From Chuck

These days, Chuck Knox keeps his head up. Photo by Associated Press

‘Prime Time’ Is Pay-Per-View

As buffoons go, Deion Sanders doesn’t come close to the man who signed him, Jerry Jones. Photo by Associated Press

Seattle Has No Good Reason To Vote No

The Mariners may be closing in on an extended life as a playoff team, but when you go to the Kingdome these days, it feels like the approaching death of …

King Of Promoters Is Clever Like A Fox With Free TV Bout

The No. 1 way for Don King to make the world better would be to leave his bountiful, plentiful, great, grand, wide, vast and huge personal fortune at the doorstep …

Baseball: Gray Men In Gray Personalities

Poor baseball. Plodding, ponderous baseball.

Who Shot Mr. Burns? Intrigue On ‘The Simpsons’ Fails To Match That Surrounding ‘Dallas’ Episode In 1980

Waiting to be resoved is the “Simpsons” cliff-hanger final episode from last season. Associated Press