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Dana Milbank: Suddenly Ken Starr doesn’t like impeachment so much

Is there anything Republicans won’t say to make impeachment go away? They attack the patriotism of decorated veterans. They decry rules that they devised. And they discard long-held principles as …

Milbank: The words that could end a presidency

He was straight out of Foggy Bottom central casting. Lean and bespectacled, with neatly combed gray hair and a pressed charcoal suit, William Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, …

Dana Milbank: The world is staring at Trump, mouth agape

President Trump stood in a crowded East Room on Wednesday afternoon with the Italian president at his side, scores of aides and reporters at his feet, and a bank of …

Dana Milbank: Will Gorsuch abandon his judicial philosophy to get what he wants?

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is in a corner as the court decides whether to bless employment discrimination against LGBTQ Americans. Will he interpret the text of the law the …

Dana Milbank: Sticks and stones break bones, but words hurt McConnell’s feelings

The Senate majority leader is distressed that people are calling him names. At the risk of hurting the Kentucky Republican’s tender feelings still further, I suggest another moniker: Muzzle Mitch.

Dana Milbank: Joe Biden is the Lamborghini of gaffes

There is no surer way to convince people you are going nuts than to stand in front of a crowd and announce that you are not going nuts. “I want …

Dana Milbank: Foreign countries warn about travel to Trump’s U.S. Can you blame them?

Foreign nationals should take extreme precautions in Trump’s America. So should the rest of us.

Dana Milbank: So this is why Mueller didn’t want to testify

Democrats were disappointed Robert Mueller didn’t speak boldly; Republicans were delighted. But for this honorable public servant, it was, above all, a sad coda to a grand career.

Dana Milbank: Trump has done the impossible: He has united the Democrats

Donald Trump has come to the Democrats’ rescue by reminding them, and all the world, what racism really looks like.

Dana Milbank: An invitation to impeach, in Mueller-speak

If Robert Mueller, a man of precise language, was not inviting Congress to impeach the president, he certainly seemed to be inviting the belief that he didn’t charge Trump with …

Dana Milbank: Slow-walking impeachment may look weak. But restraint is Democrats’ greatest strength.

Democrats are right not to emulate Trump’s insults, falsehoods and extreme partisanship as they go about their legitimate inquiries.

Dana Milbank: Trump’s not claiming executive power. He’s going for divine right.

In 1787, the framers gave us a president, not a king. On Tuesday, lawyers for President Trump gave a dissenting opinion.

Dana Milbank: No, Mitch, the case isn’t closed

Contrary to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s declaration about the Russia investigation, it isn’t “case closed” – not by a long shot.

Dana Milbank: Stephen Moore needs a vacation from women

Stephen Moore, one of President Trump’s many exotic picks to staff the federal government, declared this week that his opponents are “pulling a Kavanaugh against me.” Moore, Trump’s pick for …

Dana Milbank: Now playing at the Supreme Court: How to preserve white power in four easy steps

The Trump administration and Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices Tuesday held a legal seminar on how to preserve white hegemony in four easy steps.

Dana Milbank: It’s the season for treason, according to Trump

This must be the season for treason. In the Oval Office on Thursday afternoon, President Trump gave a lesson on American justice to the visiting South Korean president. Speaking about …

Dana Milbank: Mitch McConnell undid 213 years of Senate history in 33 minutes

Mitch McConnell’s move to limit debate on presidential nominees jettisoned 213 years of U.S. Senate wisdom.

Dana Milbank: Democrats are conspiring to re-elect Trump

Democrats are painting themselves into a corner with their litmus-test questions that have little to do with what most Americans are concerned about – and giving Donald Trump an easier …

Dana Milbank: Only one thing can save Trump now: Democrats

President Trump has done his level best to tank his presidency. There is only one thing that can save him now: Democrats.

Dana Milbank: Michael Cohen is the monster Trump created

One thing rang true in Michael Cohen’s recent testimony before Congress: “I’m responsible for your silliness because I did the same thing that you are doing now for 10 years: …

Dana Milbank: The Democratic apology tour is a sorry spectacle

Forgive me, but would anybody mind if we declared a moratorium on Democratic apologies?

Dana Milbank: Six steps to surviving a job in the Trump administration

So you are about to accept President Trump’s offer to be White House chief of staff. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you. We were worried nobody would take …

Dana Milbank: Of course it’s George Soros’ fault. It’s always George Soros’ fault.

Donald Trump and his advisers are not only endorsing the conspiracy theories but also assigning a whole new portfolio of world-domination responsibilities to George Soros – as if he didn’t …

Dana Milbank: Nancy Pelosi is the best person to lead the House Democrats. That’s why she should retire.

By announcing that this will be her last term, Nancy Pelosi would deflate the insurgency against her, give new members a reason to feel good about voting for her, lead …

Dana Milbank: While Trump feasts on Thanksgiving, troops on the border eat rations and await Pancho Villa

President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to celebrate Thanksgiving once again at his members-only Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, feasting on (if previous menus repeat) a 24-dish extravaganza of turkey, stuffing, …

Dana Milbank: On Election Day, Americans began turning the tide on American politics

On Tuesday night, America stepped back from the abyss.

Dana Milbank: We know the GOP has at least one pre-existing condition

Selective memory loss is spreading, and it has become a necessary pre-condition to run as a Republican this year.

Dana Milbank: The GOP is buying the House. Literally

If Republicans succeed in keeping the House in November, it will have been bought for them by corporations and the rich – quite literally.

Dana Milbank: The midterms are all about Trump

President Trump is getting his wish: It’s all about him.

Dana Milbank: An unstoppable Florence meets an immovable Washington

After last year’s Hurrican Maria debacle, let’s pray FEMA has healed itself and is now up to the task of dealing with Hurricane Florence – despite the inaction of a …