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Stories tagged: Donald Trump

Samantha Bee says she likes Jimmy Fallon, but couldn’t take Trump interview

Comic Samantha Bee insists she’s a Jimmy Fallon fan. But she said Wednesday that her caustic attack this week on Fallon’s now-infamous hair mussing appearance with Donald Trump came because …

Trudy Rubin: Face dangers of Trump presidency

The Donald brags he will make America “strong again” but the policies he promotes would do exactly the opposite: emboldening our enemies, undercutting our allies and destroying America’s clout in …

Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Donald Trump spent more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved the billionaire’s for-profit businesses, according to interviews and a review of legal documents. …

Anticipating debate, Trump says he thinks system rigged

A week before the first presidential debate, Donald Trump is putting moderators on notice that he’ll be watching to see if they get too rough on him.

Trump tax plan may cost $1.5 trillion more than he says

Donald Trump’s tax plan may cost $1.5 trillion over the next decade more than he has projected and skew even more to the wealthy, according to a nonpartisan analysis released …

Clinton says Trump gives ‘aid, comfort’ to ISIS recruiters

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to Islamic terrorists Monday, declaring his anti-Muslim rhetoric helps groups like ISIS recruit new fighters. Trump showed no sign of …

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Trump unfit for job, so what are we?

“I know you are, but what am I?” Most of us outgrew the riposte about the same time we outgrew passing notes in class. Apparently, Donald Trump never did.

Spin Control: Trump’s birther statement the end of an era

Did Donald Trump drive a stake into the heart of birtherism? One can only hope.

Margaret Sullivan: TV news must stop playing stooge for Trump

With public trust in the media at an abysmal low, it’s time – long past time – for TV news outlets to stop playing the stooge for Trump.

Kathleen Parker: Trump finally rescinds birther claim, but too late

It’s good that Trump has finally owned up, if way too late to make any difference. But one should keep in mind that the birther movement was racist to its …

Polls suggest Trump rising in swing states

To many Democrats, a big surprise is that Donald Trump has mounted a comeback. Despite being battered all summer by his own missteps as well as a barrage of attack …

Clinton camp condemns Trump’s call to disarm bodyguards

Donald Trump was making his usual sarcastic call for Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service agents to be stripped of their firearms when he added an aside to his rally remarks: “Let’s …

Doctor says Trump running mate Mike Pence is healthy

Mike Pence has released a letter from his doctor vouching for his “excellent” health. The letter summarizes the medical history of the Republican vice presidential nominee and says he can …

Froma Harrop: Trump’s faith another con job

Others may explain why people purporting to be socially conservative would back a mocker of morality while portraying Hillary Clinton, a devoted Methodist, as some kind of monster.

Barron H. Lerner: Five myths on presidential health

Past assumptions about the health of presidents and candidates often have been shrouded in myth.

Charles Krauthammer: Trump’s drawbacks disappear down the memory hole

Where are they now – the birtherism, the deportation force, the scorn for teleprompters, the mocking of candidates who take outside money? Down the memory hole.

Clinton back on campaign trail after releasing health info

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail Thursday following a bout of pneumonia that sidelined her for three days and revived questions about both the Democratic …

Dana Milbank: Deplorables? Look at the numbers

Evidence indicates fear that white people are losing ground was the single greatest predictor of support for Trump – more, even, than economic anxiety.

Trump tries to repurpose Clinton’s attacks against her

Racist. Divisive. Lacks policy details. Those are the jibes Donald Trump has recently unleashed on Hillary Clinton. If they sound familiar, it could be because she’s lodged those very attacks …

Crowdfunding campaign will donate $6 million to vets if Trump releases tax returns

A 26-year-old Marine Corps veteran has launched a crowdfunding campaign that he says will donate $6 million to veterans organizations if Donald Trump releases his tax returns. The campaign, which …

Melania Trump releases more immigration details, no records

Melania Trump released a letter Wednesday from an immigration attorney that provided more detail on what she said was her legal pathway to U.S. citizenship. But the Slovenian-born wife of …

Update from Clinton’s doctor: Democrat is ‘fit to serve’

Donald Trump on Wednesday handed over a one-page summary of his recent physical on a doctor’s television show – but the campaign won’t reveal what was disclosed.

Dahleen Glanton: Double standard waylays Clinton

She showed us that she is human. That’s something a woman can’t afford to disclose when she’s competing in a race that always has been dominated by men.

Analysis: Trump suggests he still has doubts about Clinton’s health explanation

For 24 hours, Donald Trump had been pretty hands-off in his reaction to Hillary Clinton falling ill at a 9/11 memorial on Sunday morning — first silence, then a relatively …

Trump child care plan breaks with conservative orthodoxy

Donald Trump rolled out a plan Tuesday aimed at making child care more affordable, guaranteeing new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave and suggesting new incentives for employees to …

Clinton has history of ignoring health – and paying a price

Clinton’s desire to work through illness – and penchant for keeping her health secret – has helped cause the most damaging 48-hour period in her presidential campaign and given fresh …

Clinton campaign tries to re-focus on Trump University

WASHINGTON (AP) – Facing the toughest stretch of her campaign, Hillary Clinton is trying to deflect attention back onto her rival Donald Trump, with a new push to highlight complaints …

Clinton to release more medical information this week, campaign says

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will release additional medical records this week, a campaign aide said, bowing to growing criticism about how the campaign handled news of her pneumonia diagnosis.

The secret history of presidential disease, sickness and deception

In his second term as president, Dwight Eisenhower looked like an old man. He’d had a serious heart attack in 1955, requiring extensive hospitalization. Ike later suffered a stroke. In …

Analysis: Trump calls for no debate moderators a week after praising them

Monday Donald Trump is having a debate with Last Week Donald Trump about whether he’s satisfied with his debate moderators. In an interview with CNBC on Monday morning, Trump said …