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Faith and Values: COVID-19 outbreak tests our ability, willingness to be kind to each other

Six degrees of separation is the popular idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections from each other. The term was first used in 1929 – and popularized …

Faith and Values: When making major decisions, don’t let self-doubt guide your thinking

Recently I was faced with a big decision, one I agonized over. Should I stay in the Spokane area, or move on?

Faith and Values: God calls on us to heal each other’s loneliness

It’s more dangerous than obesity.

Faith and Values: Religion is supposed to bind us together; don’t use it to cast others out

Last Monday, I received an advocacy alert from a faith-based group. It was deeply concerned that the Trump administration is again willing to use “religious liberty” as a code term …

Faith and Values: Politics and patriotism should not stand in the way of learning to love God’s children

Our love has become cheap and easy. We are seduced by a discourse of destruction and discontent. Love is not red, white and blue. We have forgotten, or never really …

Faith and Values: The problem with tolerance

Instead of saying we “tolerate” other faith traditions, shouldn’t we be saying we “accept” them?

Faith and Values: What overwhelms us is what brings us closer to God

Sorrow – over Kobe Bryant’s death. Fear – of a growing and global coronavirus outbreak.

Faith and Values: To my grandchildren, learn to love when the ordinary becomes art

Art is intended to communicate value. Cultivate that value, and learn to find the artful in the ordinary, just as Norman Rockwell taught us.

Faith and Values: Take Obama’s advice and don’t just ‘cancel’ those you disagree with

What is cancel culture? In a nutshell, it’s a subculture that consists of people who have eliminated other people from their lives, based on perceptions of their having behaved inappropriately.

Faith and Values: For open minds, Spokane is home to a diverse religious tradition that should be celebrated

In my time on the religion beat, I’ve been able to cover groups and events that have confirmed that gut feeling I had growing up, the one that said

Faith and Values: Look outward for spiritual growth in the new year

People of faith always swim against a strong current of new fascinations that pull us away from the proven, ordinary graces that grow our love toward God and others.

Faith and Values: Feeling stuck? Go create

Sometimes allowing ourselves to do our work badly – work which is so important, which is so worth doing – is what allows us to do it at all.

Faith and Values: Jesus challenged religious, political status quo of his time – and ours

When we celebrate Jesus’ birth only as a “Jesus sweet and mild” newborn, we unconsciously dismiss the radically prophetic message his birth and whole life embodied.

Faith and Values: Christmas gifts are are not ends but byproducts of relationship with God

Let the incarnation – God clothed in humanity, born of a virgin – remind us that there is nothing we can do for our salvation, it must be a work …

Faith and Values: Why people of faith shouldn’t support President Trump

This isn’t my usual “feel good” column. I thought hard about whether to write this or not, as I never want to alienate people, but I’ve heard the chatter and …

Faith and Values: Each opportunity to be thankful is an offering plate for gratitude

Each day between now and including Thanksgiving Day, be very conscious of the little things for which you are thankful – in your home, at work, with friends, even with …

Faith and Values: The transformative power of Kanye West – and Christ

If nothing else, Kanye West’s very public change can teach us about the radical transformational power of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Controversial church aims to ‘make Moscow a Christian town’

An area of progressive values in a part of the state and country that is deeply red, Moscow is just about perfect for a lot of residents. But leaders of …

Faith and Values: Don’t just cope with disillusionment, learn from it

I have dreams for our community to become stronger, to move forward. To do that we need to push through the smog — the discouragement — and find the other, …

Faith and Values: A mind at rest is a mind surrendered to God

Rather than encouraging laziness, each approaching Sabbath urged God’s people to work efficiently, knowing a day without work was coming.

Faith and Values: Hospice volunteering leads to a series of discoveries, recoveries

The tendency for patients to become your friends makes hospice visits both easier and more difficult: easier in the sense of occupying space and engaging in meaningful conversation with people …

Faith and Values: ‘Running the homeless out of the city is running Jesus out of the city’

When someone lands on the street we have a moral obligation to care for them in whatever way we can. Maybe for some of us that’s through prayer or volunteering …

Faith and Values: Through God’s forgiveness, we have peace with him

To believe in the love of God is not to believe he dismisses offenses or does not care about them. No, it is to cling confidently by faith to the …

Faith and Values: Be an aware, active advocate of creation

Everywhere we look, from majestic mountains or sunsets to the tiniest stamen in a flower, we need to be increasingly aware of how our world is nourished by every living …

Faith and Values: To aid the environment, Buddhism teaches us to see interdependence between nature and living

There are numerous meditation and mind-training practices we can do to support a healthy environment.

Faith and Values: The key to restoration is embracing, not forgetting, the past

Earlier this summer, a friend from high school pinged me on social media to say she’d be passing through Spokane and wanted to get together. Without hesitation, I said yes.

Faith and Values: God uses those who abandon their faith to purify his church

People who “fall away” from their faith with finality simply demonstrate that they never had faith in the first place – just the appearance of it.

UPDATED: Sun., Sept. 1, 2019

Faith and Values: Jesus didn’t play zero-sum games

Our religious doctrines are pockmarked with winner/loser theologies – zero-sum games on steroids. Yet along comes Jesus and effectively says, “God won’t play your zero-sum game of scarcity. Neither will …

Faith and Values: Disproportionate maternal mortality rates point to systemic social issues

Those of us white folks who think that we’re the “

Faith and Values: Lacking universal moral guides, we find ourselves in the Age of Deceit

With only feeble and tardy restraint from our institutions, our desires and dreads are subtly stoked so as to compromise our judgment and prudence.