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Froma Harrop: Tweets, stock prices and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s tweets often set off big gyrations in stock prices. Anyone who knows of the tweets in advance could make a fortune, though not legally.

Froma Harrop: A cap on interest rates charged consumers? Yes

The Loan Shark Protection Act would limit the interest charged on credit cards to 15 percent. A 15 percent cap would be too low — naively too low. Too bad …

Froma Harrop: Trees capture carbon and dollars

Massive deforestation is a harbinger of doom for our planet’s environment as we know it. Fortunately, there are ways to head this off.

Froma Harrop: Paris and New York are united by urban horror

Many of us watching the inferno at Notre Dame de Paris felt that 9/11 dread. The outcomes may have been different, but both calamities showed that what we think most …

Froma Harrop: Change is coming to health care. Vote wisely.

It’s a solid bet that our health care future won’t look quite like the present; its future will depend a great deal on who is president after the 2020 election.

Froma Harrop: Climate change a peril we must face

Climate change is menacing our planet with catastrophic consequences for both our natural environment and built civilization, and the warnings have been coming fast and furiously for years.

Froma Harrop: Privacy will belong to a new top 1 percent

We are well into the age of privacy haves and privacy have-nots. But privacy, it seems, remains one value that cannot be bought.

Froma Harrop: The star-crossed romance between Amazon and New York City

Who is to blame for Amazon’s announcement that it won’t be building a new headquarters in Queens as planned: the tech behemoth or grouchy New Yorkers? If one must choose, …

Froma Harrop: If Trump really wanted to enforce immigration, he’d open the government

We who follow immigration policy closely know that the wall is a dumb idea. Closing much of the government over it is dumber still. Why is the wall a dumb …

Froma Harrop: May you be healthy and covered in 2019

A federal judge in Texas just threw out the Affordable Care Act root and branch. Upheld, the ruling would rocket Republicans toward their goal of killing Obamacare. The downside for …

Froma Harrop: Why Barbara Bush is so high up in George H.W.’s obituaries

Rarely has a president been identified so closely with his wife. That Barbara Bush never pursued a big-league career made her high profile even more remarkable. Nor did she fashion …

Froma Harrop: Is the economy headed to Crazytown?

“We’re in Crazytown,” President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, reportedly said of working with his boss. Is the economy headed there, as well? Actually, it’s already arrived.

Froma Harrop: Democrats, listen to Bustos and keep Pelosi

No one lasts forever, Nancy Pelosi included. But she is the strongest bridge to a new Democratic leadership representing all corners of America.

Froma Harrop: Funny how the stock market tweets come and go

Trump’s bragging tweets about the stock market will probably continue to come and go. Sophisticated investors, now as earlier, will walk past the tent.

Froma Harrop: Forget about cheaper drugs on Trump’s watch

President Trump’s plan for lowering Medicare drug costs is good, even cutting-edge. As Democrats successfully campaign on health care, Trump has come back with a proposal that could save Medicare …

Froma Harrop: Are low prices always a good thing?

Here’s a question for America’s consumers: Are low prices always in our best interests? And what is the end game should giant online retailers become the only place to shop?

Froma Harrop: Double standards for dress sabotage working women

Sisters, wear what you want, but do not labor under the delusion that sartorial rebellion in the office will draw anything more than stares.

Froma Harrop: Sometimes voters just want competence

In our highly polarized era, we too often judge election results from the confines of partisan politics. That’s not nearly as useful on the state and local levels, where elected …

Froma Harrop: The silly debate about socialism

A handful of lefty candidates are calling themselves socialists without a single radical socialistic item on their promise lists. They seem to have little idea of what socialism is. And …

Froma Harrop: Dereliction of political duty in a tweet

It’s been policy hereabout to ignore presidential tweets of no national consequence. Whether Donald Trump likes Roseanne or dislikes Rosie matters not. But Trump’s tweets about the catastrophic California fires …

Froma Harrop: Sombra, rescue dog of my dreams

Dear Sombra, So you’re the German shepherd so good at sniffing out stashes of cocaine that drug traffickers in Colombia want you dead. Your story – how your laser-guided snout …

Froma Harrop: Trump tricks naive Democrats on immigration

If I worked for Donald Trump and designed a T-shirt that read “I don’t believe in borders” in Spanish – and I got a Democratic congressman, say Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, …

Froma Harrop: If you want fiscal responsibility, elect Democrats

Before last year’s big tax cuts, the economy was improving nicely. After the tax cuts, the economy is doing the same – for now, anyway. What’s different is the $1.9 …

Froma Harrop: When women’s dignity counts for zero

The woman soon to be Rudolph Giuliani’s third ex-wife is not the most sympathetic of victims. Judith Nation cavorted openly with Giuliani while the New York mayor was still living …

Froma Harrop: The art of blowing the deal

When bluster ends in capitulation, what do other negotiating partners see? Blood in the water. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, surely absorbed the lesson from the Trump administration’s recent …

Froma Harrop: Does more debt lead to fewer babies?

Romper, a website for young mothers, asks a good question. Is crushing student debt a big factor in millennials’ not having children? Its answer is yes. Members of the class …

Froma Harrop: Prosperity exacts a quality-of-life price

It’s the craziest thing. Factory towns that bled both jobs and people still have a fine housing stock, cheap for lack of demand. Booming tech centers, meanwhile, attract battalions of …

Froma Harrop: California keeps the faith on climate, replacing Washington

Many on the right insist that California’s tough environmental rules are strangling its businesses. Evidence to the contrary emerged last week in news that California has just zoomed past Britain …

Froma Harrop: Bernie the Good versus Bernie the Bad

Bernie Sanders is back in the news, showing us all both his good side and the bad. Let’s start with the good.

Froma Harrop: Boycott Ingraham’s advertisers? What about all of Fox News?

For Laura Ingraham, the decline came well before the fall. The Parkland teens’ success in pressuring advertisers to flee her Fox News Channel show could cut her career down to …