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Stories tagged: History

100 years ago in Spokane: Bing Crosby’s brother named arts editor of Gonzaga student paper

The Spokane Daily Chronicle ran a list of the student editors of The Gonzaga, the student publication of Gonzaga University. The arts editor was Edward Crosby, better known today as …

100 years ago in Spokane: Visit from late president’s son more awkward than exciting

The Spokane Daily Chronicle was excited about the visit to Spokane of Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the son of the late president. However, the populace in general did not seem quite …

100 years ago in Spokane County: Staff quits sanatorium over allegations of doctor’s ‘unprofessional’ behavior

A crisis was developing at the county’s Edgecliff Tuberculosis Sanatorium, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.

100 years ago in Spokane: People line up for days to buy lots as city suffers housing crunch

Housing was so short in Spokane that people were lined up days ahead of time for a chance to buy one of 165 lots offered for sale in the Audubon …

100 years ago in Spokane: Enforcement finds most don’t follow new headlight law

Auto headlight glare was proving to be a serious, and sometimes, fatal hazard on the region’s increasingly crowded roads, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.

100 years ago in Spokane: City maintains dream of becoming Hollywood North

The Spokane Daily Chronicle breathlessly announced that Catherine Curtis, the head of the Catherine Curtis Motion Picture Corp., was arriving in Spokane tonight to “produce a picture production of the …

UPDATED: Fri., Sept. 13, 2019, 5:23 p.m.

100 years ago in Washington: After visit to Spokane, Woodrow Wilson makes stop in Cheney, Ritzville

Spokane was still buzzing about the previous day’s visit from President Woodrow Wilson.

100 years ago in Spokane: Crowds gather to hear President Wilson promote League of Nations

Huge crowds lined the streets as President Wilson and the first lady paraded through downtown Spokane. When Wilson arrived at the Spokane Armory, all 4,500 seats were taken and as …

100 years ago today in Spokane: Ticket scalpers draw mayor’s ire regarding president’s upcoming visit

Mayor C.M. Fassett issued a personal warning against ticket scalping for the upcoming visit by President Woodrow Wilson to Spokane.

100 years ago in Spokane: ‘Golf fiends’ push Downriver expansion; Deaconess lays cornerstone

A delegation of “golf fiends” asked the Spokane City Council to add $37,000 to the park budget for use in enlarging and improving Downriver Golf Course, the Spokane Daily Chronicle …

UPDATED: Fri., Sept. 6, 2019, 9:06 p.m.

The flashier remade U.S. Pavilion is just the latest version of Spokane’s Expo ’74 centerpiece

Built and operated for $11.5 million for the World’s Fair in Spokane, the structure started life as a temporary exhibition place that is now an iconic piece of the city’s …

100 years ago in Spokane: McNutt’s wife drops bombshell in missing-person case

Mrs. W.H. McNutt dropped a bombshell in a Los Angeles police court when she explained why she was so certain her missing husband had been murdered: She found a large …

100 years ago in Spokane: Spokane prepares for President Wilson’s visit; bunco men nabbed

President Woodrow Wilson was coming to visit Spokane in a week, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported, and Spokane had appointed a Committee of 500 to welcome him.

100 years ago in Eastern Washington: Chronicle calls for new bridges to replace ferries

A series of accidents on the Columbia River ferries prompted the Spokane Daily Chronicle editorial page to call for “radical and quick action in devising safer methods for transportation across …

100 years ago in Spokane: Noodle cafe owner takes sightseeing flight; vaudeville theater reopens

Sightseeing trips via airplane were all the rage in Spokane, and one of the latest passengers was Wong Bong, the Chinese owner of a Riverside Avenue noodle cafe.

100 years ago in Spokane: Woman dies when car falls from ferry; further developments in disappearance

Mrs. J.B. Crain, wife of a prominent Pasco banker, drowned when the car she was in plunged over the side of a Columbia River ferry, The Spokesman-Review reported.

100 years ago in Spokane: Major break in case of missing real estate entrepreneur; presidential visit announced

The Spokane Daily Chronicle reported that the Los Angeles police announced a major break in the mysterious disappearance of Spokane real estate entrepreneur W.H. McNutt: They arrested Jewel Marie McDonald …

Then and Now: Wilson’s Waffle House

Stuart Wilson isn’t only remembered for his string of waffle houses. He saw the value of bacon grease – enough to apply for a patent in 1932 that kept it …

100 Years Ago in Spokane: Schools brace for postwar enrollment; Tickets selling out for scenic plane rides

Back-to-school preparations were in high gear after the war. The now-defunct Spokane University expected its enrollment to double. Washington State college drew the largest crowd, followed by the University of …

100 years ago in Spokane: Local airline industry gets boost; Cedar Creek wildfire spreads

Spokane’s brand-new passenger airline industry got another boost when Lt. W.T. Barnard, former army pilot, announced that he was instituting service, according to the Spokane Daily Chronicle.

UPDATED: Sat., Aug. 24, 2019, 6:06 p.m.

100 years ago in Spokane: Fledgling local movie industry tries to find footing

Wellington Playter had just purchased the bankrupt Washington Motion Picture Corp. studios at Minnehaha, but now he said he needed to raise another $50,000 if his new Playter Photo Players …

100 years ago in Spokane: Twin Lakes Hotel burns, as does North Idaho forest

The Twin Lakes Hotel at Dellar’s Landing burned to the ground in a fire around breakfast time, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.

100 years ago in Spokane: Pontoon bridge floated as ferry replacement; possible shoe ‘profiteering’ probed

A solution to the closing of the Vantage ferry was floated by local officials: build a pontoon bridge, Army style.

100 years ago in Spokane: Local air industry debuts with $10 flights; electric power sent to coast

Spokane’s passenger air industry debuted when Lt. Fred Kelso began carrying passengers for $10 a flight, the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.

UPDATED: Tue., Aug. 20, 2019, 4:12 p.m.

100 years ago in Spokane: Stockholders hope to revive Spokane’s film industry by buying Minnehaha studio

Welling Playter, a former filmmaker for Washington Motion Picture Corp., put together a $30,050 bid to buy the studio.

Then and Now: The Milwaukee Road freight office

In 1909, The Milwaukee Road became the third transcontinental railroad to connect through Spokane to Seattle. Expansion of its electric routes in the West cost the railroad company dearly and …

100 years ago in Eastern Washington: Kidnapper fleeing prison on train captured in Starbuck

Cleopus Viens escaped from the pentientiary in Walla Walla while working in the kitchen, but he was captured riding a freight train after being spotted by railroad guards.

How one Spokane couple desegregated the Pantages chain of vaudeville theaters

On Sept. 15, 1918, Samuel Moore and his girlfriend Sadie Miller attempted to attend a vaudeville performance at Spokane’s Pantages Theatre. An usher told them that because they were black, …

100 years ago in Spokane: Down Columbia River ferry snarls traffic, strands drivers for days

The ferry at Vantage over the Columbia River remained out of service, vastly complicating cross-state auto travel, The Spokesman-Review reported.

100 years ago in Spokane: Orchardists asked to keep ‘wormy apples’ out of river; miners strike for 8-hour day

The district horticultural inspector was pleading with orchardists to “keep your wormy apples out of the Spokane River,” the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.