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Gardening: Houseplants back in house after summer outing

Like many of you, I allow my houseplants to spend the warm summer on our deck. My collection includes a large jade plant, three equally large Christmas cacti and a …

Gardening: Protect against voles, found in large numbers this year

To control mouse, vole and shrew population, remove their protective cover in the yard and gardens and put up barriers to protect trees and certain plants.

Ask the Builder: Use clinker bricks to make interesting structures

How are clinker bricks formed and where can we buy them? Are they durable and will they last a long time?

Ask The Builder: Sticky house wrap is a great building innovation

How do you feel about self-adhering house wrap and what’s involved in getting it installed correctly?

Inland NW Community Gardens group aims to revive community gardens

A group of gardeners has banded together to create the Inland Northwest Community Gardens group to help people create their own community or school gardens and promote community gardening.

Raised bed gardening workshop will highlight benefits, offer how-to tips

Susan Mulvihill, garden columnist for The Spokesman-Review, will hold a workshop on raised-bed gardening on Saturday.

Ask The Builder: Rotting shed needs to be lifted off soil to make repairs last

For a rotting shed, restoration may be in the cards.

UPDATED: Fri., Feb. 8, 2019

Direct-to-consumer brands shake up home renovation

Paint and supply companies Clare and Backdrop both launched in 2018 with splashy e-commerce sites, social media feeds and similar price points to their bricks-and-mortar competitors. Perhaps most notably, in …

Easy and attractive ways to live green

Recent innovations make it easier than ever to live a green lifestyle without sacrificing style.

Share your she shed story with us

If you are like Sheryl and really love your shed shed, we want to hear from you.

5 quick ways to reduce your heating bills

Heating bills are looming large. Check out these five tips to quickly cut your energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

Ask The Builder: New trusses let you dispense with interior bearing walls

Is it possible to build a multi-story home with no, or few, interior bearing walls or beams? Sure is.

Holiday treasures: Favorite ornaments remind us of loved ones and special times

These trinkets are well-loved, even if – in some cases – only the memory of them remains.

Easy and elegant ways to decorate for the holidays

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but between hosting holiday festivities, shopping for presents and working full time, it can feel like the most stressful.

Ask the Builder: How to deal with radon gas in new construction

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause health issues. The gas is generated by the decomposition of uranium, a natural element. Some types of bedrock contain more uranium …

UPDATED: Wed., Dec. 5, 2018

Know of a festive holiday home? Tell us about it!

Is there a house in your neighborhood that is particularly festive? Is there a street that does the holiday right? Do you and your family have a favorite “Christmas Vacation”-style …

Mirror, mirror on the wall: 10 tips for using mirrors as decor

Consider mirrors as an affordable alternative to traditional artwork. Mirrors are typically lower priced wall decor.

How to organize your favorite jewelry

When it comes to storing jewelry, there is no shortage of organizing options. But remember all jewelry is best kept away from extreme heat and bright light, in a relatively …

Ask the builder: Installing a pre-hung door

Installing a pre-hung door

They don’t own homes. They don’t have kids. Why millennials are plant addicts

Sales of flowers, seeds and potted plants have increased since 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The recent surge coincides with the fact that some millennials, defined by …

Ask The Builder: Rotting windows a result of subpar wood, no roof overhangs

I’ve seen an alarming rise in wood-rot questions. Perhaps it’s happening with your wood windows, exterior house trim and wood door frames. It’s happening at my own home in New …

The best dish towels are rarely the most expensive

Try the towels in a variety of scenarios. Cook’s Illustrated tested how well the towels might absorb a big spill. Testers also used them to wring liquid out of defrosted …

For a room that’s lighter and brighter, let paint take the floor

I knew that the best way to lighten up the rooms and make the whole house look bigger was to paint the floors white. Our contractor expressed nervous doubt. He, …

Gardening: New group will help organize community gardens

In late November, the Spokane Community Gardens Association was created in partnership with the Spokane Associated Garden Clubs. The Associated Garden Clubs have been supporting community beautification projects for decades …