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UPDATED: Wed., May 29, 2019

Uber to boot riders from app if they repeatedly misbehave

Uber passengers who habitually leave their trash behind and disrespect their drivers may soon get the boot.

Fearful flyers lose faith in Boeing 737 Max 8 after second crash

One customer at Southwest Airlines, which has more 737 Max 8 jets on order than any other carrier, changed flights to another aircraft after discovering the plane was a 737 …

Spokane International sees record number of passengers in 2018

More Spokane travelers are taking flight from Spokane than ever, according to Spokane International Airport, which is reporting a 12.6 percent increase in passenger activity in 2018, with passengers totaling …

UPDATED: Thu., June 14, 2018

Startup launches insurance for Uber, Lyft passengers

Worried about an accident when you ride with Uber or Lyft? Now you can get an insurance policy from your phone for the ride too.

UPDATED: Wed., May 23, 2018

Airlines prepare for an expected record number of summer passengers

A record 246.1 million passengers are expected to fly during the season, a 3.7 percent increase over a record set last year, according to Airlines for America, a trade group …

UPDATED: Thu., Feb. 8, 2018

Airline ‘bumping’ of passengers falls to lowest rate ever

Airlines bumped passengers off flights at the lowest rate on record last year after United Airlines was pilloried when a passenger was dragged off a full plane.

UPDATED: Tue., Jan. 23, 2018

Spokane airport sets records for passengers, cargo in 2017

Spokane International Airport reported Tuesday that it broke marks for number of passengers and cargo weight in 2017.

UPDATED: Thu., Nov. 16, 2017

Airlines bump fewer passengers off oversold flights

Airlines are bumping fewer passengers off oversold planes after taking to heart the public anger over a man being violently dragged from his seat earlier this year.

New screenings begin for passengers on U.S.-bound flights

New security screenings for all passengers on U.S.-bound flights began on Thursday, with airlines worldwide questioning flyers about their trip and their luggage in the latest Trump administration decision affecting …

UPDATED: Wed., Oct. 25, 2017

New screenings to start for all U.S.-bound airline passengers

All incoming flights to the United States will be subject to new security screening procedures, including both American citizens and foreigners possibly facing security interviews from airline employees, a U.S. …

Froma Harrop: Airlines need a class for middle class

There’s an upper class and there’s a budget class, but there’s not much of a middle class anymore.

Q&A: Lawrence, Pratt, Sheen got pretty close on ‘Passengers’

It may be a space epic, but “Passengers” was actually a pretty intimate endeavor. Most days on set, the cast consisted of just Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen, …

Movie review: ‘Passengers’ could have been much more

While romance is the intended effect, the film’s real premise – concealed by the glossy trailers – is imbued with some seriously creepy undercurrents about bodily autonomy, consent and stalking. …

Study: First-class cabin increases chances of ‘air rage’ among some passengers

If you’ve felt your blood pressure rise after seeing passengers being served champagne on the tarmac while you’re fighting for overhead space in coach, you are not alone.

Airport passenger traffic down, freight up in October

Passenger boardings at Spokane International Airport fell 6.3 percent in October compared with a year earlier, continuing a downturn triggered by the soft economy.

Passenger, cargo traffic fall at SIA

Spokane’s airport passenger and cargo traffic took sharp hits during January, based on data provided by the major air carriers.