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Faith and Values: Each opportunity to be thankful is an offering plate for gratitude

Each day between now and including Thanksgiving Day, be very conscious of the little things for which you are thankful – in your home, at work, with friends, even with …

Faith and Values: Be an aware, active advocate of creation

Everywhere we look, from majestic mountains or sunsets to the tiniest stamen in a flower, we need to be increasingly aware of how our world is nourished by every living …

UPDATED: Sun., Sept. 1, 2019

Faith and Values: Jesus didn’t play zero-sum games

Our religious doctrines are pockmarked with winner/loser theologies – zero-sum games on steroids. Yet along comes Jesus and effectively says, “God won’t play your zero-sum game of scarcity. Neither will …

Faith and Values: Listening is a healing art

God listens to the languages of our hearts – however healthy or unhealthy they may be –and then loves us, so we can use that same listening art to offer …

Faith and Values: For deeper spiritual maturity, find a common identity

When identity politics drives us to exclude ourselves from others, we’ve missed Jesus’ whole point about loving our enemies.

Faith and Values: For my grandchildren, a vaccine against “worthlessness”

So much of Christian theology and the rituals resulting over the centuries from that theology have focused on people basically being “worthless,” in ultimate need of salvation. Well, as I …

Faith and Values: Easter’s crossed-up message

Easter’s message can be one of restoration, reconciliation

UPDATED: Sun., Jan. 27, 2019

Faith and Values: Finding your center on the margins

I nearly always observe God showing up on the margins of our lives as well. That makes me wonder if our spiritual centers just may not always be where we …

Faith and Values: Hospitality begins with the ‘other’ within

I tend to grow more and more impatient with the superficial ways we toss the word “hospitality” into our conversations. It is a very ancient, honorable word. But we domesticate …

Faith and Values: When better angels provoke us

Self-examination requires we look deep and wide for our “better angels.” Resolve requires we listen courageously to those better angels.

Faith and Values: Silence has many faces

We don’t always know why another person is silent. Even when we do, our own silence is often the best gift we can offer another person.

Faith and Values: A politics worthy of the human spirit

I’m sick and fatigued nearly to the point of despair – only nearly! – by the divides we must navigate over matters political and religious, especially when they combine into …

UPDATED: Mon., June 18, 2018

Exhibit highlights Sasquatch’s role in native, non-native American culture

“Sasquatch Revealed” opens Friday at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center.

UPDATED: Sat., May 26, 2018

Faith and Values: Begging for some truth pieces

Are you ever puzzled? I find myself puzzled most every day. It’s usually because I don’t seem to find the right truth-piece(s) to fit into the larger Truth Puzzle I …

UPDATED: Sat., Feb. 24, 2018

Faith and Values:

The collective heart of our nation seems split in two. Part of our heart seems callous, hardened, wild with fear, bizarrely ready to lash out at perpetrators and victims alike. …

Faith and Values: A tower to nowhere

The Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9) has been interpreted in a number of ways over the centuries. I became aware of a new (to me) interpretation in the Nov. …

Faith and Values: I truly don’t understand when believers settle for spiritual shallows

In September, I wrote a letter to our grandkids encouraging them to not stay in the spiritual shallows. They have more control there, but they experience less of what life …

Faith and Values: Where’s the bottom? God knows

God didn’t make us to live in the shallows of life. It may be a safer place. But God knows that the more abundant life is in the deeper, faster …

Faith and Values: Letting scapegoats loose in our lives

So it’s up to us – you and me – to stop the vicious scapegoating game when and where we can! It may involve curbing our tongues, and thinking more …

UPDATED: Fri., July 21, 2017

Faith and Values: Tide-proof memories

Dear Katie, Claire and Andy, At the beginning of his 1966 novel, “The Gates of the Forest,” Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weisel tells a simple, ancient Jewish parable. At …

Faith and Values: Being human is a pre-existing condition

Religion, faith and values column for Saturday June 3.

Faith and Values: A matter of alignment?

I felt and heard the CRACK! of my back as the chiropractor found the right spot on my vertebrae to bring my back into re-alignment. I don’t have this procedure …

Faith and Values: Centrifugal pain in our spirits

In the mid-1950s, a particular carnival was a summer attraction in my hometown, Kellogg. Its most fascinating ride was The Round Up. Customers would climb onto a circular floor surrounded …

Faith and Values: Gratitude and judgment in the shadows

Shadows get an undeservedly bad reputation in our culture. It’s like we see shadows only in “black or white,” or “dark or light” terms. Too bad, because we do most …

Faith and Values: Voting is a powerful privilege

Treat your voting at all levels as a privilege rather than a duty. It is too easy to get cynical about voting. Fight against that by knowing you live in …

Faith and Values: Telling ‘it’ like it is can come with a cost

Yet when we fabricate truth as we want it to be, we aren’t free at all.

Paul Graves: Rhetoric has meaning, and costs

Any political campaign, from national to local, is a great example of how words can be used so cheaply to communicate whatever fears, angers, or hopes the candidates use to …

Faith and Values: God’s love neutralizes perils of our ‘victimhood’

“Versus” is in our cultural DNA. I suspect that until “versus” and its abbreviated form “vs” dwindle in our thinking, speaking, and writing, our super-sized fears will not subside.

Faith and Values: Making threshold decisions every day

The Rev. Paul Graves writes to his three grandchildren encouraging their continued decision-making for the common good.

Faith and Values: ‘I Refuse to be Your Enemy’

We all – I mean all –get angry, fearful, and those emotions play havoc with our deeper nature. That part of us can be buried beneath the fear, anger, woundedness, …