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Stories tagged: Paul Turner

Paul Turner: Spokane, for some, is near perfect

We all know people who like to grouse about Spokane.

Paul Turner: Rooting against a football team can make anyone a fan

So before the S-R sports section rolls out its always excellent preseason previews, here’s my brief guide to selecting a college team to root against.

Paul Turner: Well, back in Spokane …

We’ve all encountered people who move here and talk incessantly about how great it was back where they came from. A little of that is OK, understandable even. Eventually that …

Green one day, bloodshot the next: July ushers in backyard tomato season

For the rookie gardener, it’s a revelation. The discovery that one of your tomatoes has transitioned overnight from green to red can be astonishing.

Paul Turner: Finding the ‘Miracle Spot’ downtown

It’s my belief that at least some of those who offer themselves as experts on our urban core – even if they profess to stay away – don’t admit the …

Paul Turner: Yearning for peace and solitude

You know how some people hereabouts flee perceived social ills by moving way out to the country? Sure. Well, what if they relocate to the boonies only to discover that …

The Slice: Young and old alike dress like slobs

I’ve spent a lot of time in busy medical waiting rooms in recent weeks – my wife has been experiencing some troubling eye issues. And I’m here to tell you …

Paul Turner: Let’s say you wake up and discover no one has heard of Hoopfest. What would you do?

What if you woke up one day in a version of Spokane where there are no events calling themselves this or that “fest,” and no one has thought of the …

Paul Turner: YouTube misbehavior is opportunity for Spokane

Judging from YouTube, Spokane is the city where parents don’t get into fights at Little League games. Could this be a slogan?

Paul Turner: Doomsday secret didn’t spoil summer for the neighborhood kids

There’s something special about these longest days of summer.

Paul Turner: Let’s make kids bored again this summer

Some of us are concerned that kids in Spokane have lost their edge when it comes to complaining about being bored. The solution? Try a conversation about local current events.

Paul Turner: There’s a conspiracy against people writing checks

The last couple of batches of checkbooks I have received are all but impossible to use. It’s a plot. I see that now.

Paul Turner: We all have a different way of welcoming summer

Opinions vary about just when summer begins.

Paul Turner: Finding others who dislike camping is a secret – until now

Though it might seem disloyal to my closeted tribe, I thought I might take this opportunity to reveal a few of the ways we camping unenthusiasts make ourselves known to …

Paul Turner: In the grip of climate change cynicism

It’s kind of liberating to embrace the likelihood that we are doomed. I mean, it puts things in perspective.

Paul Turner: Your approach to dandelions may say a lot about your personality

In the lawn-loving Spokane area, your attitude about dandelions can almost amount to a distinct personality profile.

Paul Turner: Losing your phone in the woods would be un-bear-able

As you know, today is the unofficial start of portable toilet season in the Inland Northwest.

Paul Turner: Yes, the sun is shining. Yes, you still have to go to work.

It’s that time of year again when people who work indoors gaze out the window at some sun-dappled scene and say, “It’s too nice outside to be cooped up in …

Paul Turner: Breaking up with church is a deeply personal decision

People stop going to church for all sorts of reasons.

Paul Turner: Seniors aren’t simpletons, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little phone help

If you have elderly friends or relatives who live alone, it might be time to have the talk. No, not about giving up the car keys. This one is about …

Paul Turner: How many cows will it take to pay my property taxes?

If Spokane County allowed for payment of property taxes through some sort of barter system, what could we offer?

Paul Turner: You can run from Spokane, but you can’t escape it

As you contemplate your 2019 family vacations, there’s something you probably ought to keep in mind.

Paul Turner: Florida man’s got nothing on Spokane man

You might have encountered “Florida Man” – the internet buzz phrase focusing on the misadventures and criminal antics of various thusly described Sunshine State ne’er do wells.

Paul Turner: Problems don’t just melt away with the snow

I hate to be the one to break it to you.

Paul Turner: The keys to calling Spokane your hometown

How long do you have to live in or near Spokane to establish your claim to this being your hometown?

Paul Turner: Maybe the next mayor candidate should come from a print newsroom

Just about every time someone mentions the possibility of a person with a TV news-reading background running for mayor of Spokane, I have the same thought.

Paul Turner: Do you know Mark Few?

It’s that time when distant acquaintances take special note of the fact you live in or near Spokane. Happens every March when the NCAA Tournament nears.

Paul Turner: What do eight out of 10 Spokane transplants have in common?

Perhaps you saw that story about eight out of 10 newcomers to Seattle having a bachelor’s degree or higher. But what can be said of transplants to our area? What’s …

UPDATED: Wed., Feb. 20, 2019, 12:24 p.m.

Paul Turner: If you hate winter, why not move somewhere warm?

What’s stopping people from waving goodbye to something that, as they have been known to point out, clearly makes them unhappy? Here are a few theories.