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Paul Turner: The keys to calling Spokane your hometown

How long do you have to live in or near Spokane to establish your claim to this being your hometown?

Paul Turner: Maybe the next mayor candidate should come from a print newsroom

Just about every time someone mentions the possibility of a person with a TV news-reading background running for mayor of Spokane, I have the same thought.

Paul Turner: Do you know Mark Few?

It’s that time when distant acquaintances take special note of the fact you live in or near Spokane. Happens every March when the NCAA Tournament nears.

Paul Turner: What do eight out of 10 Spokane transplants have in common?

Perhaps you saw that story about eight out of 10 newcomers to Seattle having a bachelor’s degree or higher. But what can be said of transplants to our area? What’s …

UPDATED: Wed., Feb. 20, 2019

Paul Turner: If you hate winter, why not move somewhere warm?

What’s stopping people from waving goodbye to something that, as they have been known to point out, clearly makes them unhappy? Here are a few theories.

Paul Turner: Shoveling snow makes one wonder

All sorts of questions come to mind when you’re shoveling snow.

Spokane’s favorite wintertime sport? Hint: Snow in Seattle

There’s no question about Spokane’s favorite wintertime spectator event.

Paul Turner: Tips for avoiding Beatlemania

Apparently there is some disagreement about just which population subset is at the center of the American experience.

Paul Turner: Just how different is a Spokane childhood really?

I suppose many longtime Spokane residents who did not grow up here have wondered.

Paul Turner: This Saturday we should look to Spokane marmots for winter prognostication

Let’s turn to marmots this Groundhog Day in what we could call ‘New Punxsutawney’

The Slice: Perhaps the bulk food bins will provide some camouflage

Avoiding acquaintances in the grocery store doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you’re not in the mood for a stop-and-chat.

UPDATED: Sat., Jan. 26, 2019

Turner: On being the ‘afterthought’ city – it’s a known issue

Late last week, I stumbled upon the perfect all-purpose saying for life in Spokane.

Paul Turner: With a dry winter comes the loss of a time-honored tradition – snowplow grumbling

A lot of people in Spokane have been out of sorts this winter because something in their lives has been missing.

Paul Turner: Maybe ‘Spocaine’ wouldn’t be so bad after all

What if we just agreed to go ahead and pronounce the name of our city ‘Spocaine’?

Paul Turner: That guy from the old photo album

Have you ever imagined, many years from now and long after you are gone, being that person in the photo no one can recognize?

Paul Turner: Making the case for a life in the boonies

Why do so many people in our area choose to live way off by themselves, out in the country?

This year, find the resolve to win Bloomsday

Seeing as how New Year’s resolutions almost always fail, why not aim high at the outset?

Paul Turner: Yesterday’s free range baby boomers

It’s almost always best to resist the urge to make self-serving statements that begin “Back when I was a kid.”

Paul Turner: Tips to outwit holiday package thieves

So here’s my better-late-than-never report on how to keep thieves from stealing packages from your front porch.

UPDATED: Sat., Dec. 15, 2018

Paul Turner: Hallmarks of a Spokane Christmas

There are Spokane residents who don’t know what Christmas is like here.

Paul Turner: The trick to Spokane winter driving

Spokane doesn’t have the hardest winters around. But we do have some of the trickiest winter driving.

UPDATED: Mon., Dec. 3, 2018

Paul Turner: I’m giving up on ‘Washington state’

Our nation’s capital has “D.C.” as part of its official name, but out here in the Northwest we are the ones who have to be described in a way that …

UPDATED: Sat., Dec. 1, 2018

Paul Turner: 13 Christmas questions

So it’s December, time for the 13 Questions of Christmas in Spokane.

Paul Turner: Predictions for the next 50 years

How will things change in the next 50 years – not just in pro football but in American life?

Paul Turner: Doubling down on grace could be a new Spokane-inspired Thanksgiving tradition

Most people offering the blessing do a decent job of staying on point. At least in my experience. They are sincere and focused on gratitude. But every once in a …

Paul Turner: Time to burnish those Washington State bona fides

Today is the anniversary of Washington’s 1889 statehood.

Paul Turner: Spokane family rivalries

There’s a little problem with the picture of Spokane as one big, happy family.

Paul Turner: The pie that divides us

Spokane is torn in two, but it is not politics that divides us.

The Slice returns: Some blowhards are good people

Seven months after Paul Turner’s The Slice column disappeared from the pages of the Today section, it’s back. Look for column monthly in Sunday Today.