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Spring Sizzle Don’t Settle For Burgers: Adorn That Grill With Fresh Favorites

With the appearance of the first crocus, out pop the barbecue grills and onto them go the lovely foods of spring - hot dogs and hamburgers. Now wait just a …

It’s Time To Enjoy The Rich Taste Of Alaskan Copper River Salmon

It’s as sure a sign that summer is coming as Mother’s Day or Memorial Day: Copper River salmon is here. At least, it should be on its way by the …

Tortellini With Sausage Cooks In Own Sauce

Pasta is a great option for quick meals. Once the pot of water boils, it’s a matter of minutes until dinnertime. The proliferation of fresh pastas, stacked up in the …

With A Little Kitchen Magic, You Can Pull Off Some…Fast Feasts

I get home from work at 7 p.m. I have invited guests over for dinner at 8 p.m. WHAT, AM I OUT OF MY MIND?! No problem. I’ll just call …

Lemon Curd Shortcake A Rich, Delicious Dessert

Raspberries provide vibrant color and a tart taste to Lemon Curd Shortcake. Photo by Jim Frost/Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Relax, Make Mother’s Day Meal Ahead Of Time

Lemon-Raspberry Muffins can be made a day ahead and stored in the refrigerator. Phoby by Bob Carey/Los Angeles Times

Pates A Flavorful, Easy Make-Ahead Appetizer

Pates are a savory combination of ingredients that are packed into a loaf pan and baked slowly, or pureed and refrigerated, then served sliced or spread onto crackers. They are …

Passing Mustard Makers Of Gourmet Mustards Spread Their Tasty Condiment Across Eastern Washington

1. Cecile Costa with the commercial mixer she uses to make Cecile’s Mustard in her basement. 2. Shirley Donoian (left) and Susan Hunt teamed up to produce the Mustard Mania …

Add A Taste Of Greece To Your Shish Kebabs

Barbecued, skewered lamb, called souvlaki, is sold as a quick meal on many street corners in Athens. A simple Greek marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano and garlic flavors …

Decadence Light Discriminating Chocolate Lovers Can Take These Reduced-Fat (And High-Pleasure) Desserts To Heart

This New Chocoate Decadence may look sinful, but it’s had fat and calories trimmed from its recipe. Photo by Associated Press

Heat Things Up With A Salsa, Cool Down With Pear Dessert

Salsa may well turn out to be the miracle condiment of the ‘90s. It’s become so popular in recent years that it now outsells ketchup. But it’s much more than …

Hey, Alice! What’s For Dinner? The Unequaled Housekeeper For The ‘Brady Brunch’ Serves Up A Cookbook Of Recipes For All-American Familes

Alice (Ann B. Davis at left) wasn’t always generous with the portions when she cooked for the Brady family (Robert Reed and Florence Henderson), but she has managed to round …

Focaccia: Cutting Edge Of Pizzas

Several slices of focaccia will make you appreciate the taste of fresh crust and toppings. Photy by Randy Leffingwell/Los Angeles Times

Betty Noel Hopes Gold Coin Chicken Will Shine At National Cooking Contest

In two days, Betty Noel of Spokane will find out whether her Gold Coin Chicken can live up to its name. Noel’s spicy-sweet recipe, rich with the flavors of orange, …

Red Wine Adds Punch To Orzo, Lamb With Apples

There is something quite comforting and soothing about orzo, the little rice-shaped pasta, and it provides a neutral background for the traditional combination of lamb, apples and onions. Red wine …

Slimmer Sandwiches Take A Slice Of Fat Out Of Your Sandwiches With A Few Substitutions

By using non-fat cream cheese and adding vegetables, your reduced-calorie sandwiches will still measure up. Photo by Knight-Ridder.

Dreamsicle Oranges Bring Back Sweet Childhood Memories

Dreamsicle oranges are a good light dessert to follow a heavy meal. Photo Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times

Add Color To Your Pasta With Fresh Vegetables

Pasta has been an American favorite for almost a decade, probably because it’s a wonderful instant food. But those sauces loaded with cream and calories don’t make it when spring …

Top Tamale Maker Advises Creativity When Cooking

The filling in tamales can be pretty much whatever the cook wants it to be.

, They’re Full Of Fat, But Nuts Are So Good

California Walnut Noodles is a delicious pasta salad. Photo by California Walnut Marketing Board

Traditional Ham Dinner Quick, Easy Meal

Ham can be served with a variety of glazes. Photo by Associated Press

Make-Ahead Hot Cross Buns Traditional Easter Favorite

Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter food. Photo by Associated Press

Packaged Mixes Handy For Creating New Dishes

Packaged mixes save time when you’re trimming the fat from your diet. They’re also handy for creating a meal at a moment’s notice. With a few ingredients from your pantry, …

Fast Green Chili Recipe Saves Time And Calories

This simple, 15-minute chili has a green tint thanks to the green salsa that is available in so many supermarkets these days. “Verde” (pronounced vare-day) means green in Spanish, and …

When It Comes To Butter…Brown Is Better A Little Bit Of Browned Butter Goes A Long Way In Giving A Dish Special Flavors

At one point in the making of Spago pastry chef Mary Bergin’s recipe for brown butter apple-cranberry pie, the batter is the color of a jungle cat’s eyes - a …

He Loves Meat - She’s A Confirmed Vegetarian… Can This Marriage Be Saved? Meat And Vegetables Can Co-Exist On The Same Dinner Table

Call it a bone of contention. Marriage is, at its heart, a compromise: She likes chocolate, he likes vanilla. She likes the mountains, he likes the beach. She likes Mozart, …

Quick Rosemary Cornbread Goes Good With Gumbo, Chili Or Vegetable Soups

Once a year, I host a dinner for the nine other women in my book club. The format for each meeting is always the same. The group gathers early on …

Relish Adds Flavor To Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts have catapulted to popularity, driven by an array of appealing attributes: they’re quick to prepare, versatile and low in fat and calories. A lot of cooks turn to …

Potatoes Are Delicious And Good For You

Scalloped potatoes with whipping cream make a tasty side dish. Photo by Deborah Jones/ Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Tea Is For Much More Than Just Drinking

According to Celestial Seasonings, you can do much more than make a cup of tea with its tea bags. The Boulder, Colo.-based tea manufacturer has devised recipes which use bright …