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Robert J. Samuelson: Why we don’t prepare for the future

America relies on crises. We hope that they don’t occur and pretend that they’re not inevitable, whatever they might be.

Robert J. Samuelson: Still arguing over Lehman’s collapse

Who lost Lehman Brothers? Could it have been saved?

Robert J. Samuelson: The Age of Malware

Welcome to the Age of Malware. It promises to be a huge downer and, possibly, a great tragedy. For years, we have regarded personal computers, the internet, smartphones and various …

Robert J. Samuelson: The Fed’s strange ‘independence’

“The Federal Reserve is meant to be independent of parochial political interests. But it’s got to operate – I think of this as a kind of band, sometimes wide, sometimes …

Robert J. Samuelson: The coming welfare wars

The Trump administration may have declared it over, but a new War on Poverty is coming anyways. It will be fought largely over the “work requirement” – should the government …

Robert J. Samuelson: The cowardice of the political class

The trustees for Social Security and Medicare issued their annual reports recently. This is cause for discouragement because it reminds us how much we’ve mortgaged the country’s future to spending …

Robert J. Samuelson: Trump’s trade myths

You cannot understand President Trump’s so-called “trade war” without acknowledging that it’s mostly about politics and not about economics. Trump has embarked on a giant marketing campaign to convince us …

Robert J. Samuelson: The old capitalism returns

We flatter ourselves into thinking that we live in a time of exceptional economic upheaval. The truth is that the present resembles the past. What we learned – and forget …

Robert J. Samuelson: Why Argentina’s crisis matters

The world is not ready for another financial crisis, but another financial crisis may be ready for the world.

Robert J. Samuelson: Children vs. grandparents

To those paying attention, the recent strikes for higher teachers’ pay in West Virginia and Oklahoma are a harbinger of things to come. You can attribute the strikes to the …

Robert J. Samuelson: The optimists strike back

A few years ago – probably four or five – I had an unexpected and terrifying thought: We could have World War III. Until then, I had blissfully believed, along …

Robert J. Samuelson: The coming Trump inflation?

We tried Donald Trump’s economic policy in the ’60s and ’70s, and it failed abysmally. It led to double-digit inflation, frequent recessions and public demoralization.

Robert J. Samuelson: The political consequences of slower economic growth

The role of economic growth in advanced democracies is not mainly the accumulation of more material goods. By any historical norm, even today’s poor are staggeringly wealthy. Economic growth plays …

Robert J. Samuelson: Ugh – inflation is back

Anyone looking for good economic news will be disappointed by the latest inflation report, which showed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) advancing by 0.5 percent in January. By itself, this …

Robert J. Samuelson: America’s prudence deficit

The bipartisan budget agreement reached last week by congressional leaders is nothing if not a huge evasion of responsibility. Neither party will make the unpopular choices necessary to pay for …

Robert J. Samuelson: Are we hostage to the stock market?

The stock market is soaring, but what’s behind it, and can it last?

Robert J. Samuelson: The shutdown solved nothing

Washington’s recent return to operations left some very big issues unresolved, but that’s no surprise.

Robert J. Samuelson: China and the global race for knowledge

China has become – or is on the verge of becoming – a scientific and technical superpower.

Robert J. Samuelson: The expanding millionaire class

Call them the new millionaires. Once upon a time – certainly within living memory – becoming a millionaire was a big deal. It was a badge of economic distinction, enjoyed …

Robert J. Samuelson: Does the Fed need a new playbook?

The dirty secret of economics is how much economists don’t know. Their ignorance is increasingly relevant, because there is growing agitation among economists to stage a grand debate over the …

Robert J. Samuelson: Will the economy save Trump?

For President Trump, a lot is riding on the economy in 2018. If it continues to do well, it should bolster his popularity and his claim that he understands it …

Robert J. Samuelson: Yellen deserves credit for economy’s success

One of Washington’s permanent parlor games is how much credit or blame a president deserves for the state of the economy. Inevitably, then, the question being asked now is whether …

Robert J. Samuelson: Big busts can follow big booms

We don’t need an economic boom, but that’s what we may be getting. Since the 2016 election, the stock market is up roughly 24 percent, reports Wilshire Associates. The price …

Bert Caldwell: Columnist lineup changes on S-R Opinion pages

The lineup of columnists and cartoonists featured on The Spokesman-Review editorial pages has changed very little for at least three years. It will change a little more this week.