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Shawn Vestal: Greater Idaho is a wonderful name for a bad idea

Lest you think we’re the only region with a tiny but incurable case of the crackpot secessionist bug, cast your eyes toward rural Oregon.

Shawn Vestal: Pullman couple presses to turn daughter’s murder into a movement for campus change

Lauren McCluskey has been gone for 16 months now, killed by a man who stalked, harassed, threatened and extorted her for weeks before shooting her on the University of Utah …

Shawn Vestal: Justice reform moves forward, despite resistance from some in Spokane justice system

Spokane has gone to great lengths to get good information and develop good ideas about how to dispense justice more smartly. But all the good ideas and hopeful recommendations will …

Shawn Vestal: A shift in rhetoric – and a key omission – in the mayor’s talk on homelessness

Mayor Nadine Woodward’s State of the City speech last week was, in many ways, awfully standard fare. Lots of sloganeering and few specifics, with a call to employ the most …

Shawn Vestal: Cataldo Catholic School’s 8th graders turn impeachment into a civics lesson

Back and forth it went Wednesday morning in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, held in the eighth-grade history class at Cataldo Catholic School. As in the actual Senate, …

Shawn Vestal: Addressing police bias in roadside stop is a marathon, not a sprint

Take a gulp of relief, white people: Though we are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group in the state to be caught with contraband when searched by …

UPDATED: Fri., Jan. 31, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Moses Lake man’s abuse of toddler shows how monstrous thrive in internet age

It’s not the kind of language you often see in court documents – even in prosecutor’s strongest sentencing arguments for the worst convicts. However, in the case of Mikhail Yuriy …

UPDATED: Wed., Jan. 29, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Bill that would force UW to layoff 800 administrators is a good start to cut bloat that burdens students

A lawmaker is taking aim at administrative bloat in Washington’s universities, with proposed legislation that would take a cleaver to nonteaching jobs in the state’s system of higher learning and …

UPDATED: Thu., Jan. 23, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Slumbering Jim Risch symbolizes the Senate’s sham trial

Years from now, as the no-trial impeachment trial of President Trump is reduced to lowlights by history, one image will indelibly symbolize the travesty: Idaho’s Jim Risch asleep during the …

Shawn Vestal: Even if it’s just another ho-hum car prowling, report it to the cops

It happened Monday night for roughly the 10th time in the 20 years I’ve lived in Spokane. Someone broke into my car.

Shawn Vestal: City says it’s building a long-term solution, even as it adds emergency beds for homeless

With the recent arrival of actual winter, the city has injected a quick $45,000 into adding 50 emergency shelter beds for the homeless.

Shawn Vestal: Racists using technological megaphone to share their small yet dangerous message

Decent people need to remember to speak out against racists and their dangerous messages.

Shawn Vestal: Inequities in how sexual assaults handled on display in Lewiston rape case

There are no crimes for which our justice system fails more consistently and completely than rape and sexual assault.

Shawn Vestal: A bigger Nurse-Family Partnership would be a Christmas miracle for Spokane

If we had a wish for one big gift for Spokane this morning – something that would be a true gift to the health of the community long into the …

UPDATED: Thu., Dec. 19, 2019

Shawn Vestal: Scathing House report should mark rapid end of Matt Shea’s legislative career

There was a simple question hanging fire during the House-ordered investigation Rep. Matt Shea: Would there be a last straw? Turns out the answer is no. There’s no last straw. …

Shawn Vestal: Dreaming of a white Christmas? Dream on

This isn’t winter. This is the season of blah. The hours of blargh. The gray days of meh.

Shawn Vestal: Stats show crime continues to fall in Spokane, whatever people ‘feel’ about it

In June, as the election campaign was grinding into life, the city’s CompStat crime-reporting system showed that the number of crimes reported citywide were trending downward from the previous year. …

Shawn Vestal: Organizer of drag queen protests clings to delusions of persecution

They were billed as Drag Queen Story Hours. But they’ve turned out to be more or less endless as outrage fuel for those whose devotion to a sense of themselves …

Shawn Vestal: Ryan Crocker offers withering critique of U.S. involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan

Spokane native and retired diplomat Ryan Crocker’s sobering interview on our efforts at rebuilding Afghanistan and Iraq is that they were poorly planned, haphazardly initiated and practically unsuccessful, and they …

UPDATED: Mon., Dec. 16, 2019

Shawn Vestal: From the Palouse to the Puget Sound, new book delves into Washington’s lost literary history

In his fascinating new book “Salmon Eaters to Sagebrushers: Washington’s Lost Literary Legacy,” Peter Donahue exhumes the state’s deep literary history from the late 1800s through the 1960s.

Shawn Vestal: Mitchell and Jessen, with waterboards and PowerPoints, stand at center of new film

Film about post-9/11 torture program paints Spokane psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen as the bad guys.

Shawn Vestal: The political shift in the Valley isn’t quite the left turn the far right thinks it is

If you’re still wondering how a lawmaker who pals around with people who fantasize about “skull-stomping” commies online continues to be re-elected, and whether that trend will continue, consider a …

Shawn Vestal: Jailing people is expensive. Let’s look at all the options before building more cells in Spokane.

It costs $298 to book someone into the Spokane County Jail and $134 a day to keep them there. Meanwhile, it costs $25 to start someone on an electronic home …

Shawn Vestal: Depths of Spokane history lie beneath fading downtown ghost signs

Our city’s historic brick buildings wear the faded history of painted advertisements all around downtown. The more you look, the more you see.

Shawn Vestal: New red-flag gun laws are being used to prevent violence

Twelve extreme risk protection orders have been issued by Spokane courts since a new law took effect that allows courts to temporarily remove guns from people who are threatening themselves …

Shawn Vestal: Rep. Matt Shea saw ex-WSU GOPer James Allsup not as a bigot but as an ally

James Allsup would be a natural fit on Matt Shea’s team – that circle of loose screws, online tough guys, racist ignoramuses, Islamaphobes and homophobes, violent fantasists, Trump cultists and …

Shawn Vestal: Beggs will play crucial role after supposed change election idles

After all that time, all that argument and all that Realtor money, the landscape at City Hall will be strikingly similar to the one we’ve had for eight years. Given …

Shawn Vestal: Spokane should be proud of program that combats family homelessness

More than 100 families, and nearly 300 children, were either placed in housing or stabilized and prevented from becoming homeless as part of the program. Of those, 95 percent remain …

Shawn Vestal: Obituaries provide a picture of what has made Spokane such an interesting city

Recent obituaries in The Spokesman-Review tell stories of Fuller Brush men and decorated Vietnam heroes, truck drivers and part-time ministers, businesswomen and piano players. The following was summarized from those …

Shawn Vestal: Tim Benn’s candidacy ran counter to deluge of special-interest spending

If you are of the view that our politics is too controlled by big money, and that democracy is disfigured by the influence of the money-is-speech brigade, you weren’t disabused …