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UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 24, 2020

Sierra Crane Murdoch to discuss ‘Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country’

Journalist Sierra Crane Murdoch will discuss her book, “Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country” with The Spokesman-Review’s Shawn Vestal in a virtual event …

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Looking to make a trail of bread crumbs out of Spokane stories

What if Spokane did a better job of telling its stories?

Shawn Vestal: Chris Bovey helps to start fundraising effort to restore fallen Ming Wah sign

The historic Ming Wah sign fell during a windstorm in April. Now, with the help of local artist Chris Bovey, owner Kam Kwong is trying to raise the money to …

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: How to be a good ally? Get uncomfortable

Roberta Wilburn says one of the most important things we can do to understand people is listen to their stories.

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: The speeding cop was bad enough, but ticket added insult to injury

More than three months ago, a Spokane police officer racing for no good reason at 65 miles per hour down the steep pitch of Lincoln Street – where the lower …

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Foundation named for slain Pullman woman moves ahead on campus safety initiatives

It’s a strange time to be thinking of normal times and “normal” problems on college campuses.

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: There may be a tool to block paramilitary demonstrations — and the Supreme Court has sanctioned it

The armed yahoo brigades that have shown up at Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the Inland Northwest have so far been little but absurd sideshows.

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Firing of officer who kicked handcuffed Black man sets the right standard for conduct — a higher one

The courts look at whether an officer acted reasonably when using force against people on the streets. Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl, and at least one other higher-up in the …

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: It’s a long way from our city charter’s claims to our handcuffed system of police oversight

Section 129 of the Spokane City Charter is where the sunshine of optimism shines most brightly with regard to police oversight.

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 3, 2020

Shawn Vestal: The road to true reform starts with limiting the authority of police unions

Spokane’s police officers are four years overdue for a raise.

Shawn Vestal: Culture underlies problems with policing and accountability, and the solutions have to come from outside

Midway into a new ombudsman’s report on the now-infamous profanity-laced rant of a still happily employed Spokane police officer, a word appears that is crucial in considering where we’ve been, …

Shawn Vestal: Spokane’s struggling hospitals receive federal relief, look to uncertain days ahead

The virus threatening the health of the population is also threatening the health care system. In Spokane – where a large part of our population relies on government health insurance …

Shawn Vestal: The need for legal aid an unseen front in the coronavirus crisis

Most of us understand that the coronavirus presents a health crisis, an economic crisis and a social crisis. But for those at the bottom of the economic scale, it could …

Shawn Vestal: Us vs. them gets us nowhere right now

Us is all of us, like it or not. At this moment of extraordinary national tension, so full of the potential for violence, so fractured at the core, so full …

Shawn Vestal: It was far from certain, but Spokane showed up in a big, peaceful way

The line that is cracking the foundation of the country ran through a parking lot in downtown Spokane on Sunday.

Shawn Vestal: The case for mail voting – unlike the one claiming widespread fraud – is deep and strong

Mail voting improves voter turnout. It does it among both parties, too.

Shawn Vestal: The race isn’t run, but we may already have a winner in coronavirus foolishness

A repeat drunken driver who works at Spokane’s coronavirus hot spot just put six city cops – and who knows how many others – at risk of contracting COVID-19. From …

Shawn Vestal: When the call to fight COVID-19 arrived, Dorothy MacEachern came out of retirement to answer it

For years, when an infectious disease reared up in Spokane, there was a simple but important reaction: Call Dorothy MacEachern.

Shawn Vestal: We shouldn’t act like Phase 2 is the finish line

Everywhere you look right now, with the announcement that Spokane County can move cautiously down the road toward reopening the economy, you see people racing across the coronavirus finish line, …

Shawn Vestal: Coronavirus and the courts mean delays, distancing and Zoom, of course

With video conferencing, courts are trying to fit an in-person process into a no-contact world and trying to balance justice with safety in unprecedented ways.

Helga Estby’s long, long walk was almost lost to history

A Spokane woman and her daughter walked to New York City on the promise of a $10,000 payment in 1896, while an infectious tragedy played out back at home.

UPDATED: Sun., May 24, 2020

Summer Stories: The Thick Darkness by Shawn Vestal

It came as Father said it would come, a shroud over the sun, a night in the day, a black pall upon the earthly coffin of the wicked. At the …

Shawn Vestal: Lutz is far from the first to seek an early reopening, but he’s the most important

Lots of people have been demanding that Spokane County be allowed to move most quickly down the path toward reopening the economy than the rest of the state. But there’s …

UPDATED: Sun., May 10, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Projects that connect restaurants to the hungry nourish bodies, hearts

For about 90 minutes almost every day, Mandi Ibarra-Rivera is a meal wrangler. Working from home, Ibarra-Rivera, a Spokane writer, contacts restaurants and coordinates orders from hungry families to help …

Shawn Vestal: Health officer says key to safe, successful reopening is to ‘box in the virus’

Dr. Bob Lutz is getting ready to try and put the coronavirus in a box. That, he says, is ultimately how we will reopen public life safely – by having …

UPDATED: Mon., May 4, 2020

Shawn Vestal: Hundreds protested, but the thousands who didn’t will be our saving grace

Good for you, the thousands of residents who are responsible, thoughtful, informed, impatient, hurting, unselfish, decent people who did not participate in an ill-fated and selfish protest last week in …

Shawn Vestal: Idaho business leaders took on the testing challenge themselves, to support reopening

Tommy Ahlquist, a former emergency room doctor and gubernatorial candidate, knew what was needed: testing. He didn’t want to wait around for the government, and he knew the economy couldn’t …

Shawn Vestal: If we move too fast because we’re sick of the stay-home order, we’ll be sicker in the end

People have picked apart and criticized the governor’s approach, but Inslee’s aggressive, health-first standards seem likely to look wiser and wiser in the rearview mirror, especially when set against the …