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A Grip on Sports: Mike Leake nearly turned in a perfect performance in the midst of the Mariners’ less-than-perfect season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Perfection is hard to come by. Almost impossible, as Mike Leake found out to open the ninth inning Friday night.

A Grip on Sports: The summer is melting away quickly and taking the Mariners’ season with it

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where has the month of July gone? You blink for a moment and it’s more than halfway done. And with it goes our chances to …

A Grip on Sports: It’s a good week to watch golf, either locally or from across the ocean

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you love golf, this is a good week for you. Even if your love goes no further than infatuation with local courses.

A Grip on Sports: For once, the hype actually was exceeded by an epic reality as Djokovic outlasts Federer

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s rare that a commotion on Twitter gets me interested in what’s happening in a sporting event. But yesterday morning the tweets were blazing around …

A Grip on Sports: A teary tribute, a longtime rivalry and a world record highlight a eclectic day in sports

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s see, what’s going on? How about a incredibly emotional no-hitter? And a couple of other interesting thoughts, from salaries to a fast runner.

A Grip on Sports: Baseball’s pennant races aren’t really races right now, but that could change come September

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Baseball’s All-Star break gives every team, every player and every fan an opportunity to hit pause and reflect on what’s already happened in the season …

A Grip on Sports: Bouton changed the way a lot of people looked at baseball – and made them laugh at the same time

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Jim Bouton didn’t put much of a mark on baseball as a pitcher, winning 62 games in 10 big league seasons. But he changed the …

A Grip on Sports: There is nothing strange about our July sports landscape this year

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Thank goodness it’s a Saturday. The weather is nearly perfect, the work week is over and the day is all yours. Get out and attack …

A Grip on Sports: There are some somewhat athletic ways to celebrate the Fourth that don’t involve fireworks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy yourself today. Be safe. Sane. Don’t do anything dumb. Like take a long walk in the woods.

A Grip on Sports: Hoopfest dominates the weekend, sure, but there is more, a lot more, today

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Weekends at the end of June are not supposed to be this busy. It is summer, after all, and the word lazy has always been …

A Grip on Sports: Like Christmas, Hoopfest only happens once a year – and this is the weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is going to be short and, hopefully, sweet enough. We’re off to downtown to watch the beginning of Hoopfest. It’s a family tradition.

A Grip on Sports: If Spokane had to pick just one, which sport would it be?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a simple question, but the answer is pretty complex. What sport is the most popular in Spokane?

A Grip on Sports: The return of the Indians each summer is something worth celebrating

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were we? Oh yes, looking to the future. And pining a bit about the past, but in a good way.

Grip on Sports: After Blues’ Stanley Cup triumph, only one more winter sport is hanging on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The hockey season is over. Basketball could follow as early as tonight. Forgot the hot temperatures. That’s how we know winter is really about to …

Grip on Sports: At first glance, the 13-0 rout of Thailand seems a bit excessive but dig deeper and … nope, that’s not the way we examine things anymore

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is it time for another episode of “Tempest in a Coffee Pot?” Sure it is.

Grip on Sports: On another National Donut Day, we contemplate the many uses the little guys have in our sports landscape

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It is another of those days. You know what I mean, a “National (fill in the blank) Day.” It is the most important one. National …

Grip on Sports: Washington State’s makeover continues as Green takes charge of the baseball program

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you last walked out of Bohler Gym five years ago, you may not recognize the place. Not the building, the coaching staff. Pat Chun’s …

Grip on Sports: Over the years, legends have been created in Spokane, even if those who made them leave

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Spokesman-Review is holding another one of those Gonzaga events at the end of the month that will be … wait for it … legendary. …

Grip on Sports: As upsets go, boxing’s latest is a heavyweight stunner

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A true-life Rocky story happened yesterday and yet it may have received less attention than Sly Stallone’s latest Rambo endeavor. Is that how far boxing …

Grip on Sports: Golf is a traditional sport that, locally at least, isn’t afraid to change

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It is such a beautiful Saturday, one wonders why anyone would ever stay indoors. Let’s hope you are reading this on your phone while walking …

Grip on Sports: The NBA Finals last so long, the Mariners might even win a game or two before they are finished

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Did you know the NBA Finals began last night? By this time next week, the Raptors and the Warriors will have played three whole games. …

Grip on Sports: Verlin’s Idaho tenure seems to be melting away after investigation turns up the heat

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is really nothing major going on today, is there? Well, unless you consider one of our local Division I basketball coaches being put on …

Grip on Sports: Starr’s death means another link to our youth is gone

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Wander around a playground in the fall these days and there is sure to be someone throwing a football and pretending to be Tom Brady. …

Grip on Sports: The school sports seasons end and the summer golf season begins – all in one weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • One special section would be enough. But a special section dedicated to golf in the area and the last Sunday of prep sports coverage for …

Grip on Sports: When it comes to the M’s, whatever the fans want, the fans don’t get

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There was an awful old-time movie entitled “It Happens Every Spring.” It was so bad, it’s good, if you get my drift. It was also, …

Grip on Sports: As the high school sports year wraps up this weekend, there will be many different types of precipitation

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is it. The final weekend of high school sports in the state of Washington. The end for the school year. Which means it will …

Grip on Sports: If you want to single out one dominating performance this weekend, you don’t have to look any further than the PGA

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Thank goodness the PGA Championship was switched to May. If it wasn’t, then Brooks Koepka’s dominating performance wouldn’t be overshadowed by, say, the NBA playoffs …

Grip on Sports: The M’s were missing in action, and on TV, last night, losing 7-1 to Twins

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There’s a lot going on today. Let’s get right to it.

Grip on Sports: No matter when the PGA is played, it is still the fourth-ranked golf major

A GRIP ON SPORTS • I’m not sure there is a golf major with less cachet than the PGA. Heck, it’s so No. 4 of the four majors, it decided …

Grip on Sports: Deciding whether to attend an M’s game at T-Mobile Park takes a lot of discussion … and budgeting

A GRIP ON SPORTS • I may attend a Mariner game this weekend. Maybe. I’ve been going over the pros and cons in my head for a while. What do …