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Faith and Values: Christmas gifts are are not ends but byproducts of relationship with God

Let the incarnation – God clothed in humanity, born of a virgin – remind us that there is nothing we can do for our salvation, it must be a work …

Faith and Values: A mind at rest is a mind surrendered to God

Rather than encouraging laziness, each approaching Sabbath urged God’s people to work efficiently, knowing a day without work was coming.

Faith and Values: Through God’s forgiveness, we have peace with him

To believe in the love of God is not to believe he dismisses offenses or does not care about them. No, it is to cling confidently by faith to the …

Faith and Values: Can you imagine such a thing?

Today’s increasingly lax abortion laws send a chill into the hearts of those who see in utero children as God’s own – actual, real people made in God’s image, lives …

Faith and Values: Against a tide of persecution, church remains a beacon

They are poor, repressed and increasingly the target of political and social antagonism. Yet Christians there remain hopeful, kind and joyful. Barely a hint of pessimism, anger or self-pity soils …

Faith & Values: Distracted by phones and social media, our spiritual health is in free fall

“Be still!” All these years later, I still can hear my grandmother’s urgent plea: “Stevie, be still!”

Faith and Values: It’s not

Please, let’s hold our applause. For Oprah, I mean.

Faith and Values: Path to unity can be found in scripture, ‘If it is possible … live peaceably with all men.’

Media – social media in particular – have made it all too easy for us to substitute quick, cutting criticism in social discourse when tempered, thoughtful responses to divergent views …

Franta: Pastor’s views hurt trans youth

The piece was bad. Not because I don’t agree with the opinion, not because of some political stance, but because it does harm to the youth it ostensibly supports.

UPDATED: Fri., July 7, 2017

Faith and Values: It does no good to compare ourselves to others, Steve Massey writes

Basic to human nature is our tendency to compare ourselves with others. We know better intellectually. But, in practice, many of us get caught in the comparison trap and can’t …

UPDATED: Fri., March 17, 2017

Faith and Values: Yes, it costs to check the baggage of guilt; it costs faith

You know, a lot of us live our entire lives this way, lugging around the heavy baggage of guilt, bitterness and worry. We end up weighed down, envying – or …

Faith and Values: Leave cynicism, complaining at the door to ‘leave no trace’ on your fellow humans

Thoughtful Christians set their minds on what is right, true, lovely and worthy of thanks to God. Grateful words flow from that mindset.

Faith and Values: Finding God’s grace in the busyness of the season

The lights and trees, the eggnog and shopping, they’re among the wonderfully wrapped boxes of Christmas, but not the real gift. How easy it is to get it all backward. …

Faith and Values: Peace, unity without God are futile

The answer to the day’s salient question – what’s wrong with this world? – is this: This world’s people are alienated from the God who created it. And any attempt …

Faith and Values: The aftermath of gorilla’s death at Cincinnati Zoo teaches us about human nature

The death of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo taught us about human nature – and the lessons are far from flattering.

Steve Massey: All Christians can do is vote

Would you willingly allow thieves into your home to rob you of what you treasure? Before you shrug off the rhetorical question, consider this: Many of us right now are …

Faith and Values: Politics shouldn’t be distinct from Christian faith

It’s surprising, and disappointing to Pastor Steve Massey, that so many evangelical Christians and Christian pastors are endorsing Donald Trump, whose claims to be a Christian are contradicted daily by …

Faith and Values: Love toward God enables genuine love toward others

But it’s a terrible distortion of true love that many of us struggle to shed as we get older. Love, so often, is conditioned on what others do, or don’t …

Faith and values: Only affirmation needed comes from God

There is not only a bandage for people pleasers, but a cure. It is to find our security and worth not in others, or even ourselves, but in Jesus Christ.

Steve Massey: Safe society is one that embraces God

Faith and Values column: A return to God could be the best way to stem tide of mass shootings.

Faith and Values: Worry means you’re putting faith in the wrong things

Seasons change. So do people and politics.

Faith and Values: Hope in God should frame our response to court’s marriage decision

Disgust. Anger. Despair. Two weeks later, I still see it on their faces, hear it in their voices.

Faith and Values: Man can’t improve on God’s design for humanity

“Jurassic World” and our world have far too much in common these days. As the film is released this weekend, millions of us will pay millions more to see man …

Steve Massey: God is present in acts of compassion

Where is God in all of this? When an earthquake kills thousands in Nepal; when Christians are martyred in Syria; when a brave public servant is gunned down in Coeur …

Steve Massey: Politicized Christianity looks little like Jesus’ example

There’s a wrong way to be right. Few people show this more clearly, or frequently, than Idaho’s far right, what with its insistence on legislating morality, a la yesteryear’s Moral …

Active faith has power to inform

For the past several months I’ve been rediscovering treasured possessions, precious things I had squirreled away and forgotten. It’s the kind of thing that happens to most of us when …

Steve Massey: If we’re asking ‘Are we there yet?’ we’re missing Christmas message

‘Are we there yet?” Kids have been asking that question since the birth of wheeled vehicles: “Are we there yet?”

Steve Massey: Desires, self-control at war in everyone

They tend to go together. Not like friends, really. More like sparring partners.

Remembering God’s grace helps us reflect his true nature

What is God like? Is God mostly condemning, judgmental and stand-offish?

Steve Massey: Why pastors shouldn’t preach politics

Should pastors preach politics? A report circulating among evangelical Christian pastors this month says the answer is yes, laments that most pastors do not, and insists they are cowards for …