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Sue Lani Madsen: Farmers have to balance their interests with those of urban landowners

Trade wars are not new, and farmers who spoke off the record said standing up to China has been a long time coming. They’ll wait it out like an untimely …

Sue Lani Madsen: Populist movement growing in Washington amid every tax increase

Progressives are the special interest controlling the Washington Legislature, and the populist movement is resurging as Restore Washington ( What was started by one frustrated small business owner as a …

Sue Lani Madsen: Consolidating elections in even years would undermine, not empower, voters

Mail-in ballots were supposed to increase voter turnout. They have not. Free postage and more drop boxes were supposed to increase voter turnout. They did not. Making it easier wasn’t …

Sue Lani Madsen: Survey says no to comprehensive sex education, OSPI says yes

It’s ironic that a bill whose supporters say it’s necessary to teach affirmative consent doesn’t appear to have widespread support.

Pete Haug: Grounded in reality: the real dirt on soil

Humankind’s ties to soil may seem far-removed in cities, but they still exist. Even in rural areas, most of our food comes in packages. Do we ever consider the source …

Sue Lani Madsen: Investing in soil health is an investment in the future

Investing in soil health is an investment in future generations continuing to eat, according to David Montgomery, a University of Washington geologist. His first book, “Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations,” …

UPDATED: Sat., Dec. 28, 2019

Sue Lani Madsen: Small-town response after fatal bus crash offers a lesson to all

Twenty-six students and their bus driver, plus 39 tourists and their tour guide, “were transported to Quincy Valley Medical Center for evaluation” and “temporarily sheltered in the hospital’s convalescent wing,” …

Sue Lani Madsen: Focus on climate comes at cost of ensuring seismic safety in schools

Inslee’s proposed $273 million in spending on programs to potentially impact climate change this century. His supplemental budget request for protecting children and teachers in seismically unsafe schools is $10 …

Sue Lani Madsen: Brother-in-law lost to mental illness is more than a statistic

Mental illness to homeless to hepatitis A. Just another statistic but now his struggle is over. Today we pick up his ashes. And it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Sue Lani Madsen: Nuclear legacy lives on in Spokane’s growing Marshallese community

It’s much easier for history to bury the personal impacts of turning-point moments than to bury the radioactive waste of a decade of nuclear testing. The Marshallese atomic refugees in …

Sue Lani Madsen: How to make housing unaffordable

Now that the election is over, a Tenants Bill of Rights ordinance is moving forward. Rapidly. What is on the table works against keeping housing affordable or increasing the supply.

Sue Lani Madsen: Buyer beware, some health insurance isn’t as portable as it may seem

Portability of care is critical for students, independent contract workers and migrating retirees. Instead of being trapped in a job, people are trapped in a zip code.

UPDATED: Sat., Nov. 2, 2019

Sue Lani Madsen: People become homeless when they ‘run out of relationships,’ not resources

Poor people with family ties and support systems, even addicts who manage to maintain relationships, do not become homeless.

Sue Lani Madsen: Change is hard, communication harder in emergency management divorce

The sheriff is livid. The fire chief feels misunderstood. The deputy director of emergency management is exasperated. What we have here is a failure to communicate, ignored until an election …

Sue Lani Madsen: We don’t need affirmative action choking paths to success

What is sometimes a useful tool for jumpstarting change can quickly begin to undermine the very people it presumes to help.

Sue Lani Madsen: Rescue crews have to act, even if they get fined for it later

It’s always a judgment call between responders taking a risk and reducing risk for the public.

Sue Lani Madsen: Private property rights include the right to be an eyesore

The city of Spokane, like many municipalities, has a Code Enforcement office to respond to complaints about problem properties. The process is straightforward, the implementation is complex. One person’s peeling …

Sue Lani Madsen: Even if it’s all in English, we’re not speaking the same language

When so many voices are pulling us apart, the center cannot hold. Language is the last refuge of common culture, and we’ve abused and overused it. When everyone is Hitler, …

Sue Lani Madsen: Mandatory sex education should focus on reducing risks, not avoiding consequences

OSPI is pushing a curriculum standard focused on avoiding consequences rather than reducing risk, according to LeAnna Benn, director of Teen Aid. “Research for over 25 years has demonstrated the …

Sue Lani Madsen: 51st state movement rooted in history and differences, not fantasy

Spokane Interstate fairgoers visiting the Liberty state booth would be surprised to hear themselves described as paranoid extremists seeking a fantasyland. Top topics include tax increases, income tax proposals, property …

Sue Lani Madsen: Initiative didn’t strengthen gun safety, it added stigma, layers of bureaucracy

Initiative 1639 raised the age for buying a rifle to 21 and requires an “enhanced background check.” The results are, by turns, stigmatizing for those with mental health issues, burdensome …

UPDATED: Sat., Aug. 31, 2019

Sue Lani Madsen: Reward offer shows ranchers’ frustration with wolf issue

Someone has been shooting cows from the road in Stevens County, according to the Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association. But the cattlemen’s shooting charge is hard to prove, and there’s no …

Sue Lani Madsen: College isn’t for everyone seeking meaningful work, living wage

Most parents want their kids to find meaningful work and a living wage by their early 20s. But gettng those things doesn’t always require a college degree.

Sue Lani Madsen: Representative’s tribal visit is a reminder that we have a system that works, even when it works slowly

Conflict or the potential for conflict attracts more media attention than harmony. That explains why some events on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ calendar this week received news coverage, and others …

Sue Lani Madsen: When discrimination is a good thing

With record low unemployment, there’s a place for any qualified worker. The key word is qualified. The challenge is effective – and legal – screening.

Sue Lani Madsen: Candidate questionnaires bear sour grapes

Candidates are deluged with a multitude of questionnaires, even if they aren’t seeking an endorsement.

Sue Lani Madsen: Teen Challenge is a model for how to offer a hand up

People in rebellion don’t see value in respecting the system but feel entitled to what they want right now. Therapeutic communities like Teen Challenge transform the heart in addition to …

UPDATED: Fri., July 12, 2019

Sue Lani Madsen: If illegal immigration is in crisis, legal immigration is chronically ill

Comprehensive immigration reform needs to remove the barriers to the legal route. They are an incentive to play games with the refugee and asylum process.

Sue Lani Madsen: Citizenship question part of other Census survey, why not official Census?

The American Community Survey is carried out annually. It’s sent to a statistically determined random sampling of households in every county, every year instead of to all households every 10 …

Sue Lani Madsen: Public libraries can lead way in viewpoint diversity

Celebrating diversity is one of the six values adopted by the Spokane Public Library Board. If diversity is your highest value, all people and all viewpoints should be welcome.