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Stories tagged: the slice

The Slice: Homeward bound: A tale of Lewis and Clark’s cat

Good thing he packed his nine lives along for the trek.

The Slice: Reading, writing and ribeyes

The cafeteria fare has greatly improved.

The Slice: Sometimes quiet diplomacy is the answer

Pepe le Pew indeed.

The Slice: Sometimes it beats talking about the weather

The saying is “Misery loves company.” It’s not “Misery loves a lot of company.” One other person to share your pain will do.

The Slice: Can a microwave last long enough to be considered retro?

The other day, a Slice reader wondered if anyone still uses a microwave oven as old as her 1986 model. Here’s a sampling of the responses.

The Slice: Not to be confused with spring fever

Spring cleaning? How many springs do you have that need cleaning?

The Slice: Giving you the green light to pinch

New rule: When St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend, pinching power extends to the nearest weekday.

The Slice: A grandmother by any other name

Generational terms of endearment still going strong.

The Slice: Hitching up The Slice Welcome Wagon

So enough already about the men’s tournament. Let’s talk about the NCAA women’s Sweet Sixteen.

The Slice: Why restrict it to beer, cupcakes and whiskey?

Artisanal. Craft. Handmade. The family owned Spokesman-Review.

The Slice: Smoke gets in your nose

Now that it’s legal, it’s lost something.

The Slice: When calling you by your name

Home will always be a part of you.

The Slice: You think you kids have it rough?

Life in the West is not for wimps.

The Slice: Strangers can get the day off to a good start

Kindness is giving up your seat at the front of the bus.

The Slice: How to know you are dealing with the real thing

Deadlines no big deal? Right …

The Slice: Spokane isn’t the only local burg that gets mispronounced

With vice presidents as inspiration, we start our search for a new name for Cheney.

The Slice: Despite the name on the email, she is a serious person

The Slice column for Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018.

The Slice: One last piece of the puzzle awaits

The Slice column for Monday, Feb. 26, 2017.

UPDATED: Sun., Feb. 25, 2018

The Slice: Checking in with a few notable local figures

Spokane Man is up to his usual tricks.

The Slice: Waiting to be called in for a consult

It’s probably not the same as actually having a medical degree. But if you spend enough time in doctors’ waiting rooms, you start to imagine that you possess skills as …

The Slice: When you hear from warm-weather friends

Perhaps the friendships will mend when we thaw out

The Slice: In honor of George Washington’s actual birthday

Which president could trump Idaho?

The Slice: Looking for that local angle

Vince Eberly proposed a URL for Spokane web addresses. “You can’t deny the classics: .geg.”

The Slice: When .com, .net, .edu just won’t do

There’s a ring to the .ca boom.

The Slice: Parking here in the wild, wild West

The parking garage scenario is fraught with combustible flashpoints. Door dings, hogging two spaces, being cut off just as you were about to pull into a parking space … the …

The Slice: Rust never sleeps

Aging in harmony with a rusty truck

The Slice: One of us has an abundance of energy

And that’s not where the differences end.

The Slice: Another one bites the dust

Judging the triple axels against a chair lift.

The Slice: Claiming Big Sky Country for his own

Time to rustle up some geographic confusion.