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Stories tagged: The Slice

The Slice: That’s a smell that will linger for many years

Sometimes kids can really make you think. A young woman and her preschool daughter came into my home for just a few minutes the other day.

The Slice: Definitely chilly in both blue, red states

You know how smokers have to go outside of commercial buildings to indulge in their habit? Sure. Well, what other practices should be banned indoors?

The Slice: Father Time lashes out at clock management

Don’t ask how. But The Slice was able to arrange an interview with Father Time. You won’t believe what he had to say. Let’s go right to the transcript of …

The Slice: Actually, it’s not such a scary thought, after all

There are those who say Spokane isn’t a particularly welcoming place, but I think that’s a bad rap. In fact, if the monsters featured in the golden age of horror …

The Slice: That’s an invitation to ignore

Ed Clark’s granddaughter, 7-year-old Madeline Johnson, carefully drew a spooky Halloween picture which included a tombstone. But instead of the usual “R.I.P.” her grave marker said “RSVP.”

The Slice: Our wish: Driver, meet telephone pole

I wish it were simply urban legend. Or maybe just something that took place only in “The Grapes of Wrath.”

The Slice: It does have a certain sweetness

According to several Slice readers, last week’s baby name of the week was Belladonna Almond Rocha-Opperman. Good luck, kid.

The Slice: Best season? Fall earns our vote

Decision time is upon us. We’ve heard all the claims, all the promises.

The Slice: At least he got her a flour

A friend reported that a Ferris freshman who shall remain nameless recently asked for help in acquiring a “croissant” for his homecoming dance date. It was suggested to him that, …

The Slice: On Driscoll, they live long, prosper

OK, I’m going to guess something about you based on the name of your street. (Sorry, I can’t do everyone.) Let me know how close to the mark I come.

The Slice: Rain, sleet, snow … turkeys?

Spokane mail carriers on their appointed rounds might have to contend with unleashed dogs. But down in Dayton, Wash., postal employees occasionally have to battle hostile wild turkeys.

The Slice: Anybody else warming up to the idea?

This is going to sound crazy, but here goes. What if, this winter, everyone around here dressed appropriately?

The Slice: When Fido and Tabby don’t cut it

I know some of my readers think all I ever do is obsess about baby names. But that’s not true. Sometimes I obsess about pets’ names.

The Slice: Somber tales about life on the road

Farm kids aren’t the only children in the Inland Northwest who learn early on about life and death. Here in Spokane, ill-fated squirrels teach that lesson.

The Slice: We’ll just settle for rib stickin’

The problem with trying to “win” the potluck with your exotic, supposedly mind-blowing culinary concoction is that it might fail to wow people secretly hoping for macaroni and cheese. Let’s …

The Slice: It’s a good bet many fans have called audibles

I haven’t seen any studies. But maybe there is an upside to the struggles of Northwest football teams this fall. Perhaps more people here are heading outside and getting some …

The Slice: Are you smarter than a fourth-grader? Not likely

Spokane grandmother Nancy Reeves accepted The Slice’s geography challenge and asked her 9-year-old granddaughter in Atlanta how much she knows about Washington. Well, fourth-grader Lucy Fisher knew a lot — …

The Slice: Still not purr-fect, but getting closer

In these polarized times, when it seems disagreement breeds hatred, I want to bring word of ascendant peace and harmony. My neighbor’s cat has stopped biting me. In fact, we’re …

The Slice: Mondays really aren’t all that bad

Let’s start with a quick quiz. Identify the following.

The Slice: Anybody craving a Whammy?

Got a question for those who live way out in the country or in some small town. It’s this: What is the best reason to come to Spokane?

The Slice: We’ll soon be needing cowcatchers on our bikes

In certain parts of town right now, another name for bike lanes might be pine needle lanes. This can make for some interesting slip-sliding.

The Slice: You should have been here in fall of ’66

In many areas, the approach of Columbus Day signals that fall-colors season is here in earnest. So please allow me, a former resident of the Republic of Vermont, to tell …

The Slice: Wonder if Ben and Jerry rode the bus

Here’s my fantasy. You know how more people have been taking the bus? Right.

The Slice: The Emmy goes to … The Daily Bugle

In the has-its-moments 2007 movie, “Knocked Up,” a group of slacker housemates occasionally take a break from smoking weed to spend time on their get-rich scheme. The idea? It’s a …

The Slice: They’re happy when they’re hobbled

It must be true that Spokane is home to active lifestyles. I have a few acquaintances who always seem to be limping when I see them after a weekend.

The Slice: If you’ve got a yard, I’ll bring a rake

It’s time to get serious about reader service. No longer will I be satisfied to respond to e-mails and occasionally answer the phone.

The Slice: Carve your place among the best

This is your invitation to enter The Slice’s 2008 Jack-o’-Lantern Photo Contest. Winning could change your life. Or not.

The Slice: Winter rules never change; so what gives?

The first taste of wintry driving could be weeks away. But it’s October, so you never know. It could happen sooner rather than later.

The Slice: These Twelve Days can wait

Everybody sing! On the first day of Sprinkler Blowout Season, my true love gave to me…

The Slice: Do they teach math in 3rd grade?

A Spokane Valley girl in Amber Parviainen’s third-grade class was all excited. Her family was just about to celebrate a male relative’s 102nd birthday.