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Stories tagged: The Slice

The Slice: Freeze button gives you the cold shoulder

Certain advances in television technology have been a boon to passive-aggressive types. Now, by simply pressing a button on the remote and affecting a put-upon look, they can express displeasure …

The Slice: An added bonus: no egg sac

Some people think Francine Boxer is nuts. But the way the former Spokane County chief executive officer spins it, she just happens to love spiders.

The Slice: Generational love/hate serves city

Spokane is a great place to be a young adult. I mean, there’s so much to complain about. And let’s face it. Nothing makes certain twentysomethings happier than the opportunity …

The Slice: Let’s get to the bottom of this cover-up

Let’s start with a seasonal question. Sweaters or sweatshirts?

The Slice: Honeymooners put the biscuit in the basket

Honeymoons can produce all sorts of memories. Take Cliff and Jeanette Nolan of Colfax, for instance. They’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday.

The Slice: Choose a name, chart child’s destiny

In Peggy Coffey’s exercise class, they don’t just enjoy the names in the S-R’s births lists. “We predict what the children’s future occupations will be – lawyer, rock musician, politician, …

The Slice: It’s time for apple avoiders to fess up

People don’t talk about it much. In this part of the country, at this time of year, it’s not the sort of thing some would feel comfortable admitting.

The Slice: Nothing against little Ellie, but …

Perhaps you noticed a first in the S-R births listings the other day. There among the baby names was “Eleanor ‘Norah’ Delores Blake.”

The Slice: What a nice present: aging in high-definition!

I’m just wondering. How many people around here besides me have their birthday on the date when the conversion to digital television takes place next year?

The Slice: Arrrrr you ready to start a tradition?

The arrival of Talk Like a Pirate Day has me thinking of proposing Talk Like an Inland Northwesterner Day. What would it take for that to catch on?

The Slice: Based on looks, she’s qualified to be a V.P. candidate

Here’s a chance for you to agree or disagree. Liz Pfiffner passed along a photo of her Meadow Ridge Elementary colleague Tami Pivonka. Apparently there are those at the Mead …

The Slice: Survey: Sweeter treats, no tricks

Trick-or-treaters responding to The Slice’s Halloween poll say they want to be given high-quality chocolate candies in generous quantities. So plan your shopping next month accordingly.

The Slice: It’s called dressing for depress

I’ve figured out why many people around here don’t like to get dressed up. It’s because, for more than a few of us, donning our best clothes often leads to …

The Slice: So, would you want an apple for a treat?

What do Spokane-area children really want from Halloween? I’m asking.

The Slice: Curb your parking enthusiasm

Let’s start with a discussion of off-roading. Slice reader Danielle James didn’t grow up here. So she’s curious about the popular practice of parking cars with two wheels up on …

The Slice: Why wouldn’t you want a goldfish in a plastic bag?

Let’s start with a multiple-choice question. Why are you planning/not planning to go to the fair?

The Slice: Maybe granny’s micro-mini left major imprint

Here are five possible reasons that have nothing to do with being hard-core religious that explain why a high school girl might dress modestly in 2008. 1. Parents have yet …

The Slice: Follow signs to a dim-witted electorate

There are those who contend that campaign signs are an eyesore and a waste of time and materials. But in a way, they do perform a public service.

The Slice: Back to school? Let’s kick it off with a quiz

In the spirit of a back-to-class pop quiz, let’s start with a reader challenge. OK, close your books.

The Slice: Nice to see you again, September

Let’s start with some quick Q and A about the golden oldie, “See You in September.” Q: Re: that opening line, “I’ll be alone each and every night” – was …

The Slice: Talk about a wild birthday bash

Gladys Griffith’s great-grandson, Caden, asked his mother if he could have a piranha at his birthday party. She asked him why. “So I can hit it,” the 5-year-old explained.

The Slice: Long as it’s gone by morning

A debate rages. Some say the best way to get rid of stuff in Spokane is to put it out by the curb with a “FREE” sign.

The Slice: How’d you do this summer?

People around here wait and wait for summer. Finally, it arrives.

The Slice: President Bigfoot? Has a nice ring to it

Just wondering. Will there ever be a president of the United States who comes from the Northwest?

The Slice: Geographically speaking, she’s fairly close

Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective. Kay Connors and her husband were recently at a family reunion in New Mexico. “I ran into a woman in the hotel who, …

The Slice

If you didn’t attend a gathering of your extended family this summer, you might not be up to date on what your clan’s elders think is wrong with society. But …

The Slice: Hide your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle

I was thinking about how I miss the Lyons Avenue Cinema on the North Side. It wasn’t really anything special, I guess. Just another something-plex that closed years ago. But …

The Slice: Never miss a story, or a chance to be condescending

Today I’m providing my readers with 360 Team Coverage. OK, not really. It’s only me. I just wanted to say that.

The Slice: Quizzical furballs have crazy queries

It’s time for another installment of Furry Talk, the interactive pets column that answers questions from Spokane-area dogs and cats. As always, you wouldn’t believe the letters that arrive from …

The Slice: There’s a reason why it’s known as a six-pack

You might have heard about this. According to a survey of 88 U.S. markets, Spokane ranks third highest in its percentage (8.8) of adults who drink beer at least six …