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Stories tagged: The Slice

The Slice: Hearing it worse than seeing it

Let’s start with a high-five. 1. After The Slice asked about a dress code for Spokane, a note arrived from a reader who said she would ban flip-flops. She hates …

The Slice

As far as we know, George Washington did not father any children. But what if he had? What sort of lives would they have led? I’ll go first.

The Slice: Tar Heels’ visit may include WCC dissing

When I see cars with out-of-state license plates parked in front of Spokane homes at this time of year, I like to picture family reunions taking place inside. Here’s what …

The Slice: Like Elvis, they’ve left the building

You are about to see 15 names. Six are characters Elvis played in movies. The others are people who once worked at The Spokesman-Review. Which are which?

The Slice: Last chance before school to go on the lam

Apparently not everyone got the memo. So I’ll go over this one more time.

The Slice: She thinks it’s all just a pile of bologna

Perhaps you have noticed. Husbands and wives don’t always see eye-to-eye.

The Slice: At the lake, they’d be disqualified

You know you are getting old when you find yourself wondering if the swimsuits worn by Olympic divers would get them kicked off a public beach. Let’s move on.

The Slice

Here are a dozen rules of conduct for family reunions. 1. Don’t punch anyone.

The Slice: If you tried to explain it, chances are it would fall on ‘High Def’ ears

You have to suspect that someone might not be all that tech-savvy when she refers to her fancy new television as “high density.” •Thursday’s Slice contest: Bill Wilson was among …

The Slice: A happy camp needs more pros than cons

As residents of the Inland Northwest, it is our solemn duty to analyze the issues that define us. So today The Slice examines the appeal of camping.

The Slice: The chance to bark lost its bite

Some little hellions were out in front of my house yelling. I couldn’t make out what they were shouting, but I could sure hear their squealing voices.

The Slice: Corn on the cob requires more than technique

When eating corn on the cob, it doesn’t really matter if you go side-to-side or vertically. The big thing, at least around people you’ve just met, is to resist the …

The Slice: Many will opt for wait and C) approach

If you discovered a bountiful huckleberry patch and a big grizzly showed up and wanted to horn in on your action, what would you say to the bear? A) Be …

The Slice

In almost every extended family, there is at least one idiot who delights in filling relatives’ e-mail in-boxes with time-wasting political “commentary.” Now, to the senders, these witless assaults on …

The Slice: A better way to cut newshole

Snip snip here, snip snip there. “Here’s a topic I don’t think you have asked about,” wrote Terri Ring of Spokane Valley. “Does anyone sit and read the paper with …

The Slice: Peanuts, get your %&/# peanuts

I haven’t been to confession in about 40 years. But back when I did go through that ritual on occasion, I didn’t have much to report. I was a child, …

The Slice: How much creative muscle can you flex?

Welcome to August. Let’s start with a seasonally flavored reader challenge.

The Slice: Cyclists ensure situation wasn’t so baaa-ad

Nancy Larson was driving from Republic to Tonasket when she saw a lamb with its head stuck in a wire fence. “He was fighting with all his will,” she wrote.

The Slice: Maybe we really can share the road

About 100 days ago, I expressed a fear that riding my bike to work this summer might sour me on Spokane because of inevitable encounters with careless or hostile drivers. …

The Slice

I’m a baby boomer, so I know a little about opera. That, of course, is because I watched Bugs Bunny.

The Slice: Looks like Aunt Bev to us

After consulting with page designer Ralph Walter – phone number (509) 459-5471 – I am declaring Cade McConnachie and Clare League to be the winners of The Slice’s Refrigerator Art …

The Slice: Some attempts to be wacky can lead to total brain freeze

Cris Yancey e-mailed a snapshot of a North Side fast-food place’s sign. It declared that peach pepperjack was back as shake of the month.

The Slice: Debate over Silverwood is pure gold

A lot of people around here enjoy water sports. And there are plenty of area residents who like camping.

The Slice: You could always build a tall fence

I hadn’t ever thought of human rights violations in terms of real estate. But then an e-mail arrived at Slice Headquarters from my friend Liz Cox.

The Slice: Reactions offer varying states of thought

So I met this nice guy named Louis. In the summer, he divides his time between Spokane and North Idaho.

The Slice

This is the time of year when kids learn about the truth-telling dynamics in other families. At least it used to be, back when children played outdoors.

The Slice: Encounter with the ‘Super, Natural’

Today is the anniversary of British Columbia joining the Canadian Confederation in 1871. To salute our neighbor to the north, The Slice interviewed the “Super, Natural” province. Here is a …

The Slice: In reality, rarely was there paradise by the dashboard light

Hey, kids! Your grandparents are liars.

The Slice: Rounding up the area’s lawn care gods

Many of us can name at least a few figures from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. It’s not hard. Spokane has streets named after some of them.

The Slice: Don’t judge marmot by its lodge

People love to talk to me about marmots. I understand why, of course. It’s because I am the head of the nascent Marmot Lodge.