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A Grip on Sports: If Spokane had to pick just one, which sport would it be?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a simple question, but the answer is pretty complex. What sport is the most popular in Spokane?

For two weeks a year, children with rare speech disorder learn to overcome and be heard

Children from around the country with childhood apraxia of speech come to Spokane for two weeks of intensive treatment at Camp Candoo.

A Grip on Sports: No matter how many times the world turns, Hoopfest is one of Spokane’s best weekends

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You noticed the days are getting shorter, didn’t you? Before you know it, walking the dog after work will once again occur in the dark. …

A Grip on Sports: The spat between California and the NCAA may be the impetus for a much-needed change

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Whether you want to call the state of California a trendsetter (as us older folks say it) or an influencer (the new version), it still …

A Grip on Sports: The U.S. women rate our attention as they try for another World Cup championship

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We spent part of our Monday morning watching the U.S. women fight its way to a 2-1 victory over Spain in the knockout round of …

A Grip on Sports: Can the weekend get here quickly please?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another week of work begins. And it will probably take forever to finish. Anticipation of the weekend makes Monday through Friday move all that much …

A Grip on Sports: From the first year, Hoopfest was a well-oiled memory-building machine

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A Sunday morning in late June seems a perfect time to talk basketball. After all, the 30th Hoopfest will be taking over downtown next weekend.

A Grip on Sports: The return of the Indians each summer is something worth celebrating

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were we? Oh yes, looking to the future. And pining a bit about the past, but in a good way.

Grip on Sports: More Gonzaga history should be made tonight in New York

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Over the past 20 years, Gonzaga’s basketball program has made stride after stride. It has gone from your typically obscure West Coast Jesuit university with …

Grip on Sports: The M’s poor season makes it easier to change the channel – or stay out late

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Are you still watching the Mariners? Or has the professed step-back philosophy given you an excuse to spend your summer evenings doing something else?

Grip on Sports: There really isn’t an offseason in major college sports these days

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It wasn’t that long ago May and June were relatively quiet months in college athletics. Not anymore.

Grip on Sports: It may have been an historic day at Pebble Beach, but it wasn’t the U.S. Open history we expected

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Brooks Koepka gave it everything he had. He attacked Pebble Beach for four days, leaving the course each day with a score in the 60s. …

Grip on Sports: Every Father’s Day there are ancient stories and there are ones from the present

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is my 62nd Father’s Day as either a son or a dad. That long run doesn’t make me an expert, of course, but it …

Grip on Sports: Idaho’s momentous move with Verlin makes us wonder what we haven’t learned yet

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A beautiful June Saturday morning seems to be a good day to examine a few hires and one firing in college sports. After all, there …

Grip on Sports: There is a lot of good in sports and there is one really bad part – the injuries

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You can argue all day and all night what the best part of sports is. There are many contenders, from the competition to the thrill …

Grip on Sports: After Blues’ Stanley Cup triumph, only one more winter sport is hanging on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The hockey season is over. Basketball could follow as early as tonight. Forgot the hot temperatures. That’s how we know winter is really about to …

Grip on Sports: At first glance, the 13-0 rout of Thailand seems a bit excessive but dig deeper and … nope, that’s not the way we examine things anymore

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is it time for another episode of “Tempest in a Coffee Pot?” Sure it is.

Grip on Sports: Golf is not only a life-long sport, it helps build life-long friends

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Golf can be a competitive endeavor. Ask Tiger or Jack. But it also can be a lifelong sociable game, with the competition aspect submerged below …

Grip on Sports: Athletic excellence can take many forms and appear in many places

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were we before we took Sunday morning off? Oh ya, thinking about excellence.

Grip on Sports: It can be an interesting trip from Spokane to Pebble Beach

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s always fun to see someone you’ve known since they were young hit it big. It happens more than you might think – and less …

Spokane fetal tissue researcher: Trump ban not crafted carefully

The Trump administration ended fetal tissue research for government scientists on Wednesday. This move doesn’t have anything to do with reducing abortions, but only serves to punish those who research …

Gov. Jay Inslee at WSU medical school: Primary care ‘fundamental’

Gov. Jay Inslee championed continued investment and expansion of WSU’s medical school during a campus visit Friday. Access to primary care must be improved nationwide and is key to health …

WSU to research crumbling roads and bridges with $7.5 million federal grant

Washington State University has been chosen to receive a $7.5 million federal grant for research and education programs dedicated to improving the nation’s roads and bridges.

UPDATED: Wed., June 12, 2019, 11:58 a.m.

WSU regents approve 2.4% tuition hikes, athletic budget, purchase of Monsanto property near Othello

Washington State University’s board of regents approved 2.4% tuition increases for most students on Friday. The hikes mean undergraduates from Washington will pay $9,953 in tuition for the 2019-20 academic …

Ask Dr. Universe: How do you make mummies?

Ancient Egyptians had mummy-making down to a science. And in the right conditions, mummies can be made naturally, too.

Grip on Sports: On another National Donut Day, we contemplate the many uses the little guys have in our sports landscape

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It is another of those days. You know what I mean, a “National (fill in the blank) Day.” It is the most important one. National …

Shawn Vestal: WSU’s growing athletics debt will top $100 million by 2023

Each year, the athletics department’s accumulated deficit – the amount it “owes” to other departments at the school – grows. Today, for example, the school’s Board of Regents is expected …

Grip on Sports: Washington State’s makeover continues as Green takes charge of the baseball program

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you last walked out of Bohler Gym five years ago, you may not recognize the place. Not the building, the coaching staff. Pat Chun’s …

Grip on Sports: Over the years, legends have been created in Spokane, even if those who made them leave

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Spokesman-Review is holding another one of those Gonzaga events at the end of the month that will be … wait for it … legendary. …

Grip on Sports: The Mariners’ mistakes are so odd these days all anyone can do is laugh – or cry

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Just when you thought the Mariners had bottomed out, they show that, this year at least, the bottom may never be reached. And that they …