Serving the Inland Northwest since 1883

William H. Cowles, publisher 1891-1946

William H. Cowles, Jr., publisher 1946-1970

William H. Cowles, 3rd, publisher 1970-1992

William Stacey Cowles, Publisher


Liz Kishimoto

Managing Editor

News And Photo

(509) 459-5402

Chris Soprych

Asst. Managing Editor/Design

(509) 459-5456

Jonathan Brunt

Asst. Managing Editor/Government

(509) 459-5442

John Stucke

Asst. Managing Editor/Front Page

(509) 459-5419

Ralph Walter

Asst. Managing Editor/Sports

(509) 459-5471

Lindsey Treffry

Asst. Managing Editor/Copy Desk

(509) 459-5410

Kristi Burns

Community Engagement Director

(509) 459-5428

Business Division

Kathleen Coleman

Director of Marketing, Business Dev.

(509) 459-5481

Cathy St. John


(509) 459-5331

Tyler Pisani

Director of Audience, Consumer Marketing

Daniel O. Fritts

Director of Sales

Wendy May

Digital Operations Manager

Established May 19, 1883, and published daily by the Cowles Publishing Company,
999 W. Riverside Ave., Spokane, WA 99201

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