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Chevy Agile stuns internet with fugly

Every so often an unfortunate-looking car will slither down the pike and leave an embarrassing skid-mark on the underpants of its manufacturer. Judging by the wide-smeared cries of disgust on Internet comment boards, it’s going to be an embarrassing day at the Laundromat if GM ever decides to bring the 2010 Chevrolet Agile to the United States. 

For now the Brazilian designed Agile is intended for the South American market. Motor Trend described it as kind of looking like a Pontiac Vibe with a Chevrolet nose and Chrysler Sebring headlights. (1) A comment on Jalopnik was more blunt:

“goddam that’s one ugly pos. who’s in charger over there? a blind idiot? (2)

The general consensus seems to be that the lil’ southern dandy could give the Pontiac Aztek a run for its fugly money. Look through the comment boards on either of the sources listed here and there’s plenty of evidence that car fans are less than impressed. Still, the real tragedy of the current styling could be that the first sketches of the Agile depicted a fairly attractive little car – one that Jalopnik described as a “Fiesta-Fighter.” See the pictures here:

Obviously a lot changed from the drawing board to production and most of it looks like bad plastic surgery. There’s a chance we could see the Agile stateside if GM thinks Americans would bite. What do you think? Is it really that ugly or is the Agile getting a bad wrap? 




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