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A toast to Pop-Tarts, the childhood treat I couldn’t resist

There’s a scene in the campy 1980s flick “Earth Girls Are Easy” in which Geena Davis picks through her fridge to find something to eat for a trio of hungry, hirsute, primary-colored aliens who just parked their spaceship in her backyard pool. She pulls out a box of Pop-Tarts with great enthusiasm, as if she just discovered the secret to feeding extraterrestrials.

A&E >  Food

Seattle’s newest NBA superstar and his dad’s 90-year-old butcher shop

In 1932, Mario Banchero's great-uncle, Ed, who everyone knew as Catfish, opened a small butcher shop in Seattle's Rainier Valley. Hamburger was 3 pounds for 25 cents. They did a little under $8 on their first day in business. On Sunday, Mario Banchero's son, Paolo, will play in the NBA All-Star Game. At just 21, he will be the youngest player in the game.
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Roast broccoli on parmesan for crunchy, golden, savory goodness

Whenever there are random bits of crisped cheese lingering on a baking dish or sheet pan, chances are you’ll find me hovering over it, picking it clean of the irresistibly crunchy pieces. I can never seem to get enough of them, which is why I find this recipe – which provides an entire pan full – so enticing. In it, mounds of grated Parmesan cheese are baked to form crunchy golden disks beneath tender, lightly smashed broccoli florets. The cheese acts as a savory platform for each piece of broccoli, staying a bit pliable where it touches the vegetable, and forming a deep brown, crunchy matrix around it.
A&E >  Cooking

You don’t need a mix to make this quick, classic hot chocolate

I half-joke that my Russian upbringing made me part Husky. I get so giddy when I see fresh snow, I want to stop doing everything – sorry to my work colleagues – and just revel in the magic and serenity of a world blanketed in white. And I want to do it with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in hand.