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Gretchen’s table: Make Vietnamese chicken salad part of your summer rotation

I know summer has officially set in when I opt for hearty, easy-to-make salads that can last a day or so in the refrigerator. I could blame it on the fact my kitchen doesn't have air-conditioning, but really, it's just that warm and sunny weather makes me so lazy when it comes to meal prep. I'd much rather be hanging out on my porch reading a book or riding my bike. Working up a sweat over a ...
A&E >  Cooking

Spokane baker, at age 15, has a hopping bakery business: Snak Rabbit

When Madison Stoltz began baking at age 8, she quickly layered on a creative flair for cakes and buttercream frosting. A few years later, she launched her sole Spokane business, Snak Rabbit, as a bakery and now operates out of a small home kitchen  to handle special orders, sweets catered for small events and more recently treats cooked up for the Perry Street Thursday Market during most weeks this summer.

A&E >  Cooking

Community Cookbook: Takeout burgers at home, with fries on the side

Most of us have directly experienced the trauma of recent price increases in the fast-food world. Those prices make today’s recipes for takeout burgers seem particularly appetizing. Depending on your fondness for, or dare I say addiction to, takeout burgers, these recipes may even offer a timely lifeline.
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This restaurant gives hope to those in recovery, one shift at a time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The plate that landed on the table at Community Matters Cafe was immediately striking. Two offset pancakes, golden from corn, topped with pulled pork and a sunny-side-up egg, all connected with drizzles of a red glaze that appeared to be applied by an aspiring Rembrandt.
A&E >  Cooking

This Cava-inspired salad bowl boasts spicy feta and a date vinaigrette

I have a salad fantasy, and it goes something like this: I open my fridge and am greeted by so many prepped ingredients, cooked and raw, that I can treat my kitchen like a fast-casual restaurant. I’ll pick out my base greens, the toppings, crunchy bits and dressing, ask myself whether I want bread with that, and sit down to a fresh meal that’s exactly what I want to eat at that moment.
A&E >  Cooking

How to make summer’s berry bounty last

The best time of year has begun in earnest. Forget summer; it’s berry-picking season. Depending where you live, the strawberry crop may have passed its peak, but strawberries are just the beginning of a monthslong abundance. In June, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries began to ripen, and they should be available in excess for much of the rest of the summer.
A&E >  Cooking

Community Cookbook: Fourth of July is a cause for celebration

Two hundred and forty-seven. No, that’s not my weight or age. It’s not my IQ. Lord knows, past experience has proven that time and time again. It’s not the dollars in my retirement fund, although it’s pretty close to that. Thursday is the 247th Fourth of July since the big one in 1776. Although armed hostilities had broken out a year earlier with the battles of Lexington and Concord, it was on that day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence proclaiming America’s separation from the British Empire, was presented to the American public. The peace treaty acknowledging America’s independence was signed seven years later, in 1783.
A&E >  Cooking

How to grocery shop for one without wasting food and money

Grocery shopping for a single person is hard. It’s something I’ve more or less had to do all of my adult life. When I lived with roommates, we would occasionally share things we cooked and would split kitchen staples, like oils and seasonings, but otherwise we focused on feeding ourselves when we made trips to the grocery store. Now that I’ve been living alone for the past few years, shopping just for myself has only become more challenging.
A&E >  Cooking

4 pots and pans every home cook needs

My family moved often while I was growing up, living in small apartments and even occasionally on a sailboat, so our entire kitchen inventory – including a saucepan, skillet, stockpot and wok – could fit in one box tucked into the back of our Chevy hatchback. We could cook pretty much everything with those pans, since they were easily adaptable for tomato soup, blueberry pancakes, steamed crabs, fried rice or any other hankering we might have.
A&E >  Cooking

This bean and bread salad is a 15-minute meal, no chopping required

Deciding what to make for dinner is as much about the time and energy one can muster as it is about the ingredients on hand. That’s why Yasmin Fahr’s gorgeous new cookbook, “Cook Simply, Live Fully: Flexible, Flavorful Recipes for Any Mood,” is divided into chapters based on levels of motivation to cook.