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Vintage Recipes with Dorothy Dean

From 1935 to 1983, Dorothy Dean was the face of The Spokesman-Review's Home Economics department, publishing recipes, operating a test kitchen and fielding thousands of telephone calls from cooks.

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How to store bread to keep it fresher longer

As anyone who jumped on the sourdough bandwagon during the early days of the pandemic can attest, baking bread is a labor of love. So whether you’re baking your own loaves at home or grabbing a boule from your neighborhood bakery, you want to savor every crumb so none of the baker’s hard work goes to waste.

A&E >  Food

A burger chain fed a homeless teen. Years later, she got married there.

UPDATED: Wed., May 24, 2023

Jamie West's wedding day at a fast-food hamburger restaurant in Arizona earlier this month was a celebration she said she couldn't have imagined when she was growing up. In the 1990s as a homeless teen, West said, she didn't dare to think beyond "getting through just one more day." She said she found hope, though, in an unlikely place, when an employee at a White Castle restaurant handed her several bags of free hamburger sliders after she asked for a glass of water.
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Asparagus season is upon us, so let’s celebrate

Asparagus season sneaks up on me every year. I anticipate it so hungrily, so ardently, that I have to put it out of my head as May approaches. Stay calm, I tell myself on the way to the farmers market, asparagus will be here soon enough.
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10 boxed wines that are worth drinking. Really

For many reasons, boxed wines make an enormous amount of sense. The bag-in-box method is a great way to package easygoing wines that are not intended for aging. Still, the category faces stubborn resistance among both consumers and producers.
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SunnyD Vodka Seltzer tastes nothing like SunnyD - or vodka

UPDATED: Mon., May 15, 2023

You might recall Sunny Delight from the Formica-countered kitchens of your youth. It's the drink kids downed while watching "Clarissa Explains It All" or playing Tetris, possibly after rummaging through the options in the fridge, just like in the commercial: "We got some soda, OJ, purple stuff, Sunny Delight ..."
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The 5 most annoying things about food packaging

You know how frustrating this is: All you want is a teaspoon or two of capers, but your measuring spoon is too wide to fit into the mouth of the jar. Instead, you have to dump them out into a separate bowl to measure them out, dirtying another dish in the process, and then try to get any extras back into the jar.
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Lemon posset is the no-fuss pudding you need in your life

Lush but light, lemon posset is a creamy dessert that sidesteps all of the usual requirements of a custard. It contains no eggs nor starch nor gelatin. It takes mere minutes to mix up on a stovetop, and then sets into a silky, spoonable pudding after a spell in the fridge.
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Booze free whiskey: Is it worth it?

Whiskey is a serious drink made for serious occasions. Sure, you can ask it to do its job with some compatriots in a Manhattan or old fashioned, but those are rather serious cocktails themselves, aren’t they? Sazeracs, Rob Roys – these are the sorts of beverages that have gravitas; even an Irish coffee dolloped with pillowy whipped cream gives off the vibe that you’re not taking any guff, not even at brunch.
A&E >  Food

Shake Shack’s new veggie burger tastes like actual vegetables

UPDATED: Tue., May 9, 2023

Sometimes, it turns out, it's okay to let vegetables be vegetables. After years of fast-food chains looking to boost their vegetarian and vegan options by debuting menu items containing high-tech, plant-based meat alternatives that mimicked animal flesh, some of them have gone back to the category's roots. That's the case with Shake Shack, which recently began selling the Veggie Shack, a sandwich whose patty is unapologetically made of ... vegetables.
A&E >  Food

Turn winter carrots and oranges into a fresh spring salad

When your cooking revolves around seasonal ingredients, pulling a dish together in early spring can feel like a TV show challenge where you get a box of the same produce you've been using all winter and have to turn it into something fresh, bright and new.