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Vintage Recipes with Dorothy Dean

From 1935 to 1983, Dorothy Dean was the face of The Spokesman-Review's Home Economics department, publishing recipes, operating a test kitchen and fielding thousands of telephone calls from cooks.

Each week we re-publish some classic recipes from our archives. If you'd like to contact our food writer, contact us at

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Prohibition Gastropub to close on Sept. 30

UPDATED: Mon., Sept. 21, 2020

Prohibition Gastropub announced on its Facebook page Thursday that it is shuttering on Sept. 30 after five years of business as chef, owner and manager John Leonetti and his family move to Phoenix. Here is Leonetti’s Facebook post edited for publication.

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Water Cooler: Why you should buy a whole chicken

UPDATED: Thu., Sept. 17, 2020

When buying chicken at the grocery store, most people purchase a specific cut. Buying a whole chicken probably doesn’t appeal to most as a lot of us save cooking a whole bird for that one special annual occasion – Thanksgiving. OK, maybe you do it twice, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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Great Northwest Wine: Raise a toast to Hispanic Heritage Month

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 15, 2020

During the course of four weeks, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the United States will toast Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration and sign of respect that began with President Lyndon B. Johnson as a week but was expanded two decades later by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.
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Leftovers: Hearty oatmeal muffin recipe is peachy keen

We have a motto in our family: “Moderation is not our forte.” We go big with most things we do. When we start a TV series, we binge it until it’s done. When we go waterskiing, we go multiple days a week all summer long.
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Keep summer vibes going a little longer with this $15 crisp Spanish rosé

Here's a chance to taste history in an unusual red wine from southwestern Spain, as well as the future in a pinot noir from a cutting-edge, high-altitude winery in Patagonia. We round out our late summer wine list with a rosé, a hearty white Rioja from Spain and a juicy red from Northern Italy.
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Dorothy Dean presents: Light and savory clouds are an egg-citing new breakfast dish

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 8, 2020

Eggs. They’ve been over easy, scrambled, poached and boiled – you know, the usual. From sunny side up to frittatas, we’ve had this protein-packed breakfast star in every way possible – or have we? If you haven’t heard of “egg clouds” (also called “egg nests”), it’s an egg-citingly new and fun way to enjoy the first meal of the day.