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Beaujolais, known for casual wine, wants to be taken seriously

Beaujolais wants to show you its serious side. For decades, this region between Burgundy and Lyon was known for juicy, grapey Beaujolais Nouveau, rushed to market after the harvest for a global party. It was tasty, it was fun and it lasted a few weeks.
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A family-favorite potato and spinach casserole gets lightened up

This recipe is a tradition that snuck up on my family. My grandmother Debbie made it every Passover and Rosh Hashanah for as long as I can remember and, my mom says, for as long as she can remember, too. It remains a constant on our table to this day, long after Grandma Debbie’s passing, and I couldn’t imagine our holiday dinner without the crisp-topped mashed potato casserole with its ribbonlike layer of spinach, generously scooped on the “good china” and ready to be pooled with brisket gravy.

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Chicken shawarma in a bowl is a tasty, healthy meal

Protein bowls are appealing for many reasons, the biggest of which is they're incredibly versatile. Whether you top them with a lean meat like roasted chicken or a fatty, good-for-you fish like salmon — or opt for a vegetarian source of protein such as tofu or canned chickpeas — bowls can fill you up with countless combinations, while also making you feel great about how well you're eating. ...
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Make a London Fog tea latte and bring the coffee shop favorite home

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so when I suggest to someone that we “go out for coffee,” what that usually translates to in my head is grabbing a pastry, ordering something sugary that bears little resemblance to actual coffee or, ideally, getting a nice cup of tea.
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How to make the angel food cake of your dreams

I first encountered angel food dream cake in an old Swans Down cake flour recipe booklet. At its core, it is nothing more than a traditional angel food cake with the “dreamy” addition of a whipped cream frosting that elevates it into something celebration-worthy.
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Salute spring’s arrival with lamb chops over a minty pea puree

With the arrival of spring comes many reasons to celebrate: more hours of sunlight, the first signs of warmer weather, all of the holidays, my birthday (okay, that one might just be me) and a new crop of produce to enjoy. Let’s honor the season with a meal of pan-seared lamb chops, a luscious pea and mint puree, and tart-sweet pomegranate.
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One-pot meal has flavor and crunch

Here’s a flavorful vegetable one-pot dinner that takes only minutes to make. One secret to the flavor is escarole. It is part of the chicory family. When escarole is raw it has a slightly bitter flavor and when cooked it adds a mellow touch to the dish. Toasted pecans add a crunchy texture. I use dried thyme and oregano for the dish.
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6 tips for cooking in a shared kitchen with roommates

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I believe keeping that heart healthy is essential. But when you live with roommates – whether your best friends or total strangers – navigating a kitchen can be a challenge. It’s one of the most high-traffic rooms in the house, and finding the space and time to accommodate everyone and their cooking needs is no easy feat.