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Newsroom Jobs at The Spokesman-Review

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The Spokesman-Review is seeking talented and driven individuals to help us shape the future of journalism.

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About Us

A Different Kind of News Organization

Looking to report for a hedge fund or national mega-chain? You've come to the wrong place. The Spokesman-Review is a family-owned and -operated local newspaper that's been serving Spokane, Washington, since the late 1800s. (We're still housed in the paper's nearly 140-year-old red-brick tower building!)

We don't answer to risk-averse investors but to our community alone. An early adopter of philanthropic journalism, we have more grant-funded reporters than nearly any other paper in America. So you'll be reporting on Spokane for Spokane, and collaborating with other journalists who have been covering this region for decades.

The Model

The Spokesman-Review has received four Report for America positions over the past five years. These journalists have helped us cover topics like the ongoing challenge of providing quality health care to veterans.

One RFA reporter covers the Washington Statehouse in Olympia. Another, who makes us one of the smallest papers in the country to have a Washington, D.C., correspondent, focuses exclusively on how decisions at the national level affect our region.

In 2022, community funding even helped the paper send a reporter to the Ukrainian border to report back on the difference that Inland Northwest locals were making in the embattled region and the impact of the war in Russia on Spokane's sizable Slavic community.

This focus on telling the community's stories comes alive at our popular event series, Northwest Passages, which hosts prominent and top-selling authors and engages local leaders in live forums facilitated by our reporters and editors.

How We Work

In addition to the nonprofit-funded reporters in Spokane, Olympia and D.C., our newsroom is home to journalists with decades of experience doing innovative work. (Some have even gone on to write best-selling novels).

Our Legacy

Our deep roster of photojournalists is second to none. Our print design is bonkers for a paper of our size. Our award-winning sports reporters regularly crisscross the country to cover Gonzaga basketball.

Spokane is our home

Welcome to the Inland Northwest

Spokane is the thriving hub for a region that spans from the mountains and lakes of North Idaho and Montana across the rolling hills of Eastern Washington. The city is home to a growing arts community, flourishing local food scene, fantastic hiking and other outdoor activities, and six colleges -- including college basketball powerhouse Gonzaga University.

Its Washington-meets-Idaho mix of urban and rural, progressive and conservative also provides an endless bounty of weird and meaningful stories for the intrepid reporter.

What story will you dig up in Spokane?