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Belfast: a bustling city with a proud past

Once known as the world's premier shipbuilding site, today's Belfast boasts a number of attractions that reflect the good -- and the bad -- of its past.


When traveling, finding time to relax is key

Traveling abroad is rewarding, but it can be stressful, too. Seeking out places to wind down is important, and city parks are good places to do just that.

Hawaii truly is America’s island paradise

Anyone who visits Hawaii has a favorite island, but those who have lived there -- yet are forced for some reason to leave -- know what it's like to leave a bit of yourself behind.

For travelers, 11 must-see museums

Travelers who are interested in learning about the world have any number of museums to visit. Here is a list of 11 that are among the most intriguing.

FAQs from a life on the road

Questions, questions, questions. As mostly full-time RVers, we get an array of queries:

An action-packed start in 2024

We might be parked in Palm Springs for a healthy chunk of the snowbird season, but that doesn’t mean we’re just chilling by the pool.

It’s a new year - time for a new rig?

Yes, by golly, 2024 just might be the year we get a new ride. Maybe. Possibly. But first, there’s a whole lot of shopping to do.

Giotto’s Campanile: Climbing it can be a challenge

Florence, Italy, has a number of artistic treasures. But the bell tower known as Giotto's Campanile is one of the most alluring, even if the confined space of its passageway may fill some with fear.

Las Vegas offers outdoors pleasures, too

Las Vegas is famous for what visitors can do indoors at its many casinos. But two nearby state parks are must-sees for anyone interested in desert beauty.