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Persian flavors scent this pot of rice and beans

Whenever I got sick as a kid, my mom wouldn’t make chicken soup – she’d serve me mushy rice and yogurt. Many rice-eating cultures eat rice and yogurt together as a meal or to ease an upset stomach. I grew to love the simple meal; it was calming and nourishing enough to sustain me through the worst of a fever. It’s still something I yearn for, whether I’m feeling under the weather or just want a dose of comfort.
A&E >  Food

What we’ll eat in 2023: 10 predictions

Nearly every big change in how we eat starts as a fad, which is really just a shared moment among a subset of diners or cooks that gains traction. Some fads fade away slowly, like wine coolers or molecular gastronomy. Others implode suddenly, like turmeric lattes or the pink sauce that shot up like a rocket on TikTok this year and then exploded.
A&E >  Food

10 simple things you can do to start fresh in the kitchen

The new year is a time for celebration, reflection and housework. I always feel calmer, more creative and more productive when I have a clean and organized space, so when the ball drops, I try to set myself up for as much happiness and success in the next 12 months as I can by starting with a tidy living space. And given that it is often described as the heart of the home – and it's my line of work – the kitchen is of utmost importance. Tackling the entire kitchen can be an intimidating task, so here's a manageable list of things to clean, ingredients to check, equipment to organize and more.
A&E >  Food

Why diners bought into Mexican Pizza and Happy Meals in 2022

This past year had the taste of nostalgia. From Taco Bell’s revival of Mexican pizza to McDonald’s “adult Happy Meals,” restaurants were promoting the past in 2022. Mexican Pizza was a permanent menu item until Irvine, California-based Taco Bell withdrew it in 2020. Fans clamored to get it back, inspiring a social media campaign that lasted for months and included influencers such as Doja Cat ...
A&E >  Food

Say cheese: Tips for properly storing everything from Cheddar to Stilton

Putting out a cheese board is one of the easiest, most fun ways to entertain (or, in my case, have lunch). If you’re going to the effort of choosing and buying the good stuff, you want to make sure you keep it at peak quality before you serve it, as well as after if you happen to have any leftovers.
A&E >  Food

Creamy white beans with sausage make a hearty one-pan meal

A scarpetta, in Italian, is a small shoe. But it has another definition, which I prefer: The scrap of bread you drag over the bottom of a dish, to clean up any lingering swipes of sauce or soup. It’s a useful and delicious thing, a last bite that sings. And you’re going to want a scarpetta when you serve this recipe, a dish of creamy cannellini beans in a sage-infused tomato sauce.
A&E >  Entertainment

‘The Menu’ proves that a chef is the perfect modern movie villain

There are well-known archetypes of movie bad guys, and each says something about the culture from which they sprang. Menacing Russians were a Cold War-era staple, and given the turn of world affairs, they’re enjoying a recent resurgence. Evil tech bros have been cast as villains for years, reflecting our modern unease with the men manipulating the machinery on which we’re ever more reliant.

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