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COPYRIGHT NOTICE as printed in The Spokesman-Review

Copyright © 2024, The Spokesman-Review. All rights reserved.

No part of The Spokesman-Review may be reproduced in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical (including photocopying, recording or information storage and retrieval) without permission in writing from the publisher. Purchasers of the newspaper are granted the right to make two (2) photocopies for personal, non-commercial use of any article originated by The Spokesman-Review. Copying for purposes other than personal use or internal reference, or reproduction of articles or columns not owned by The Spokesman-Review (including comic strips, Associated Press and other wire service reports) without written permission of The Spokesman-Review or the copyright owner is expressly forbidden.

Business Wire news releases are copyrighted. Users are prohibited from reproducing, emailing, posting or linking to content generated externally by Business Wire.

The words “The Spokesman-Review” and the proprietary typeface and design in which they appear at the top of Page One of this newspaper are a registered trademark of Cowles Publishing Company. The Spokesman-Review trademark may not be reproduced or used for any purpose without the express written permission of The Spokesman-Review.

Permission to reproduce Spokesman-Review articles or other intellectual property may require payment of a fee. Address all inquiries and requests concerning use or reproduction of The Spokesman-Review’s copyrighted or trademarked material to or by mail to: Rights and Permissions, The Spokesman-Review, P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210-2160.

Rights and Permissions

The Spokesman-Review can only grant permission to reprint or reproduce work that has been originally produced by its staffers or correspondents. We cannot grant permission to reproduce any article which is a reprint from another news or wire service or from a newspaper syndicate (i.e., The Associated Press, Creators Syndicate, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services) because we do not hold the copyright to those works.

Anyone wishing to reprint or reproduce photographs taken by staff photographers should direct their request to the Photo Archivist at or (509) 459-5523, keeping in mind that separate fees may be charged for photographic services.

Requests for Permission

All requests for permission to reprint or reproduce articles published in The Spokesman-Review must be submitted in writing and should contain the following information:

  1. The TITLE OF THE ARTICLE to be reprinted or reproduced;
  2. The DATE the article was published in The Spokesman-Review;
  3. The NAME of the staff writer or correspondent who wrote the article;
  4. The NUMBER OF COPIES requested to be made;
  5. The SPECIFIC USE of the reprinted or reproduced material (i.e., personal handouts, flyers, newsletter, book, magazine, Web site, etc.);
  6. Information on the AUDIENCE you plan to reach;
  7. Whether or not any REVENUE will be generated by you or your organization by the use of the article; and
  8. Indicate if your organization has a not-for-profit status.

Requests should be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Rights and Permissions
The Spokesman-Review
P.O. Box 2160
Spokane, WA 99210-2160 or FAXED to: (509) 744-5637

If your request is approved, we will send you the required copyright credit line information that must accompany the copied article and will advise you whether or not a fee or time limit has been assessed in connection with your request. If your request is denied, we will also advise you of that in writing. Our e-mail or letter to you will also serve as an invoice for payment whenever a fee is due for the specific permission granted.

Restrictions, Requirements, and Disclaimers

The following are requirements concerning reprints or reproduction of materials:

  • No news article or editorial or the logotype of The Spokesman-Review is to be reproduced for any political purpose, including use in candidate campaigns or for legislative lobbying.
  • All articles must be reprinted or reproduced in their entirety and without modification
  • The original date of publication of an article and the staff writer’s name should be clearly represented.
  • All copies of the reprinted or reproduced article must carry the proper copyright and credit notification. (Notification to be supplied by us upon determination and payment of required fees, if any.)
  • In the event an article is used to support advocacy of any cause, a disclaimer will be required stating that permission is granted in the interest of public debate and does not constitute endorsement by The Spokesman-Review.
  • Up to two (2) copies of tear-sheets, flyers, magazines, newsletters, books and/or other items in which the article is reproduced may be required (or in the case of electronic transmission, a Web site address is required) for our file, at no expense to us.
  • If a fee is required as a condition for granting permission to reprint or reproduce an article, it must be paid in advance of your use of our material.

Fee Schedule

Personal Use

In most cases no fee will be assessed for a reasonable number of copies of an article reproduced for personal use by individuals and non-profit organizations. However, this determination will be made on a per-case basis and details of specific use must be provided to us. (See Requests for Permission)

Bulk Copies

Special arrangements can be negotiated with individuals and/or non-profit organizations wishing to make bulk copies of newspaper articles. Requests should detail the types of articles the individual or organization would be copying, the estimated number of copies to be made of each article, and the specifics on how the articles will be distributed and to whom.

Bulk copying will be based on annual use, and an annual fee will be assessed based on number of copies requested.

An accounting of the number of copies made, along with one copy of each article reproduced during the prior year, must be submitted to us before renewal of a bulk copy agreement will be considered.

Commercial Use

Permission requests from for-profit organizations or individuals who intend to use newspaper articles in a for-profit venture are considered “commercial use.” Fees are $0.07 per copy (100 copies minimum purchase).

Requests to reproduce more than 5,000 copies of a newspaper article will be considered on a per-case basis. A reasonable fee will be assessed based on the specific use.

Electronic Commercial Uses

Electronic commercial uses will also be considered and assessed fees based on the following schedule:

Reproduction on Internet website
$25.00 /one article for 12 months
Reproduction on CD ROM
$0.01/disk or $7.50/1,000 disks, up to a maximum of $150.00
Film Media
Considered on a per-case basis only

For further information on policies governing S-R.COM Web services, see: