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Dusty Slay keeps his head clear in life and in comedy

There’s a school of thought that drugs and alcohol fuel creativity. Comic Dusty Slay is not in that camp. Slay, who will perform Friday and Saturday at the Spokane Comedy Club, used to drink. Slay, however, discovered that booze never enhanced his personal life or his comedy. He’s been sober since 2012.
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Blackberry Smoke sounds like the Peach State

“You hear Georgia when I open my mouth,” is what Charlie Starr sings when the vocalist-guitarist belts out the aptly named “You Hear Georgia,” the title track from Blackberry Smoke’s latest album.
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Game On: SAG-AFTRA seeks approval to strike against video game publishers

News broke on Labor Day weekend that SAG-AFTRA’s National Board is unanimously seeking permission from union members to strike against several AAA video game publishers before negotiations are set to resume later this month. The authorization would not launch a strike right away, but give the union permission to declare one if negotiations break down.
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First Friday

First Friday is 5-8 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
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Game On: Forthcoming Xbox 360 Marketplace closure signals the end of an era

On Aug. 17, Microsoft announced that support will be dropped for the Xbox 360 online storefront next summer, on July 29. This news follows a trend set by other console makers, with Nintendo withdrawing access to their eShop for the 3DS and Wii U in March and Sony discontinuing store access for the PlayStation Portable in July 2021.