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Vintage Recipes with Dorothy Dean

From 1935 to 1983, Dorothy Dean was the face of The Spokesman-Review's Home Economics department, publishing recipes, operating a test kitchen and fielding thousands of telephone calls from cooks.

Each week we re-publish some classic recipes from our archives. If you'd like to contact our food writer, contact us at

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These 10 food trends were the distractions we needed in 2020

This year, many of us spent a lot more time in our kitchens than we could have imagined turning out multiple meals a day and sometimes getting bored with our own rinse-and-repeat repertoires. We were also cut off from our usual communities and seeking connections.

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Difference Maker: Chad White wants to help Save the 509

UPDATED: Wed., Dec. 30, 2020

What a difference four years makes. “When I opened Zona Blanca in 2016, I was on unemployment,” chef and restaurateur Chad White said Dec. 15 at the new location of his ceviche restaurant and oyster bar, which is set to open in mid-January in the downtown Holley-Mason Building after the recent COVID-19 shutdown delayed a December debut.
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Water Cooler: Beginner’s guide to onions

Onions are versatile, cheap and delicious. With so many varieties of onions and other similar vegetables in the Allium family, it can be hard to know which is best for a specific recipe and cooking method. The allium genus includes onions, shallots, leeks, chives, garlics and scallions.
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Make this cranberry and candied ginger granola part of your winter routine

If I run out of homemade granola, someone needs to call a doctor because it’s a sign that something is terribly amiss. I always have a batch in my refrigerator (where it keeps longer than at room temperature) waiting to be eaten with milk and berries, sprinkled on yogurt or layered on top of simmered fruit for a short-cut crisp.
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How to make crispy, golden potatoes every time

A platter of crispy potatoes appeals to all the senses. That enticing golden color. The texture and sound of the crunch. The smell. The way the crackling crust gives way to a creamy interior. Soggy, limp potatoes are just the opposite: sad and unappealing. Why even bother? Thankfully, there are ways to ensure maximum crispy potential.
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Figs stuffed with goat cheese are the low-effort, high-flavor appetizer you need

I lit up like the twinkling decorations around me when I overheard two women at a holiday potluck a few years ago rave about their favorite bite of the night: the stuffed figs I brought! This was no ordinary party – it was the annual fete of Les Dames d’Escoffier, a philanthropic organization of female leaders in the fields of food, beverage and hospitality.
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Five takeout highlights, from Chinese and cheesesteak to mac and cheese

Christmas comes early as I share recent top-notch takeout in town. You’re welcome, and Happy Holidays! Takeout is at its best with slow smoked barbecue. If it wasn’t enough to have the city’s best ribs, burgers and wings, the popular Spokane Valley eatery is making waves with its limited-edition smoked brisket cheesesteak.
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Christmas dinner takeout options are limited, but there are still a handful left

UPDATED: Tue., Dec. 22, 2020

When we set out to create a list of Christmas Day takeout options in town, we didn’t realize that many of the restaurants were already sold out, and of course orders would have to be placed early ahead of Friday. There were about 20 options. As of our deadline, the following is what is left, and please note that the deadline in most instances to place orders is Tuesday.
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Water Cooler: Why and how to use coconut milk

UPDATED: Thu., Dec. 17, 2020

Coconut milk is waiting to become the shining star of your cuisine during these dark and cold months. This oil-in-water emulsion made from the liquid extraction of grated coconut pulp delivers all the creamy richness you want from a cozy meal but with tons of vibrant flavor. Coconut milk can be up to 20% fat, which determines its thickness.
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Northwest Passages Book Club talks brews, business with No-Li Brewhouse

UPDATED: Thu., Dec. 17, 2020

No-Li Brewhouse owner John Bryant discussed the brewery’s recent accomplishments and upcoming goals with Don Chareunsy, The Spokesman-Review's features editor, in a virtual gathering of the Northwest Passages Book Club on Tuesday evening. Spokane was recently named one of the top 50 cities for beer drinkers in the country.
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Running Tab: Put a steak in it at Masselow’s and Chinook; igloo dining at Osprey

We live in interesting pandemic times, and the culinary industry is no different. While takeout and outdoor patio dining are the norm during the latest shutdown through Jan. 4 in Washington, Idaho is still fair game for in-person dining, as are the casinos in Washington. I’ll never say no to steakhouses, one of my all-time favorite dining options.
A&E >  Food

Dorothy Dean presents: Creamy and savory potatoes will melt in your mouth

UPDATED: Mon., Dec. 14, 2020

Let me help you with the stress of the holidays by checking a side dish off your Christmas menu. If you have mashed potatoes on your list, go ahead and scratch those off (I’ll wait) because we are upping your spud game with a dish so remarkably tender, they earned the name melting potatoes. This recipe starts with thick-sliced slabs of Yukon Golds.
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Love me tenders: Why KFC is pushing a sexy Colonel Sanders movie

UPDATED: Thu., Dec. 10, 2020

There's nothing sexier than a man with a secret recipe for fried chicken. That's the marketing bet KFC is making in a 15-minute "mini-movie" that's airing on Lifetime this Sunday. In "A Recipe for Seduction," Mario Lopez stars as Harland Sanders, a private chef working for a family whose adult daughter has ditched her fiance for Sanders.