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Fiesta Movement: Mission #1

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen has a mural painted on the side of the building that wasn’t there last month, a bright colorful display that looks as if it could have been there all along. Tucked into the lower left corner is Ford’s iconic blue oval, just large enough to be recognized. Above it, an explanation runs up towards the roof:

“This art wall installation was designed by Parker Reddington and Nate Fihn and was inspired by the Ford Fiesta Movement project, Mission #1. The mural highlights Parker and Nate’s top 10 favorite locations in Seattle. They are one of 20 teams of agents located throughout the country who are challenged with showcasing the creativity and social vibrancy of their home town. To follow their adventure and participate in the Ford Fiesta movement visit the locations on this map and follow them on or text SeaCal to 44144.” 

The smell of taco lingered in the air, not the Taco Bell variety, but “Authentic Southern California Style” Mexican food. Yes, I just quoted a take-out menu, but after leafing through it Mama’s did seem to live up to the smell, on paper at least. 

Still, why did Ford want to be painted on the side of this particular establishment? I called up State of the Artist to see what they thought:

B= Brandon
N= Nate

B: Would you say the Fiesta has a certain Mexican flavor to it? 

N: No, the Fiesta talks to us with a British accent. 

B: Would you describe the Fiesta’s green color option as being somewhat guacamole? 

N: That’s risky. I would never eat guacamole that looks like that. But it’s sexy. It has little curves; it’s sleek but curvy... I would (comment removed). 

Hmmm. Versus probing any further, I swiped my debit card through a parking meter and paid for a half hour. Inside a tiny tattooed lady in her twenties seated me. After she left I promptly spilled complimentary salsa on my sweater. 

Should I be embarrassed? A pleasant looking man across from me was sharing a booth with a pitcher of fruity cocktail. It was 11:32AM. 

His presence said ‘this is not Azteca’. 

Above my table there was a framed two-page newspaper -clipping announcing the death of Elvis. Everywhere I looked Mama’s was decorated in such a fashion, as if a closet shrine of culture had exploded onto the walls.

Hmmm, clever move Ford. Mama’s was legitimately cool, especially with that mural outside. Mission numero uno appeared to be a roaring success for team Seattle. But of course there was more to come with a special twist to follow: 

SOTA informed me their next mission is top secret; even they don’t know what it is yet. 

Stay tuned. And go to Mama’s, their tacos are excellent. 

(To follow SOTA/Team Seattle, Text SeaCal to 44144)



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